10U Coaches Poll Week #10 (7-1-19) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    10U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by WEDNESDAY at 11PM. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote. Must include #1-10 in your vote

    You can PM me or email me at: jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com

    I will post results on Thursday morning.

    Jeff Steiner
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  2. Stingrays08

    Stingrays08 Active Member

    Ohio Stingrays 08 were off last week.
    Overall record: 57-22-2
    At GAPPS this weekend...pool play vs #1 Wolfpack and KL Athletics

    Other top teams @ GAPPS:
    SGS Magic
    Lasers Orange
    MOV Pride WV
    Ohio Wolfpack

    Good luck to everyone!
  3. Ty Ault

    Ty Ault Member

    Mov Pride 08 Ohio- Ault

    Wk 9- CHAMPIONS of the Mingo Madness Logan, Ohio. Last of our local/no stay events, We tried to enter the 12u but it was to late so we had to stay in the 10u division.

    pool play. 3-0, 6-0 overall
    W-Lc Lighting,Vikings elite 08, OHBulldawgs elite 08. BRACKET Vikings09, OHBulldawgs E., Oh Buckeye Elite 08- total scores 69-15
    *Championship game was 7 innings, movPride had 37 plate appearances, we put 29 balls in play and had Only 1K the entire game!

    This week EVENT @ Summer Sizzler '19 at Firestone Stadium.
    Pool play vs.
    (#10 Buckeye Charge08)
    Oh Racers 08, Lady Rebels08 (both who are recieving votes in poll)

    Last 3 events out scored opponents 187-29

    Mingo Madness "Champs"
    Jason Reed Autism Ring event "Champs"
    USSSA Mid ohio shootout "Champs "
    Battle Berliner semi final 4
    10u futures friendly Galion,oh( 5-0 ,1 of 2 only Undeafeated teams)
    Muskie chix classic (1 seed), rain out
    Kickoff classic semifinals Pburg,wv
    Tom Dooley ,WV 3rd place
    USSSA CENTRAL State B "1 seed(3-0)"rain"

    "2019 Spring/Summer"
    Overall record( 41-9-1)
    In state of OHIO teams- (32-3-1)
    Out of state teams( 9-6)

    "Notable Wins"
    Wolfpack 08 wolff
    Lasers Orange 08
    Sgs magic 08 ,drop dead
    Michigan Sabercats08
    Ky Bluegrass elite
    Usssa Navy 08x2
    Ohio Thunder 08
    Wizards gold 08
    C.Ohio Pride 08 x3
    Mid oh lady bullets x2
    Tri state thunder MD. x2
    WV Dusters(top5Wv)
    Buckeye Elite 08
    Wolf pack 08 wolff tie

    "Notable Loss (all 9)"
    (ALL the teams was Champs/runner up of the tournaments when we lost to them.)
    Indiana magic gold Moore?-RU Battle@B!
    Laser orange 10 9- Champs-Battle Berliner
    Mov pride 08 wv 2 0 -RU-FireFight Mem.
    Bandits Premiere Future 5 0-CHAMPS ^^
    Lady Patriots x2(4-3,1-0)RU,CHAMPSwvX2
    Stingrays 2x CHAMPS -PburgWv
    119South RU -Tom dooley wv
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  4. Ice Blue

    Ice Blue New Member

    Ohio Ice Blue

    Ohio Ice Blue won the Akron/Kent Fastpitch Showdown (ASA Qualifier) this past weekend.

    Pool play 3-0
    -Manchester Pride 08 (13-0)
    -Buckeye Charge 09 (17-0)
    -Lady Rebels 08 (13-2)

    Bracket play 2-0
    -Buckeye Charge 09 (14-0)
    -Lady Rebels 08 (4-2)

    This is the second ASA qualifier tournament that we have won in the past three weeks. Our record vs Ohio teams is 35-14. Our overall record is 38-21.
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  5. Jodi

    Jodi Member

    Buckeye Charge 08- Albertson
    5-1 in the Ashland Black Widows Summer Classic this weekend
    3-0 in pool play beating Black Widows- Garn, Black Widows Cowger, JABC Riot
    2-1 bracket play beating Black Widows Cowger, Wolfpack 10u Stetzlein
    Lost in the Championship to #3 Ohio Storm

    This week we are in the Summer Sizzler at Firestone Stadium and will play #5 MOV Pride 08- Ault, Racers 08 and Lady Rebels 08 in pool play.

    Record is 28-12-2 only losing to teams in the top 10.
  6. wahhutch9

    wahhutch9 Member

    SGS Magic finished runner up in the gold bracket of the Shootout this weekend. Lost a heartbreaker 5-4 in 8th inning (ITB) to Battle Creek Elite. We were 3 outs away from winning, but couldn’t finish em off in the 7th. Their two pickup players (pitcher from Beverly Bandits demarini 10u and lefty hitter from Klash) did a lot of the damage. It was a great game.

    We head to GAPSS this weekend with Wolfpack, Stingrays, Lasers, MOV WV... looking forward to this one!
  7. kidbuckeye

    kidbuckeye Member

    Lasers Orange played up in the 12U division at Mingo Madness in Logan. We went 3-2 and played well losing both games by just two runs. It was a big change with the ball size, pitching distance, and the size of the giants they were up against, but the girls held their own.

    Pool Play
    L Central Ohio Pride 07 (Eventual champion)
    W Vikings Elite 12U
    W Bo Jackson Blast Elite-Z

    W Bo Jackson Blast Elite- S
    L Ohio Hawks

    10U Tourney Record
    Record vs Ohio teams 28-5-1
    Record vs out of state 16-8

    Overall Record 53-17-1

    Lasers Orange '08 Achievements
    Crushin Childhood Cancer- (runner up) undefeated but rained out, went by run differential instead of runs allowed
    Beverly Bandits Super Elite Fall Futures- (Champs)
    Pitch For The Cure- (Champs)
    Thunder Fall Classic- (Co-Champs, power outage from wind storm)
    Battle at Berliner - (Champs)
    May Madness- (Champs)

    Key wins:
    Heartland Havoc Heartbreakers
    Ohio Storm 08 x 2
    Beverly Bandits Demarini 08 (#1 ranked team in Michigan)
    Stingrays 08 x 2
    Beverly Bandits 09
    MOV Pride OH
    Indiana Magic Gold- Moore
    Federation (Texas)
    MOV Pride WV x 2
    Wolfpack 08 x 2
    Team PA x 2
    Finesse-Munoz x 2
    Vikings Elite 12U
    Bo Jackson Blast Elite 12U x 2

    We are at GAPSS this weekend looking forward to the competition. It should be a good tournament.
  8. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    Wolfpack-Wolff was off this weekend our Over-All record is 62-12-2.

    We play at GAPSS this weekend. Can’t believe how fast the season has gone! Good Luck Everyone these last few weeks of sanity!!!
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  9. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

    The Ohio Storm 08 played well this past weekend, going 5-0-1 and winning the Black Widows Summer Classic ASA National Qualifier. The girls fought the heat all weekend and played 5 1/2 hrs straight of bracket play on Sunday, topping a tough Buckeye Charge-Albertson 12-4 in the Championship game. Storm outscored opponents 58-9, outhit opponents 52-12, and Storm pitchers threw a perfect game, a no hitter, a 1 hitter, struck out 52 and walked 7.

    Overall Season Record: 55-12-3

    Tournament Achievements:
    Black Widows Fall Frenzy USA National Qualifier - Champions
    11th Annual Halloween Bash USA National Qualifier- Champions
    10U Shootout - Champions
    10U Holiday Classic - Champions
    Central State Ring Event USSSA National Qualifier - Champions
    Black Widows Summer Classic USA National Qualifier- Champions
    10U Elite Classic USA National Qualifier - Runners-up
    Outlaws BCS Midwest Championship - Runners-up

    The Storm is off this weekend and will play in the Stingrays Showcase July 12-14, and then head to USA Nationals in Johnson City Tennessee July 24-28. I agree Jamie, season has flown by. Good luck everyone this weekend.
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  10. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Went down to Berea, Kentucky to face some 09 competition. In every game, but couldn't seal the deal.

    T 3-3 Kentucky Chrome09
    L 4-2 Frost Falcons09
    L 5-1 Tennessee Fury09
    W 18-0 IL Cruise09
    W 14-2 OH Wolfpack09
    L 4-0 Indiana Gators09

    Week off and then Stingrays and 09 Nationals in Gulf Shores, AL
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