10U Coaches Poll Week #11 (7-8-19) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

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    10U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by WEDNESDAY at 11PM. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote. Must include #1-10 in your vote

    You can PM me or email me at: jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com

    I will post results on Thursday morning.

    Jeff Steiner
  2. kidbuckeye

    kidbuckeye Member

    Lasers Orange went undefeated and won GAPSS this weekend. The bats were hot all weekend against some good competition! This is the 6th championship that the girls have won this season playing an extremely top notch schedule. Sometimes a tough schedule likes this takes a toll on the girls and the coaches, so it makes it worthwhile to see them fight through and come out on top.

    Pool Play
    W 17-2 USSSA Pride Red
    W 14-5 SGS Magic

    Bracket Play
    W 8-7 Ohio Emeralds
    W 8-1 Wolfpack 08
    W 9-1 Stingrays 08

    10U Tourney Record
    Record vs Ohio teams 33-5-1
    Record vs out of state 16-8

    Overall Record 58-17-1

    Lasers Orange '08 Achievements
    Crushin Childhood Cancer- (runner up) undefeated but rained out, went by run differential instead of runs allowed
    Beverly Bandits Super Elite Fall Futures- (Champs)
    Pitch For The Cure- (Champs)
    Thunder Fall Classic- (Co-Champs, power outage from wind storm)
    Battle at Berliner - (Champs)
    May Madness- (Champs)
    GAPSS- (Champs)

    Key wins:
    Heartland Havoc Heartbreakers
    Ohio Storm 08 x 2
    Beverly Bandits Demarini 08 (#1 ranked team in Michigan)
    Stingrays 08 x 3
    Beverly Bandits 09
    MOV Pride OH
    Indiana Magic Gold- Moore
    Federation (Texas)
    MOV Pride WV x 2
    Wolfpack 08 x 3
    Team PA x 2
    Finesse-Munoz x 2
    Vikings Elite 12U
    Bo Jackson Blast Elite 12U x 2
    SGS Magic
    Ohio Emeralds

    We are at the Stingray Showcase this weekend. It should be fun.
  3. Ty Ault

    Ty Ault Member

    Mov Pride 08 Ohio- Ault

    Wk 10 CHAMPIONS of Summer Sizzler 2019 AKRON,OH @Firestone Stadium
    Pool play. 3-0, 6-0 Overall
    W- Oh Akron Racers 13-3
    W- OhLady Rebels 08 5-2
    W- #9Buckeye Charge08 10-9
    W-#9Buckeye Charge08 5-3
    W- Akron RacerYouth 6-3
    W- Oh Lady Rebels08 9-5

    This week EVENT @ Dayton/Fairborn Pink Out
    Vs #10 Finesse, DcFlyers, Sting HFE(other notable teams) Oh Thunder, Strikezone Fillies

    Last 4 events 20-0 out scored opponents 241-57

    USA Summer Sizzler 2019 "Champs"
    Mingo Madness "Champs"
    Jason Reed Autism Ring event "Champs"
    USSSA Mid ohio shootout "Champs "
    Battle Berliner semi final 4
    10u futures friendly Galion,oh( 5-0 ,1 of 2 only Undeafeated teams)
    Muskie chix classic (1 seed), "rain out"
    Kickoff classic semifinals Pburg,wv
    Tom Dooley ,WV 3rd place
    USSSA CENTRAL State B "1 seed(3-0)"rain"

    "2019 Spring/Summer"
    Overall record( 47-9-1)
    In state of OHIO teams- (38-3-1)
    Out of state teams( 9-6)

    "Notable Wins"
    Wolfpack 08 Wolff
    Lasers Orange 08
    BuckeyeCharge 08 Albertson (2x)
    Sgs magic 08 ,DD
    (#4)Michigan Sabercats08
    WV Dusters(t5 Wv)
    Akron Racers08
    Lady Rebels08(x2)
    Ky Bluegrass elite
    Usssa Navy 08 (x2)
    Ohio Thunder 08
    Wizards gold 08
    C.Ohio Pride 08 (x3)
    Mid oh lady bullets (x2)
    Tri state thunder MD. (x2)
    Wolf pack 08 wolff TIE,(DropDdHome)

    "Notable Loss (all 9)"
    (ALL the teams was Champs/runner up of the tournaments when we lost to them.)
    Indiana magic gold Moore?-RU Battle@B!
    Laser orange 10 9- Champs-Battle Berliner
    Mov pride 08 wv 2 0 -RU-FireFight Mem.
    Bandits Premiere Future 5 0-CHAMPS ^^
    Lady Patriots x2(4-3,1-0)RU,CHAMPSwvX2
    Stingrays 2x CHAMPS -PburgWv
    119South RU -Tom dooley wv
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  4. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    GAPSS Tournament Results

    Overall Record: 64-13-2

    Pool Play Record:
    Beat KLA 18-1
    Beat Stingrays 5-4

    Bracket Play Record:
    Beat Pride Navy 15-3
    Lost to Lasers 8-1 who was on fire all weekend.

    Up next is Stingrays Showcase
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  5. Fillie Nation

    Fillie Nation New Member

    Strikezone Fillies "Black" won the Waverly Summer Classic this past weekend going 5-0
    Pool play...Ohio Sting Ray's 09, Cap City Force 10u and Ohio Sting 08.
    Bracket Play....Mojo Chicks 13-1, Buckeye Elite 19-9.
    35-1 on the season
    Cap City Champs
    Lou and Shorty Champs
    Queen City Champs
    Waverly Summer Classic Champs

    Fairborn Pink ribbon next weekend.
  6. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

    The Ohio Storm 08 was off this past weekend, getting ready for the Stingrays Showcase and 10U East Nationals in Tennessee. Good luck to all teams this weekend at Stingrays, and I agree, it's gonna be fun and very competitive. I want to thank all you coaches for recognizing the Storm in these rankings this year. The team, probably one of the youngest in these rankings, besides Bailey, has made such an improvement since the start of the season. For a young 9U team last year, this same team was successful last year, but was never ranked in the top 15 all last season. To be ranked in the top 5 all this year, is a testament to their dedication and hard work. Regardless of how these rankings shake out over the next few weeks, you all have done an awesome job with your teams. The Storm has enjoyed a great year. See everyone this weekend. This will be my last long post for this season.

    Overall Season in Review:
    Games played: 70
    Overall record: 55-12-3
    In State: 49-7-2
    Out of State: 6-5-1

    Tournament Achievements:

    6 - Championships
    2 - 2nd Place finishes
    2 - 3rd Place finishes

    Storm Offense in 70 Games:

    The Storm has outscored opponents 603-122 and out hit opponents 583-159. Storm avg 8.6 runs on 8.32 hits per game, while allowing an average 1.74 runs on 2.2 hits per game. Storm has hit 351 singles, 172 doubles, 45 triples, 15 home runs and walked 266 times.

    Storm Pitching: (3 pitchers on a rotation and all 3 are still just 10-years old)

    G - 70 IP- 307 Runs allowed- 122 Hits allowed- 159 K's - 566 Walks Allowed - 143 Team ERA- 0.39 WHIP- 0.98 No-Hitters- 16 Perfect Games -6
    Pitcher A: GP- 25 IP- 107 W-L 22-2 K's -214 ND- 1 ERA- 0.20 WHIP- 0.81
    Pitcher B: GP- 23 IP- 97 W-L 17-5 K's- 163 ND- 1 ERA- 0.47 WHIP- 1.01
    Pitcher C: GP- 22 IP- 103 W-L 16-5 K's- 189 ND- 1 ERA- 0.50 WHIP- 1.13

    Key Wins:

    MOV Pride 08 WV x2
    Michigan Finesse Davis x2
    Beverly Bandits DeMarini Bailey x4
    Wizards Gold x6
    Michigan Outlaws
    BC Elite
    Wolfpack Wolff
    Stingrays 08
    MOV Pride 08-OH
    SGS Magic
    Ohio Ice Blue x2
    Central Ohio Pride 08 x3
    Buckeye Charge Albertson x2
    USSSA Pride Navy x2

    The Storm has given up 5 runs or less in 66 of the 70 games, and 7 of the 12 losses, have been by 1 run. Go Storm!!!!
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  7. Stingrays08

    Stingrays08 Active Member

    Ohio Stingrays 08 finished as Runner Ups at GAPPS this past weekend losing to Lasers Orange. Congrats to the ladies of Lasers on a terrific tournament!
    Pool Play:
    Lost to #1 Wolfpack 5-4
    Beat KLA 7-3
    Bracket Play:
    Beat #8 SGS Magic 19-4
    Beat MOV Pride WV 9-1
    Lost to #4 Lasers Orange 9-1

    Overall Record 60-24-2
    Stingrays Showcase this weekend!
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  8. Ice Blue

    Ice Blue New Member

    Ohio Ice Blue was off this past weekend. We will be headed to the Stingrays Showcase this weekend to face some stiff competition. We have been playing pretty good ball lately going 18-3 in our past 5 outings with notable wins over the following:

    Lasers Orange
    Lady Rebels 2x
    Wizards Gold
    Vipers 08
    Buckeye Elite
    Ohio Monsters
    Wolfpack Stitzlein
    USSSA Pride Red

    Our record against Ohio sits at 35-14
    Our overall record sits at 38-21

    Good luck to everyone at Stingrays this weekend.
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  9. wahhutch9

    wahhutch9 Member

    Congrats to Lasers Orange on winning GAPSS and Stingrays on runner up!

    Unfortunately, SGS Magic didn’t play up to our level this last weekend at GAPSS. We made good contact at the plate... but a combined 29 walks and 2 hbp in 3 games didn’t lead to a lot of good softball :( I even tried to get Jamie Wolff to let me borrow a pitcher mid-game lol

    We started off with a win against OH USSSA Pride Elite Red 09.

    Next up was Lasers. They came out swinging with 5 solid hits in the top of the first... but that combined with 11 walks did us in.

    We then played the Stingrays. We spotted them 3 runs in the first on 3 walks, no hits (3 k’s) and a bunch of wp/pb. We put two on the board in the bottom of the first to make it 3-2 before we got suspended due to rain. We resumed the game on Sunday morning and the tournament was altered to a single elimination bracket rather than double. Ultimately...according to my book... we walked them 13 times, had 2 hbp and gave up 4 hits which led to the 19 runs. When our pitchers did throw strikes, we did strike out 9 of their 12 hitters (trying to find a bright spot.)

    Unfortunately, it was one of “those” weekends. We can get by with those games when we’re playing lower caliber teams... but you can’t expect to win those types of games against Lasers and Stingrays and other top teams in the state. Definitely a learning experience for everyone... and I’m confident our girls will come out stronger because of it. We have 3 very good pitchers that, when they’re on, are excellent. We’re just working on the consistency.

    One of our pitchers is out of town this weekend on vacation during Stingrays, so we did not enter it this year. I personally don’t like to pick up players unless absolutely necessary due to unforeseen circumstances... so we took the weekend off. After this off weekend, we wrap up at Sports Force Park and then the World Series.

    Good luck to everyone at Stingrays!
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  10. Jodi

    Jodi Member

    Buckeye Charge beat Lady Rebels 08 10-4 and lost to #5 MOV Pride 08-Ault 10-9 in pool play. We drew MOV Pride the first round of bracket play and lost 5-3 at the Summer Sizzler.

    We are at Knockout Express this weekend (wish we would’ve gone to Stingrays).
    Hopes Turn At Bat the following weekend.
    World Series at Berliner July 26-28.
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  11. Three up three down

    Three up three down New Member

    Didn’t Buckeye Charge also play the Akron Racers last weekend?
  12. winward65

    winward65 New Member

    Possibly , and wasn’t Ohio Ice Blue’s victory over lasers orange due to a “recent “ addition to the pitching staff ??

    If your going to call out other teams , better realize that yours at that clear either !! 17 strike outs per game average doesn’t help either .. we can do this all day
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  13. Ice Blue

    Ice Blue New Member

    Not sure I understand all of your post here, but I can give some insight on the first part. Due to injury and other unfortunate situations we have had to pick up pitchers this season. We started off the season with three pitchers and at one point in May we were down to zero. As far as the Lasers game, I believe the final score to that game was something like 8-5. I’m not sure that would be considered a dominating pitchers duel.

    I am very proud of this Ohio Ice Blue team, they have had to fight and claw for everything this year and have played toe to toe with the best teams in the state.
  14. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

    Great post Jodi!! Not sure why some are feeling a little butt hurt over your post. However, unlike others, I completely understand why you pointed out beating the Lady Rebels in pool play and losing to the MOV Pride 08-OH in bracket play. Those 2 teams played for the Championship in the Summer Sizzler. So for me, in voting, thanks and you gave me all the information I needed to vote for your team in these rankings. I know you were not calling out other teams, just making a valid point, some get it and some don't!!
  15. Three up three down

    Three up three down New Member

    Richard, that is my point exactly. Everyone completely understands why it was pointed out that Buckeye Charge beat the Lady Rebels and lost to MOV.

    I don’t know exactly how these polls work or who all is voting or the criteria that everyone that is voting uses, but this is my point. Not all teams get on and advertise for their teams. Last weeks poll had the Akron Racers as a team just out of the top ten that had received votes. With a win against a “top ten” team they might pick up some votes this week. I’m sure the Racers would love to crack the top ten poll.

    I’m not sure how that makes me butt hurt? I’m just not sure what criteria the coaches that are voting are using if they are not taking into consideration all the games being played.
  16. Jodi

    Jodi Member

    I'm really confused. Are you both Ohio Ice Blue and Three Up Three Down? I was addressing them not you. Your team has never been mentioned by me on this forum. Someone else on here called you out. I didn't. I have never addressed or CARED who was or wasn't on your team. You need to address this with someone else not me. And my facts on my last post were just that....facts!!!!
    Oh I missed your second sentence. I have NEVER recruited a player. If players are unhappy with where they are at they have the right to ask to play on another team. Just like both of the players that quit your team did. My team has stayed consistent. My starting lineup has never changed. I never used the phrase Butt Hurt which confirms you are getting me and the other comments confused.
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  17. Ohio Ice MOMMA

    Ohio Ice MOMMA New Member

    Our Team is one of the BEST teams in this State ! and we have never been recognized by anyone on here!! We have been threw a lot and we have always pulled through! We have had players stolen from us and been cheated plenty of times out of games! We have the best coaching staff with years of experience more than most here!

    Its unfair we deserve better from the way other teams and organizations treat us!

    We look forward to this weekend! AND SHOWING WHO WE REALLY ARE!!!!

    GO ICE !
  18. Three up three down

    Three up three down New Member

    How is asking if your team played the Akron Racers last week calling your team out?
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  19. Three up three down

    Three up three down New Member

    I have noticed several posts of people asking about other teams. What tournaments they are in, who they have played, etc. My post was not about calling your team out, but to give credit to the Akron Racers for a “notable win”.
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  20. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

    Your post made it sound that way. The Racers are a solid team, and I can tell you since these rankings have started, I haven't seen anything posted about the Racers and the tournaments they have played. I follow them because I have a lot of respect for Coach Page. and the 08 team. This is not an advertisement, this is where teams post their tournament results so other coaches can make the best decisions on how to rank teams. If you want a team to be recognized, than say so, but don't be sarcastic about it.
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