10U Coaches Poll Week #11 (7-8-19) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. Richard Smith

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    Again, if you want to be noticed, post your tournament results on here so coaches can see. A great example of this is the Strike Zone Fillies, a very good team that is now 35-1 and up until a few weeks ago, most coaches on here didn't know about their record, success. tournaments they were playing in, etc, etc. Now every week since, they have posted their results and have at least gained my respect. There are a lot of good solid 10U teams in this state that we coaches don't know much about.Why? Nobody post results.
  2. VE_05

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    There must be a lot of college scholarship offer happening at 10u this year... go get em 10u girls
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  3. 24GahannaLadyLions7

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    We were off this past weekend after 4 weeks in a row. Got a great practice in last night before we participate in 8 straight days of softball at Stingrays 7/12-14 and 9U nationals in Gulf Shores Alabama 7/14-20. We had a very good run this year with a great group of girls and excellent parents. Didn't have any blowups or rebellions during the year and I really contribute that to being somewhat fair and having set procedures from the beginning of the year. I will be losing 6 great girls to other organizations for a various of reasons and I will be those girls biggest fans the rest of their lives.

    Things that I have seen that had bothered me this year:
    -not batting roster in pool play in 10U (I don't get it, are you that scared or your ego will take that big of a hit to lose to a 9U team- I really hope it was because a girl was injured or a form of a punishment --- how is a girl supposed to prove herself in bracket play with no opportunity in pool play)
    -teams not playing the edited version of music (even edited versions sometimes have unwarranted messages or semi-curse words)
    -umpires that call the game a few minutes early because they don't want to do another 15 minute inning (coaches remember the new inning starts as soon as that last out is caught (thats why the game isn't supposed to be on a clock)
    -coaches promises - never trusted a coach who hands out promises like candy - just earn your spot

    Things that have always bothered me
    - timed games
    - parents who yell, he stalling with over 20 minutes left in the game
    - umpires that don't know the rules
    - single plate umpires who call runners out at 1st and 3rd for leaving early
    - coaches who want continued support as top team 10 team, but never seen them at one top tier tournament
    - tournament directors who order 0 bags of dry - just in case
    - parents who bail out on a team before the end of the season
  4. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Yassss!! OFC is BACK BABY!!! I have been waiting for this all year, let’s get it all out!!
  5. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

    Since Bailey brought it up, things that bother me and more.........
    Arrogant Parents
    Arrogant coaches
    Quick pitching
    Out of State sub-players
    Teams that run the score up on younger teams (Really what are you trying to prove)
    Teams that are up 15-0 and still stealing bases (REALLY)
    Mandatory DP/FLEX on Sundays
    Unsportsmanlike conduct

    Biggest disappointment:
    Matt Bailey hasn't yet bought the trash can port-a-pot covered by a duck blind, so he can use the bathroom and coach the defense, without leaving the dugout.(disappointed)
  6. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Would firing the 1st pitch of the game at the opposing dugout fence constitute bad sportsmanship or just gamesmanship? Asking for a friend who might be playing Storm 08 this weekend in Stingrays?
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  7. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

    That would constitute great gamesmanship, only if you called for it from underneath the Duck blind!
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  8. Ohio ice proud

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  9. Ohio ice proud

    Ohio ice proud New Member

    Who cares where they’re from ! Most in Ohio are already in tournament. Not much you can do if you have injuries and none available here.
  10. Racers08fastpitch

    Racers08fastpitch New Member

    I would like to start with saying thanks to Richard for the respect u have for me and my team I have a lot of respect for u and many other coaches that I have crossed paths with on the field and off the field I have watched these polls cuz it is really interesting to see how everyone is competing as far as why I haven't posted anything I have alot going on and honestly don't have time to post on here I feel my girls will get there recognition on the field rankings are great but really doesn't mean anything to me we all win tournaments and compete at a high level we win some we lose some errors is part of the game when u look at standing it says win or loss has nothing to do with errors I'm stating this because of the post I have read on here I would never disrespect a team nor players a win is a win a loss is a loss no matter what if the team makes errors or your pitcher doesn't pitch it's part of the game I would never make an excuse for a loss if the team beat me congrats they were the better team that game and I wouldn't take that away from them anybody can be beat on any given day and we all know that I've played alot of great teams we have beaten some and loss to some we beat mov pride WV which is a great team and recently buckeye charge who is a great team too are record is 48 -12 we have won 4 tournaments a 2nd place finish and a 3rd place finish the moral to this story is a win is win a loss is a loss no reason for an excuse for losing goodluck to everyone that is competing in nationals and world series
  11. Passion4theGame

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    I miss 10u sooooooo much.. Matt I agree with you on your post above. I have no dog in this fight but always read the comments. quite comical. This is a WE sport not a ME sport. A lot of the parents will find that out a little later. Little Sally might be a great pitcher but she's nothing without her 8 sisters on the field. Living on the "outside" doesn't work so well when you get to big girl ball. I have enjoyed watching some of these 10u teams this year. Very competitive teams out there. Good Luck these next coming weeks and safe travels.
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  12. Catcher '08

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    Is it time for a 1 day double elimination for the top 12 teams to settle it all at the end of the year?
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  13. Jodi

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    Phil I have much respect for you and your team and my intention when I responded was not to discredit you or your team and I know it sounded like it. I should have not responded to posts that do not matter to me. It was in the heat of the moment and I regret and hold myself accountable enough to say it. I love what you just posted and it was well said. You and I go back to little 7u. I think you saw after we lost I was not at all discrediting your team. I told your pitcher and team what a great job they did. Good luck the rest of the season.
  14. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

    I could have made that happen, but with Nationals, tryouts, and other business its nearly impossible. But here is what I may do, is put together next year an invite only, double elimination tournament for the 11U teams only, maybe 16 of the top true 11U teams in the State. Sounds like a plan that I can make happen!
  15. Passion4theGame

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    I would say a 2 day. That would be a long day for some 9-10 yr olds. I would be there to watch for sure!
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  16. finfan365

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    Coaches are out there recruiting. Look what I spotted over the weekend.


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  17. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

    Ok it's done, here are the details on the USSSA Mother's Day Challenge in Marion Ohio, USSSA National Qualifier, 5GG, 16- 11U teams, 4 pool games seeded into single elimination Gold and Silver bracket, top 8 to Gold, bottom 8 to Silver. Here's the Challenge. Do you wanna run with the 11U big dogs in 2020, or do you want to stay on the porch.? Think you will be the best or one of the best 11U teams? My invitation is to all 11U teams, no matter where your team is from, no matter what class you are. Here's your chance, the Ohio Storm 08 will be there. Prepare September through May, leave it all on the field in Marion.
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