10U Coaches Poll Week #12 (7-15-19) Get Your Votes In!!!

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    Great work this year, that’s impressive and I am sure the girls have worked really hard but I’d like to clarify something for those voting this week...
    Didn’t you have a sub pitcher this past weekend at the Stingray’s? Didn’t you already have a 11 girls roster, with three of your girls having pitching experience? Didn’t the sub pitcher pitch 2 out of the 4 innings against Bandits 09, last 2 innings? Didn’t she pitch all 5 innings against Wolfpack in semifinal game and all 7 innings against Lasers in championship game? Please correct me if I am wrong, I wouldn’t want to put any false info out there for people voting.. Congratulations on a great season
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    The Ohio Storm went 0-4-1 at the Stingrays Showcase. I would argue that we played the toughest schedule of anyone at the Showcase, Outlaws, Finesse Davis, Team PA , Baileys Bandits and Wolfpack Wolff in first round of bracket play. We explained to the team the importance of pool play, effort, and they just can't make a bunch of silly mistakes against those caliber of teams. Outside of the mistakes, some positives was the Storm out hit these teams 20-16, pitchers gave up only 4 earned runs in 5 games, the defense turned a beautiful 4-6-3 double play and outfield made some nice catches.

    Overall, we are proud of this Storm team, and what they have achieved. So far we have played in 16 events, 75 games, 327 innings, played with the 11 girls we started with in the fall and never used any outsiders. These 11 young ladies won together and lost together, played/batted in every game, never sat out an inning for an outsider to play in their spot, and for that we are very proud. Now it's onto Nationals in Johnson City Tennessee next week, then tryouts and onto 12U in the fall. I will see some of you coaches in Tennessee, and good luck to all teams over the next 2 weeks. Thanks to all the coaches for your support this season.

    Storm overall record: 55-16-4
    Stingrays games:
    Storm 3 Team PA 3
    Finesse 2 Storm 1
    Wolfpack 3 Storm 1
    Bandits 6 Storm 4
    Outlaws 7 Storm 2
  3. No shame in any of those outcomes. That is an awful schedule for any 9-10 yr old
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    I’m too lazy to look it up on previous thread, but I thought someone asked. I honestly didn’t know the answer and was curious. I assumed Ohio and PA, but wanted to confirm. Thank you
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    It was great seeing all 4 warm-up during the early game of ours, and we are somewhat close to the sub pitcher and no fault to them at all, we knew who we would see eventually because going in, I thought we could hit every single girl warming up includingthe sub.... I was wrong, Sadie is definitely good and showed it on Sunday, girl is a stud

    Wonder how those other pitchers parents/players feel... we all know pitchers parents are crazy, now add that in...lol
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    Just wondering... why is it OK for teams to bring in stud pitching to basically win tournaments for them but a number 3 or 4 pitcher can’t go sub in a B, C tournament to get innings? Pretty comparable situations but one is illegal.
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    Thanks, and I am glad to see that the Emeralds finally are on this site. Even though, nothing was posted about the Emeralds prior to this week, I have been following the team all year. What a great job Coach Musser has done with this team. We played your team in the fall and they have improved leaps and bounds. Great Job, see you in Tennessee. As for our Stingrays schedule, it was tough but we wouldn't have wanted it any other way.We have already beat 3 of those teams this year, never seen Team PA and 2 times had the Outlaws beat before losing late in both games by committing errors. Again if any team makes mistakes against good teams, they take advantage of those mistakes and you will pay the price. So for the Storm, playing these tough teams was good for our team, especially with Nationals coming up next week. You are right, 4 losses and a tie against top quality teams, no shame here.
  9. I
    I very much appreciate the compliment but all the credit goes to my 10 lady warriors. They put the time and effort into getting better. I just get the luxury of coaching them and hoping to help mentor them into becoming great people in the future. As for not posting on here, I wanted to make sure we deserved to be posted before I did. After the last 2 weeks I think we have earned that. See yah in Tennessee!
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    That's fairly easy to answer: There are different rules for the use of sub-players for all associations, USSSA , ASA/USA, PGF etc and we could be here all day trying to explain each one. Some Associations and Tournament directors monitor sub-players closely and some don't. A players classification is generally tied to their teams classification. Standard rule is "A" players from an "A" team cannot play down on a B/C team, regardless if they are a #3,4 0r 5. That's considered an unfair advantage for the team they move down to play for. USSSA has a good system and rules in place, that monitors a players classification, monitors the double rostering of players, monitors the use of sub-players and some other things in place, to keep teams from trying to gain an advantage. As with any system or rules, if some can find a way around it, they will until they get caught.

    Here's the bottom line, Tournament Directors alone can monitor, stop and fix this problem with the use of sub-players, if they choose to. They can implement modified rules on a teams use of sub-players in these tournaments, just like some tournament directors do the DP/FLEX. Modified rules is an option available to all Directors. This is a problem that's been around for years and will continue to be a problem, as long as Associations and TD's allow it to happen.

    I'm just curious and this is a general question not directed at any one person, or any one team specifically, and is a problem that has gone on for years long before we all came along and will continue to happen. Why do teams bring in ace stud pitchers from all over the country to pitch for a team they are not part of? Is it for the purpose of recruiting and enticing other players to come to an organization? Is it a win at all cost, no matter who on the team it affects? Is it because coaches have no loyalty to their players or parents? Is it to impress the higher ups in the Organization? Is it to enhance ones status? Is it because teams can't compete with the players they have?
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    I have been wondering how the parents felt too... Crazy to bring someone on when all their stud girls are there and available.
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    Before anyone gets excited, this message was posted to some Facebook posts that have been very similar to the discussion we have been having on here. This statement is from a true admin of the game.

    "This was a very competitive Stingray tournament with some very good teams. There have been comments about the Outlaws guesting a player but I have to wonder " are the Outlaws the only team to have ever brought a quest player in to play in a tournament"? I am willing to bet both of my family jewels that there have been occasions where other teams have done the same so I do not have to worry about losing my dangling ornaments. Did the quest make a difference ? I would think so but the Outlaw girls have definitely held their own since spring ball began and have beaten and lost to a very good Wolfpack team ( my opinion is they are the best team the Outlaws have played all year ) without a guest player. Not counting our guest player the outlaw girls but up 64 hits in the eight games that they played for an average of eight hits per game against some pretty good pitching. If you can put up 8 hits and a few walks with an error or 2 teams will win most of their games. It would be great for all teams to play teams of this caliber every weekend because that would help every player on every team become a better player and isn't that the goal of all coaches to develop all the potential in every player that they coach. Who really wants to play teams that do not match up to your team because all that does is make for a boring afternoon. I would much rather watch a dozen one run games ( win of lose ) than watch one 18-0 walkover. So instead of pointing a finger ( if you do there are always three pointing back at you ) tip your hat to the winning coach and say " great game, I enjoyed the competition and look forward to playing you guys in the future because I know it is going to be a dog fight."

    I couldn't have said it any better.
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    This thread is almost better than last weeks coaches poll. I'll throw in my 2 cents. The real losers in all this is probably the 'Teams' regular pitchers. They're probably feeling they aren't good enough to pitch against a Top 10 all of a sudden? This team has played against these other teams all year and now it's STINGRAYS, I can't pitch good enough. My dd isn't a pitcher but I know if I was on this team and OUR pitchers were available and didn't pitch I would have packed up my dd's gear and left the field. Their isn't a $20 trophy in the world worth seeing that happen to her teammates. Oh if the TEAM pitchers are looking for a coach who won't do that to you let me know and I'll give you the info.
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    Late to the posting, but proud Team PA 10u Pezzuolo had a great showing at the Stingrays Tourney last weekend and we look forward to competing against such great competition in future tournaments.

    Our girls were part of an amazing line up of teams in pool play and continued into bracket play. We saw tremendous growth in our girls this weekend & it really boosted our girls confidence that they can hang with the best of the best! Finishing in the final 4 with a 5-1-1 record.

    Pool Play (top notch teams)
    Team PA 6 - Finesse Davis 1
    Team PA 3 - Beverly Bandits Demarini 09 2
    Team PA 3 - Ohio Storm 3
    Team PA 2 - Ohio Stingrays 08 0

    Bracket Play (some battles for sure )
    Team PA 15 - Ohio Stingrays 09 1
    Team PA 6 - Ohio Stingrays 08 5
    Team PA 1 - Lasers Orange 2 (ITB)

    Our season record is 45-10-3...
    Champs of:
    Wounded Warrior Indoor Tournament
    Best of the Batch Charity Tournament
    Indiana Summer Showcase
    Atlantic Coast Softball (Monroeville)
    Battle in the Burgh (rained out #1 seed)

    2nd Place:
    YSU Watts Indoor Tourney (lost to MOV Pride 08)
    May Madness Pittsburgh (lost to Lasers Orange)

    Final 4:
    Ohio Stingrays Showcase (lost to Lasers Orange ITB in semifinals)

    PGF Super Select Tournament (great experience, looking forward to attending future PGF events now that we have added more experience)
    Team PA 2 - Wisconsin Lightning 08 6
    Team PA 0 - Ohana Tigers 08 1
    Team PA 2 - Lady Lightning Gold 08 5
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    Specifically, like I said, I personally am not pointing fingers at anyone or any one team. This is an issue that has gone on for years and years. I'm just curious as to the reasons why teams in general do this? Outlaws are a good team, I talk to Coach Ron, have much respect for him and he knows that. You are right, many teams have done this over the many years of fastpitch, that's why I asked a fairly simple question. Why?
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    My dd is a very solid “A” player... not that we are looking because we couldn’t be happier, but there are definitely coaches/ teams/ orgs that we would NEVER touch based on their “trophy chasing”, “win at all cost” track record.
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    I’m bummed... It sounds like we missed a good one this weekend at Stingrays. As mentioned last week, we (SGS Magic) didn’t enter it as we had one of our pitchers out of town on a trip that was planned last year. If we would have been at full strength, we would’ve been there. I just don’t have the budget to fly in pitchers ;)

    We wrap up the season over the next two weekends with the Round Tripper and World Series.
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    Ive never answered any post unless it was directed to me or my team..but here i go... i have never gave more or less info on a post about my team on purpose.
    1 thing i know for fact is my team has never ever trophy hunted. Did we play in some local tournaments, yes. This is Our first year as a travel team. Did we avoid playing any teams, absolutley Not! If you think so PM me and we will try to set up a game! I made our schedule in the fall of 2018 and paid. I actually cancelled 3 tournaments that was weak this 2019 spring so we could get in tournament's that had ranked AB teams in it. When the schedule was made i knew nothing of Ohio polls, i never heard of teams like Stingrays, wolfpack, lasers , outlaws ect until we played them at Baltimore in the fall after my schedule was set.
    To let everyone know my team was a 9u team last year 2018 that was a rec All star team. Thats right evey single one of my players on this team (all 10) played in the big bend rec league of Meigs Co ohio that has 20k people in it. We have had 2 subs all year... 1 of a friend of mines kid....She never ever played more innings then any kid on my team. And the other sub we had was bc of a injury , so we found her 1 day before the tournament and knew 0 about her! You try finding a player free july4th ...And why we didnt use our own organization kids bc the teams was also in tournaments else where at the time.
    Now do i care that other teams stack their team with subs... no not really , but does it kinda suck , yeah it does, but the way i look at it is we dont care what you do... we do US and if US is good enough to beat you then great..but if its not..we r not going to complain about it, we r going to work harder to get better....And you wont hear me complain that a team brought a sub Bc guess what , as long as she is still 10 and of age then i dont care...Bc last thing i can do is set around and worry about what other teams do or what other teams parents think about their coach bringing a sub...i got enough to worry about with my own 10 kids , then to care what other teams do. Go MovPride08Oh!
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