10U Coaches Poll Week #2 (6-8-20) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

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    10U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by Wednesday night 11pm. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote.
    Must include teams #1-10 in your vote.

    I will post results around Noon on Thursday.

    You can PM me or email me at my EMAIL ADDRESS : jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com
  2. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Beverly Bandits DeMarini 09
    Coaches: Matt Bailey & Dale Carr

    -Past Weekend-
    Outlaws - D1 Super Select Champions 6-0-1
    The talent is rich in the 09 class in Ohio. Seeing my timeline filled with Champions from this past weekend, with Monsters, USSSA Pride Red, KL Athletics getting it done in their respective tournaments, sorry if I missed anyone... Plus the tournament that we played in this weekend with many of the top 10 teams competing and the #2 team in the state had 4 of their girls subbing on various teams getting the extra work in. LOVE IT!! Ton of talent out there on the fields and we got knocked down a couple of times, but our girls took their our opponents best shot, got back up off the mat and ended up prevailing. Saw some great 2010 talent also, with Ohio Outlaws Homan and SC Perry making some noise in the tournament also. Great teams and very well coached and so much talent on both of these young teams.

    Current Record 42-7-3

    14-0-1 Results vs Top Teams in Ohio
    Ohio Outlaws Johnson = W5-1, W12-1**, W5-4
    Ohio Ice Purple Trbovich = Win 9-6**
    Thunder Elite Plant = Tie 1-1** took 2-1 lead in 4th but revert back...still a tie
    Ohio Stingrays Dennis = never played
    Ohio Wolfpack Fogle = W 5-0**
    Ohio Monsters Piavarchy = never played
    Ohio Emeralds Williamson = W10-1, W14-1**
    Ohio Phantoms Berry = never played
    Akron Racers Almond = never played
    USSSA Pride Red Barnett = W 14-0
    Ohio Outlaws Homan = W 8-0**
    Ohio Lasers Blue Binkley = W10-1, W11-0
    Ohio Wicked Clapper = never played
    Ohio Storm West = never played
    Ohio Storm Bell = never played
    LC Lightening Chevalier = W 15-0
    SGS Magic Hall = W 10-1**
    Ohio Stingrays Stonerock = never played
    KL Athletics Ledbetter = W 20-1
    Wizards Smith = never played
    Cincy Doom Reynolds = never played
    ** Tournament Wins

    6/12-14 PGF Super Select Nashville, TN
    6/19-21 PGF Mojo Invite Nashville, TN
    6/26-28 USSSA Smokey Baker Cincinnati, OH
    7/3-5 OFF
    7/10-12 TBA
    7/17-19 ASA Ohio Emeralds Canton, OH
    7/24-26 Gator/Gold Invite Indianapolis, Indiana
    8/2-9 PGF Nationals, Huntington Beach, California
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  3. swilliamson22

    swilliamson22 Member

    Great job to everyone this week that played in D1 showdown and other tourneys throughput the state. Our tourney “Midwest Elite Invitational” was cancelled so the teams in the tourney got to get her to play. Results:
    Win Emeralds’09 (9-3) #13 Ohio lightening
    Win Emeralds’09 (15-5) Central Ohio Pride
    Win Emeralds’09 (5-0) Ohio Storm 09
    Loss Emeralds’09 (1-6) Stingrays09

    We played 4 games back-to-back with no breaks and played all solid teams! On to next weekend.
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  4. Chris Clapper

    Chris Clapper New Member

    It was great to get back on the field and see some type of normalcy again. Wicked Fastpitch 09 played in the ASA Summer Slam in Ashland, OH. We outscored our opponents 23-3 and finished in 3rd place. Next weekend we will be at the USSSA Central State Open in Lancaster, OH.

    W 7-0 vs JABC Riot
    W 4-0 vs Indy Stars
    W 12-0 vs JABC Riot
    L 0-3 KL Athletics
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  5. Mike Homan

    Mike Homan New Member

    9u Outlaws - Homan

    We went and played in the D1 Super Select in Canfield. I was able to see a lot of talented teams out there this weekend. The work that these kids put into this sport is truly remarkable. I think sometimes coaches and parents get caught up in the moment and forget why we are here. Sure everyone wants to get that win, but remember that we are here for these kids! We had some ups and a few hiccups over the weekend at D1, but I also had to step back and remind my team that we were the second youngest team there. I knew what I signed up for going into this tournament and I do not have one regret. My team went a strong 3-3 overall against some of the absolute best teams Ohio has to offer, not to mention girls from other teams subbing in to make those 09's even stronger. I went in with my full roster and played well. Scores from the weekend:

    9u Outlaws - 5
    Team PA Madison - 4

    9u Outlaws - 10
    Silver Creek '09 - 4

    9u Outlaws - 1
    Wolfpack '09 - 7

    9u Outlaws - 12
    Silver Creek 9u Perry - 1

    9u Outlaws - 0
    Beverly Bandits '09 - 8

    9u Outlaws - 1
    Wolfpack '09 - 4 (elim game)

    Overall very proud of my team, we may be young but we can compete. We are headed to Lancaster this weekend to get a look at some new faces. Congrats to everyone over the weekend, a lot of teams played and did some good things with great results.
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  6. bradbarnett05

    bradbarnett05 New Member

    OH USSSA PRIDE Red '09 played in the Uncle Charlie's Tournament in Findlay, OH this past weekend and were able to win the tournament. Overall results are below:

    Overall: 5-0 on the weekend
    W 4-3 vs. Lady Rebels 10U
    W 15-7 vs. Cincy Doom
    W 9-1 vs. Mavericks Fastpitch
    W 13-1 vs. Lasers Blue
    W 14-0 vs. Lady Rebels

    We're in the USSSA Central States Qualifier in Lancaster, OH this upcoming weekend. Best of luck to all the teams...so impressed with the teams we see in this age group every weekend.
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  7. Wolfpack31

    Wolfpack31 Active Member

    Wolfpack 09 went 2-4-1 in the Outlaws Canfield, Ohio tournament... We faced great competition all weekend, kudos to all the teams there, I watched some very good 10u softball being played.
    Congratulations to the Beverly Bandits 09 on winning the tournament!

    Pool Play
    Wolfpack 09 2
    Thunder Elite 09 4

    Wolfpack 09 0
    Beverly Bandits 09 5

    Wolfpack 09 2
    Ice Purple 09 3

    Wolfpack 09 7
    Outlaws 9u 1

    Wolfpack 09 5
    Outlaws PA 09 Frengel 5

    Wolfpack 09 4
    Outlaws 9u 1

    Wolfpack 09 3
    Ice Purple 09 8

    Due to the cancellation of Lasers, we are heading to Warren to play in the Valley Extreme Tournament this weekend.
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  8. Kobe Johnson

    Kobe Johnson New Member

    Ohio Outlaws Johnson

    Outlaws were off this past weekend but had a few girls subbing at the D1 Super Select. I went and was able to watch some good ball and see most of the top 10 teams going at it. I agree with what Coach Mike Homan said above though. Parents and coaches need to remember why we do this, it’s all for the kids. The kids love this game and look forward to spending time with their teammates every weekend. As coaches and parents we need step back and remember why were there and not ruin it for the kids.

    Congrats to all teams who took home some hardware this past weekend!

    Upcoming Schedule:
    6-12/6-14 PGF Super Select-Nashville,TN
    6-20/6-21 PGF Mojo Invite-Nashville,TN
    6-26/6-28 Ashland Summer Classic
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  9. bucksmom40

    bucksmom40 New Member

    Ohio Monsters
    Results vs Ranked teams
    #1 Beverly Bandits-never played
    #2 Ohio Outlaws-Johnson-L 6-0
    #3 Ohio Ice Purple L 3-2
    #4 Thunder Elite ‘09 W 3-0
    #5 Stingrays L 2-1
    #6 Ohio Wolfpack-never played
    #7 Ohio Emeralds-W 8-0
    #8 Ohio Outlaws ‘10 W 8-1 W 6-2
    #10 Ohio Phantoms W 8-0

    We played at Maple Leaf West this weekend. We were 5-0 and out scored our opponents 47-5. Pitching has been outstanding only giving up 2 hits for the weekend. We are off this coming weekend and play at Sheer Madness and Ashland Summer Classic to finish the month. Good luck to everyone this weekend!
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  10. Todd Bell

    Todd Bell New Member

    Ohio Storm 10 Bell

    Storm 10 is a young 9u team. We do have 2 09's on the team. Returning 8 of the 10 we had in 8u last year. We have played some of the best teams in the state. The games haven't always went our way, but our goal is to get better everytime. We played in the Lancaster Invitational(midwest Elite canceled) this weekend. We went 5-0. Last weekend we played in the Emeralds friendly going 4-3. Losing to #2 Outlaws 09, #7 Emeralds 09, and #9 Monsters.

    Record 24-12-2

    Outlaws 09 0-4
    Emeralds 09 0-2
    Monsters 09 0-1
    Usssa pride 09 0-1
    Ohio Storm 09 1-1
    Silver Creek 10 1-0-1
    Outlaws 10 1-1

    Next 2 week schdule
    USSSA Ring Event Lancaster
    10u State tournament Lancaster
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  11. TTrbovich

    TTrbovich Member

    Ohio Ice Purple 09
    Coaches: Tim Trbovich and George Letosky

    -Past Weekend-
    Outlaws - D1 Super Select 2nd Place
    We competed at the D1 Super Select in Canfield against top competition all weekend. The '09 teams were tough as expected and don't sleep on the 2010 teams. Lots of talent and it was great to compete with you all. We lost in the Championship to the #1 Beverly Bandits 9-6 in the 7 inning Championship. They are a great team. Congratulations to Matt and his team, and thanks to Emma for putting on a great tournament.

    Current Record: 36-7
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