10U Coaches Poll Week #3 (5-14-18) RESULTS!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

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    1st Place Votes are in ( )

    Rank ---- Team ---- Total Pts

    1. Thunder 007 (8)................98
    2. Ohio Stingrays (2).............89
    3. Ohio Wolfpack ..................75
    4. Ohio Ice Black...................65
    5. MOV Pride '07 ..................55
    6. Ohio Lightning..................44
    7. Finesse '07.........................29
    8. Lasers Orange '08.............26
    9. Central Ohio Ice 07...........22
    10. Lasers Grey '07................18

    Others receiving votes: Southern Ohio Force 07 (8), Central Ohio Pride 07 (7), Ohio Starz (6), Ohio Hawks 07 (4),Ohio Fire (4), Ohio Stingrays '08 (1)....
  2. VE_05

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    First off I enjoy the polls. So don' take this wrong. I think it' funny that laser orange got beat by central ohio ice, twice this weekend and they are still behind them in the rankings.

    But I do enjoy checking them out. I think some people vote on the name instead of results.
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  3. FastBat

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    /\/\I'm in 14u, so I don't have a dog in this fight and I'm not even sure if this is your oldest softball player or if you've done this softball thing with an older player before. But, this is what they mean when they say, "it's all in the name of the organization" not necessarily how good the team is. You will find as your dd gets older, in 12u, in 14u, that some orgs are just well noted for winning and putting together strong, solid teams in every age group. (Not sure how they do it? But, year after year, they do.) So, in reality they might not have the best team, but they will automatically get respect on the field simply by being affiliated with a certain well named org. Do I always agree they should be? Of course not! But, IMO that's how it works.

    On the flip side, when your dd plays on a well noted team, I guarantee that every time her team steps on the field it's going to be the lesser known team's "World Series" or their most important game of the tournament/year. These well noted teams will always see the #1 pitchers from the opposing teams and when teams play them, the lesser known team will bring their 'A' game. Because, if that lesser team can beat them, it's going to be talked about and they will get more respect. That's why these well known orgs automatically get more respect, because every game will be played at the highest level and there are no "easy" or "off" games. These well known teams will get beat if they are slacking, so the pressure is always on.

    After 10u, comes 12u, and the name means more. Then after is 14u, that has typically been when girls started to get recruited, and the name means even more and so on. So, this name thing/team recognition never ends.

    BTW, I'm not saying your team is the lesser known team or vice versa. I'm just trying to share my personal experience on this stuff. And sometimes the voting at 10u left me confused, too!
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  4. tjsmize3

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    Lol... the difference between the two teams is just 4 points in the poll and there were only 10 voting coaches. I understand the frustration in seeing your team ranked below a team whom you have beat twice but it does not mean people are voting on the name or that your team's name is not solid. It's very possible that every non-Lasers coach ranked you 1 point above the orange, but the Lasers coaches ranked themselves 2 and 3. In no way am I saying this happened... just saying it's within the realm of possibility that any coach will vote his/her team/org a little more aggressively in the rankings. Sometimes that alone can tip the balance when the votes are that close and the pool voting is that small.
  5. Jose_canusee

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    8/10 are in the Firefighters Memorial Tournament next weekend , come out and watch them play.

    I think TD’s should get to vote!!!!
  6. VE_05

    VE_05 Member

    I don't have a dog in the fight. It was a simple observation I made is all.

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