10U Coaches Poll Week #4 (6-22-20) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

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    10U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by Wednesday night 11pm. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote.
    Must include teams #1-10 in your vote.

    I will post results around Noon on Thursday.

    You can PM me or email me at my EMAIL ADDRESS : jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com
  2. 24GahannaLadyLions7

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    Beverly Bandits DeMarini 09
    Coaches: Matt Bailey & Dale Carr

    -Past Weekend-
    With PGF Music City MOJO Tournament being cancelled at the beginning of the week, we decided to jump in the PGF GA State tournament in 10U, after a few teams bailing out after entering and them cancelling the 10U event, we decided to try our chances vs some of the best 12U teams in the Nation and full 90 minute games. We came out and played two tough teams, #8 Ranked Team in the Nation in the 2025 class was our 1st opponent Georgia Impact Sullivan. Probably played our best game of the weekend, went the time distance with them and showed flashes of greatness. Had multiple chances with bases loaded and people in scoring position, hit the ball all over the park, but they we really good. Ended up losing 11-1, followed by a tight game vs Frost Falcons 08 4-1 L another legit 08 team East of the Mississippi River and again threatened late and could get that clutch hit. We followed those with two terrible games that felt like we had never stepped on the field. Losing 8-0 and 12-6.

    Headed to Cincinnati to play some great teams this weekend with Bluegrass Force 09, Indiana Magic Gold Webb 09, NKY Dance 09, Cincy Doom and Shock and some other great teams.

    14-0-1 Results vs Top Teams in Ohio
    Ohio Outlaws Johnson = W5-1, W12-1**, W5-4
    Ohio Ice Purple Trbovich = Win 9-6**
    Thunder Elite Plant = Tie 1-1** took 2-1 lead in 4th but revert back...still a tie
    Ohio Stingrays Dennis = never played
    Ohio Wolfpack Fogle = W 5-0**
    Ohio Monsters Piavarchy = never played
    Ohio Emeralds Williamson = W10-1, W14-1**
    Ohio Phantoms Berry = never played
    Akron Racers Almond = never played
    USSSA Pride Red Barnett = W 14-0
    Ohio Outlaws Homan = W 8-0**
    Ohio Lasers Blue Binkley = W10-1, W11-0
    Ohio Wicked Clapper = never played
    Ohio Storm West = never played
    Ohio Storm Bell = never played
    LC Lightening Chevalier = W 15-0
    SGS Magic Hall = W 10-1**
    Ohio Stingrays Stonerock = never played
    KL Athletics Ledbetter = W 20-1
    Wizards Smith = never played
    Cincy Doom Reynolds = never played
    ** Tournament Wins

    6/26-28 USSSA Smokey Baker Cincinnati, OH
    7/3-5 OFF
    7/17-19 ASA Ohio Emeralds Canton, OH
    7/24-26 Gator/Gold Invite Indianapolis, Indiana
    8/2-9 PGF Nationals, Huntington Beach, California
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  3. bradbarnett05

    bradbarnett05 New Member

    OH USSSA PRIDE Red '09 finished in 3rd place at the USA State Tournament this past weekend against some great teams. Congrats to Chad Dennis and Stingrays '09 for winning the tournament and Mike Homan and Outlaws '10 for finishing runner up. I knew going into the tournament this was going to test us due to the number of games, length of games and heat. I was really happy to see so many of our players compete and step up throughout the weekend and put us into a position to compete for a Championship. Overall we finished 4-3 on the weekend and in 3rd place with the following results vs. specific teams:

    Pool Play
    L 5-3 vs. Lasers Blue
    W 8-4 vs. OH Storm '10

    Bracket Play
    W 15-6 vs. Finesse Bragg
    W 6-5 vs. Lasers Blue
    W 15-3 vs. OH Outlaws '10
    L 9-3 vs. Stingrays '09 (winners bracket game to get to Championship)
    L 10-2 vs. OH Outlaws '10 (losers bracket game to get back into Championship)
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  4. Magicsgs

    Magicsgs Member

    SGS Magic would like to Thank coach Bailey for all his efforts! We were off this past weekend due to covid-19.... We are undefeated with a tie to a good Michigan team. In our last tournament Unfortunately we didn't get get to play 09 stingrays who won it, we want to play great competition.... This weekend we get tested as we play three Strong teams including finesse davis in pool.... We are stronnwith pitching, strong infield defense and some big hitters. Our biggest challenge We have to overcome bad coaching by me .,.. Thanks for your consideration of SGS Magic Hall

    a side note in September we will hold of our one day smashing pumpkins tournament we hope to have a tremendous 10 and 12 age group division for those interested, usually fills fast
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  5. bucksmom40

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    Ohio Monsters

    We were runner ups at Sheer Madness last weekend; losing twice to a very solid Ohio Ice Purple team. One bad inning each game along with little to offer at the plate ended with 2 losses. Ohio Ice is a well coached, talented team. This weekend will be another test for us as we play in the Ashland Summer Classic-playing Ohio Ice Purple and Ohio Outlaws ‘09 in pool play.

    Last weekend results-(4-2)
    Ohio Monsters 13 Cobras ‘09 0
    Ohio Monsters 0 Ohio Ice Purple (#3) 4
    Ohio Monsters 9 Explosives 1
    Ohio Monsters 13 Mentor Big Red 0
    Ohio Monsters 12 Explosives 1
    Ohio Monsters 0 Ohio Ice Purple (#3) 3

    Results against top 10
    1. Beverly Bandits-never played
    2. Ohio Outlaws ‘09- L 0-6
    3. Ohio Ice Purple-L 0-3, L 0-4
    4. Ohio Wolfpack-never played
    5. Thunder Elite-W 3-0
    6. Stingrays-L 1-2
    7. Ohio Monsters
    8. Ohio Outlaws ‘10-W 8-1, W 6-2
    9. Ohio Emeralds-W 8-0
    10. USSSA Pride Red-never played
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  6. Mike Homan

    Mike Homan New Member

    9u Ohio Outlaws '10
    Head Coach: Mike Homan

    Congrats to everyone who competed over the weekend and brought in some hardware. Looks like the Bandits represented Ohio well again, two good games between the Ice Purple and Monsters - Congrats to Tim and the Ice for a Championship & Monsters for a runner-up finish.

    The 9u Outlaws '10 team went and played very well over the weekend at the USA State Tournament in Lancaster, Ohio. We finished runner-ups fighting all the way back into the Championship through the losers bracket, won the first game and then the game was called unfortunately and we were losing 9-1 at the time in the IF game. My team played extremely well despite a terrible inning vs Stingrays in pool play after we were up & a bad performance all around vs USSSA Pride in bracket play. Although the loss vs Pride was rather ugly where we couldn't get anything going offensively or defensively, we needed that loss to remind us that going 90% is not good enough. Come elimination day on Sunday, we played 5 straight games with a hot 5 minute between games. Super proud of my young team and how we handled the heat and adversity over the weekend when all the cards were stacked up against us. Several wins vs top 10 teams who were there.

    Scores from the weekend-

    Pool Play:
    Outlaws 8 - KLA Athletics 2
    Outlaws 6 - Ohio Stingrays '09 (#6) 11

    Bracket Play:
    Outlaws 7 - KLA Athletics 5
    Outlaws 12 - Ohio Emeralds (#9) 3
    Outlaws 2 - USSSA Pride '09 (#10) 15
    Outlaws 9 - KLA Athletics 2
    Outlaws 7 - Ohio Wolfpack (#4) 1
    Outlaws 10 - USSSA Pride Red '09 (#10) 2
    Outlaws 13 - Ohio Stingrays '09 (#6) 2 - Champsionship
    Outlaws 1 - Ohio Stingrays '09 (#6) 9 - Championship IF Game (called)

    The Championship was ended for unfortunate reasons, but I am happy to be informed the TD took appropriate action after the tournament was over.

    The Outlaws are off this weekend for a little bit of rest, good luck to everyone competing this weekend!!!

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  7. Wolfpack31

    Wolfpack31 Active Member

    The Wolfpack 09 team went 4-2 @ the 10u States Tournament in Lancaster. We picked up where we left off last weekend, starting out 3-0 in our first 3 games before losing to Stingrays 09 in the 2nd round of elimination. The team came out flat Sunday and barely got by a feisty Laser Blue team before being knocked out by Outlaws Futures. Congrats to Mike and his young Outlaws team as they played great this past weekend. Congrats to all other teams who had a great run this past weekend! Wolfpack 09 will be in Ashland this weekend at the Summer Classic

    Pool Play
    Wolfpack 09 8 – Cincy Doom 0
    Wolfpack 09 14 – Finesse Bragg 1

    Wolfpack 09 18 – Ohio Storm (10’) 0
    Wolfpack 09 8 – Ohio Stingrays 09 10
    Wolfpack 09 12 – Lasers Blue 7
    Wolfpack 09 1 – Outlaws Futures 7
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  8. First2Third

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    Hmmm. Interesting.
  9. swilliamson22

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    OhioEmeralds’09 is 44-13-2 on the year and played 2 more games against the ranked teams, making it 34. We went 3-2 at 10u states. We played well while there but ran into a great Outlaws 2010 team to get into the loser bracket much earlier than expected and it drained our pitching.
    We are off this weekend and will play each weekend after this one! My girls are improving well and we will see what the rest of the season brings!
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  10. TTrbovich

    TTrbovich Member

    Ohio Ice Purple 09
    Coaches: Tim Trbovich and George Letosky

    Current Record: 42-7

    I want to shout out Matt and his team for playing up in 12u against the nations best. I love seeing our Ohio teams show other places our level of softball. Outlaws 9u continues to impress me week in and week out. Love watching that young team play.
    We played at Sheer Madness this past weekend and were fortunate enough to hold off a very tough Monsters team to win the Championship. They are definitely one of the top teams and playing some good softball right now.

    This week we play in the Ashland Summer Classic featuring Outlaws Johnson 09, Wolfpack 09, Monsters, and plenty of other talented teams. Good luck this weekend everyone!
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  11. Lasers Blue 2010

    Lasers Blue 2010 New Member

    Lasers Blue 2010 competed in USA 10u State this past weekend. We finished 4-2 on the weekend and continue to compete with the best. Congrats to Stingrays 09 and Outlaws Futures for placing in the tournament.

    Pool Play
    W Lasers Blue 2010 9 Ohio Storm 2010 1
    W Lasers Blue 2010 5 USSSA Pride 09 3

    Bracket Play
    L USSSA Pride 09 6 Lasers Blue 5
    W Lasers Blue 10 Cincy Doom 4
    W Lasers Blue 13 Ohio Emeralds 09 8
    L Ohio Wolfpack 09 12 Lasers Blue 7

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