10U Coaches Poll Week #6 (7-6-20) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

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    10U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by Wednesday night 11pm. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote.
    Must include teams #1-10 in your vote.

    I will post results around Noon on Thursday.

    You can PM me or email me at my EMAIL ADDRESS : jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com
  2. swilliamson22

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    Congrats to Pa Outlaws, Outlaws Homan and USSSA Pride with winning the events that they attended this weekend. I saw some great pics over the last 24 hours of smiling faces while playing in 90° heat!

    OhioEmeralds’09 played in the Ashland FireCracker ASA ENQ National Qualifier, winning the event with a 10-1 win over a very good Northern Kentucky Bandits (Dance) team. We went undefeated in the event. With the win we have now qualified for both USSSA and ASA nationals, winning 3 events and having 2 runner-up places. Our year to date record is 48-16-2, while playing 36 games against teams that have been ranked in this poll.

    Next week we head to Firestone Stadium for Summer Sizzler, due to Stingrays and Loudenville being cancelled.
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  3. bradbarnett05

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    OH USSSA PRIDE Red '09 played in PA this weekend at the USA Battle in the Burgh Tournament. We went 6-0-1 on the weekend and brought back the first place trophy to Ohio. Championship game was against a talented Team PA (Madison) team that was a pitcher's duel and had a score of 0-0 in the last inning of the game. We pushed two runs across the plate in the last inning, including one on a suicide squeeze attempt at home...then held them off to win the game 2-0. Results from this weekend included:

    Pool Play
    W 7-1 vs. Pittsburgh Power (Valasek)
    W 8-4 vs. Pittsburgh Power (Rychel)
    T 3-3 vs. Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners
    W 15-0 vs. Canonsburg Lady Knights

    Bracket Play
    W 13-5 vs. Pittsburgh Power (Smith)
    W 13-3 vs. Pittsburgh Power (Rychel)
    W 2-0 vs. Team PA (Madison)

    Notable Tournament results this year:
    1st Place at USA Uncle Charlie's
    1st Place at USA Battle in the Burgh
    2nd Place at USSSA Central States
    3rd Place at USA States
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  4. bucksmom40

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    Ohio Monsters

    We were at Explosive Firework Frenzy this week. We struggled to find any rhythm this weekend. There were multiple Outlaws ‘09 players subbing on Ice Purple and Outlaws PA along with the Outlaws ‘10 top pitcher subbing as well. We went in with the players we had and will grow as a team from this weekend. We hope to rebound in Mentor this weekend! Good luck to everyone!

    Explosive Frenzy-
    Monsters 2 Wolfpack 12
    Monsters 16 Explosive Black 1
    Monsters 8 Explosive Reis 1
    Monsters 2 Ohio Ice Purple 6
    Monsters 4 Akron Racers 2
    Monsters 0 Ohio Ice Purple 8

    Records against top 10
    1. Beverly Bandits- never played
    2. Ohio Outlaws ‘09- L 0-6 L 0-5 L 18-6
    3. Ohio Ice Purple L 0-3 L 0-4 L 3-4 L 2-6 L 0-8
    4. Wolfpack W 4-3 L 2-12
    5. Ohio Monsters
    6. Thunder Elite W 3-0
    7. Stingrays L 1-2
    8. Ohio Outlaws ‘10 W 8-1 W 6-2
    9. USSSA Pride- never played
    10. Ohio Emeralds W 8-0
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  5. Mike Homan

    Mike Homan Member

    Ohio Outlaws ‘10 - Homan

    9u team played at the Freedom Festival USSSA Qualifier in Sparta over the weekend. We went in short handed but played through it and couldn’t be more proud of my young team. We dropped a pool play game where our bats became ice cold throughout the whole line up, just couldn’t get them going. We ended up the 2 seed in our pool and went on to win the Championship on Sunday.

    Congrats to Ice Purple, Monsters, Wolfpack, USSSA Pride, Emeralds and whomever else I missed for a solid weekend at your respective tournaments where you played.

    Scores from the weekend:
    Pool Play:
    Outlaws 8 - Lady Panthers 3
    Outlaws 9 - Ohio Bulldogs Elite 7
    Outlaws 2 - KL Athletics 3
    Bracket play:
    Outlaws 2 - Ohio Storm ‘09 1
    Outlaws 4 - Ohio Lasers Blue 0
    Outlaws 6 - KL Athletics 1 (championship)

    We will be at the Summer Sizzler in Akron this weekend. Good Luck to all players and coaches.
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  6. Wolfpack31

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    The Ohio Wolfpack went 4-2 this weekend before losing in the semi-finals 4-3 in ITB to the tournament champions Outlaws PA Frengel @ the Explosive Fastpitch Frenzy in North Ridgeville.
    Congratulations to all the teams who won this past weekend...

    Pool Play
    Wolfpack 12 – Monster’s 2
    Wolfpack 10 – Explosive Select Black 1
    Wolfpack 15 – Ohio Ice Gray 0
    Wolfpack 2 – Outlaws PA Frengel 5

    Bracket Play
    Wolfpack 13 – Ohio Ice Gray 0
    Wolfpack 3 – Outlaws PA Frengel 4
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  7. 24GahannaLadyLions7

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    Beverly Bandits DeMarini 09
    Coaches: Matt Bailey & Dale Carr

    -Past Weekend-
    We been at it since May 13 in St. Louis before Ohio opened up. Many times out of state, and it was time to get the crew some rest. We are again playing 12U since COVID has messed around with our schedule again. We were supposed to be out in KC playing DeMarini Aces, SD Renegades, Iowa Premier and St. Louis Chaos, but teams pulled out.

    This years
    10U Record 42-8-1

    -Losses- (Record vs them)
    Indiana Magic Gold Webb 2 (2-2)
    Indiana Gators (2-1)
    Bluegrass Force (1-1)
    Chicago Batbusters (0-1)
    Texas Impact Gold (0-1)
    Birmingham Thunderbolts (0-1)
    TX Diamond Sports Hotshots (1-1)

    12U Record - 10-7-2

    14-0-1 Results vs Top Teams in Ohio
    Ohio Outlaws Johnson = W5-1, W12-1**, W5-4
    Ohio Ice Purple Trbovich = Win 9-6**
    Thunder Elite Plant = Tie 1-1** took 2-1 lead in 4th but revert back...still a tie
    Ohio Stingrays Dennis = never played
    Ohio Wolfpack Fogle = W 5-0**
    Ohio Monsters Piavarchy = never played
    Ohio Emeralds Williamson = W10-1, W14-1**
    Ohio Phantoms Berry = never played
    Akron Racers Almond = never played
    USSSA Pride Red Barnett = W 14-0
    Ohio Outlaws Homan = W 8-0**
    Ohio Lasers Blue Binkley = W10-1, W11-0
    Ohio Wicked Clapper = never played
    Ohio Storm West = never played
    Ohio Storm Bell = never played
    LC Lightening Chevalier = W 15-0
    SGS Magic Hall = W 10-1**
    Ohio Stingrays Stonerock = never played
    KL Athletics Ledbetter = W 20-1
    Wizards Smith = never played
    Cincy Doom Reynolds = never played
    ** Tournament Wins

    7/10-12 12U Findlay Firecracker at Marathon Fields
    7/17-19 ASA Ohio Emeralds Canton, OH
    7/24-26 Practice
    8/2-9 PGF Nationals, Huntington Beach, California
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  8. TTrbovich

    TTrbovich Member

    Ohio Ice Purple 09
    Coaches: Tim Trbovich and George Letosky

    Current Record: 51-10

    We competed at the explosive firework frenzy this past weekend. There were several top teams competing including Monsters, Ohio Wolfpack, and Outlaws PA and several others. We were able to make it to the Championship and lost a great game to Outlaws PA 3-2 in 7 innings. Congratulations to Coach Frengel. I also want to congratulate Outlaws 9u on another Championship as well as USSSA for representing Ohio.
    We are competing in a 12u tournament this weekend in Boardman Ohio.
  9. Magicsgs

    Magicsgs Member

    SGS Magic Hall 10u took second in the shootout, played really well, beat Michigan finesse Davis then lost to them in the “what if”as we were gased. Only team we’ve lost to this season is finesse Davis.

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