10U Coaches Poll Week #6 (7-6-20) RESULTS!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

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    1st Place Votes are in ( )

    Rank ---- Team ---- Total Pts

    1. Beverly Bandits '09 (9) ........................99
    2. Ohio Outlaws'09 (1).............................73
    3. Ohio Ice Purple '09...............................62
    4. Ohio Wolfpack '09................................61
    4. Thunder Elite '09..................................61
    6. Ohio Monsters......................................53
    7. Stingrays '09.........................................43
    8. USSSA Pride Red..................................31
    9. Ohio Outlaws '10...................................29
    10. Phantoms.............................................13

    Other receiving votes: Ohio Emeralds '09 (9), Laser Blue (7), SGS Magic (5), KLA Athletics (1), Racers (1) Ohio Storm '09 (1)...
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  2. Passion4theGame

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    Serious question.... Is there really that big of a gap between 1 and others in the top 5 in talent? I don't think we have witnessed a landslide like this year in a while. Maybe I am wrong though.

    Great job all coaches.

    Matt Bailey you have done a fantastic job with your Bandits team. Very impressive.

    personally I am super excited to see how these '09 Athletes progress and perform in a 4-5 years. Some great talent in the '09 class. Great job coaches!
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  3. IRdad09

    IRdad09 Active Member

    We have beat 3-4-5 in the last few weeks. We played the Bandits early in June. Personally I would say this is accurate. There is a considerable gap.
  4. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    Still unbelievable the amount of talent that’s down at the ‘09 class. Outstanding job.

    This shows Fastpitch is still on the rise!
  5. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Love this game, anyone one of these teams can beat 1 or 2 any given day. I think 1/2 are pretty dang good. Purple and TE played me well, but look at their rosters those games they played me well with and tell me it wasn’t a difference with a few subs here or there. Still formidable teams no less...

    I think the difference comes down to this, teams 1/2 travel a ton, their girls throwing smoke, they get hit by these other teams who travel nationally, their aces are throwing just as hard who are the best in their state. The defenses are used to the smoke getting hit, so they are always ready. Teams that stay local, they have very formidable pitchers also, but nobody is touching them so they are racking up 10+ 15+ strikeouts a game. Very little are those other top pitchers in the state giving up anything at all. So are the Ohio defenses getting the amount of reps they should be...

    We hit really good pitching... maybe not hard, but we put it in play. The Outlaws ace, a tremendous talent, we don’t hit her hard, we just put the ball in play. We faced her 5 times this year, 3 with Outlaws, once with TE, and once with Roadwarriors. She has face 100 bandit batters, struck out only 16 bandit girls. — When she faces another Ohio team in a game she is almost getting to that number in one game. Another Ohio ace, Ice purple girl 36 bandit batters faced, 6 strikeouts

    what we do... get the machine out, put it at 20 feet and fire on the jugs machine at 60, yes the equivalence is crazy like 90+ mph from a MLB pitcher, but it helps on timing and not being scared of the ball. Am I crazy, yes, but seeing the two teams that I have helped grow, the Bandits AND Outlaws killing it vs PGF best national teams. 0 championships last year as a TRUE 9U (no 08s) program, we played the best always, traveled out of state a ton, We were a local team, 30+ games versus the top 10, 5 or so wins over top five opponents. Finish season 77-44-1.... After season, 6 leave for greener pastures with the outlaws after 9U, going out the door saying they will get us next year saying it politely. We get them All 3 times, one time we win 5-4 pitching our 4/5/6 pitchers early this year. Was I a bit salty after last year, somewhat betrayed... certainly. But you know what, I still feel that they are my girls, just stinks when parents get in the way. While we were down in a multistate PGF tourney with teams from all over including Florida and California, I look over and the entire infield is former Bandits wearing that ugly white/black. They are deep on that Sunday in Tennessee right along with us, but there was nothing else I could do except for smile. I had two teams battling the best in the nation at 10U. So how do you measure success, it’s not by those big shiny things or playing at your level. Push push push....
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  6. Daddy Gurl

    Daddy Gurl Member

    As good as this Bandit team has been this year, I would love to hear how this team would do in a top 10 rankings over the last 10 years of only All number 1s in the state.
  7. Captain_Thunder

    Captain_Thunder Super Moderator Staff Member

    Matt has probably watched at least the last 7-8 years of 10U teams. Maybe if you ask him nicely, he will give everyone his honest opinion of the Top 10 10U teams of Ohio for the last decade!
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  8. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Team of the decade??? Final Polls of the year starting 2010-11 ... What’s your thoughts?

    2010-11 Champ Lasers Purple 00
    (Thunder Elite 00)

    2011-12 Champ Thunder Elite 01
    (Ice Orange 01)

    2012-13 Champ Grand Slam 02
    (Lasers Green 02)

    2013-14 Champ Lasers White 03
    (Mason Thunder 03)

    2014-15 Champ Lasers Gold 04
    (Stingrays 04)

    2015-16 Champ Stingrays 05
    (Roadrunners 05)

    2016-17 Champ Ice White 06
    (Lasers Teal 06)

    2017-18 Champ Stingrays 07

    2018-19 Champ Lasers Orange 07
    (Wolfpack 08)

    2019-20 Champ????
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  9. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    Good job Matt.. Your dates are a bit off.. This should clear it up.

    Well I am pretty sure I am 1 of the few that have actually seen the last 10 yrs up close in the 10U age group. from coaching 3 years at 10u from 2009-2011 to running the Coaches Polls since 2011. I will recap the summer seasons of the last 10 years how I remember them..

    2010 season- Lasers Purple were voted #1 the entire year. The Thunder Elite'00 team was a mix of 9/10s that year and split with them 2-2 on the season finishing 69-8. An early spring epic 20-17 win over Lasers Purple in 2 ITBS was the coming out party for the TE 00 team that season
    2011 season - Thunder Elite'00 was heavy favorite to run the table that season and did just that. finishing 63-4 and winning 10 tournaments that year. Ohio Ice Orange was a very good team as well.
    2012 season- Martys Grand Slam team was legit that year. Them and Lasers Green battled all summer but Grand Slam ended as unanimous Poll Champs at the end.
    2013 season- The Storm 02 team started way out front but by midway point of summer, Lasers White took control of the 10U division.
    2014 season- The Sundogs , CO Vipers and Oh Storm all were voted #1 at some point this year. The Sundogs lasted a bit longer than the others.
    2015 season- Lasers Gold 04 and Stingrays were the 2 best teams this year. Lasers edged them out for the Poll crown that year. Both had same amount of 1st place votes
    2016 season- The Roadrunners were the team to beat from week 1 but slowly each week the Stingrays 05 team chipped away at the Polls ultimately edging them out. Both have same amount of 1st place votes
    2017 season- This was a 3 team race between Ohio Ice White, Lasers Teal and lasers Silver. Ohio Ice White took control of the polls in week 9 and never looked back...
    2018 season- Thunder 007 and Stingrays traded #1 spots a few times that summer with Stingrays taking control in last few weeks
    2019 season- Lasers Orange and Wolfpack proved to be the 2 best teams throughout the season trading top spots in the Poll a few times. Orange claimed the #1 spot in the final rankings. There was a lot of questionable votes this year with coaches attempting to use the polls to express their dislike for coaches/teams..
    2020 season- Looks to be a no brainer year in the 10U division........ With a few weeks left , we shall see.

    I underlined who was the Poll Champ that year. IMO the most dominating teams over the last 10 years have been: (in no particular order) 2010 Laser Purple ,2011 Thunder Elite '00, 2012 Grand Slam, 2013 Lasers White and this years 2020 bandits team.

    The '99 - '01 birth year teams of these top teams have many girls currently playing D1 softball. I can think of about 8 girls that are currently on power 5 rosters from the Lasers Purple, Thunder Elite 00, Lasers Green and Storm 01 teams from their 10U season.
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  10. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Thanks for the update.. I figured I was all messed up, this is awesome that you remember the past 10 years.. I loved the little tidbits about each year... I even saw some 18-14U polls looked like!! Lol
  11. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    My first travel experience, my girls had only played rec, no Idea of what travel ball was. I heard about the Stingray tournament, decided to take my oldest kid who was 8 at the time down to Coffey park. Never saw anything like it before in my life, Bownet Galore, we had heard from a friend that Lasers were the team, so we ended up going to watch a game, the sleek Indiana Gator uniforms looking identical to FLA Gators vs Ohio Lasers White buckeye Jerseys, who block O jerseys could probably been sued for copyright items for sure down on Coffey 3. Girls throwing 53/52, and it was a Great Game.... We then went to watch Storm 02 and their flame throwing P every bit of 55/56 while we were up on the Hill on field 4. Yea we had the gun out... One of the best days at the ball park we had, no affiliation to anyone, We weren’t watching anyone, just taking it all in.., I remember askinh my kid, is something you want to do, she ended up making Stingrays 04, after being cut by a few teams. Best decision we ever made.., the game has brought so much to my girls.
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  12. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    Bailey knows his $ht, and is probably dead on about these teams over the years... And there is No doubt that his teams over the last 2 years are true regional teams!

  13. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    Awesome Jeff the years run together and this was great to see!


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