10U get ready, here comes Buckeye Heat JC

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by HITTER23, Jul 19, 2020.

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    Shayne and Buckeye Heat just pulled a major coup and got a great non parent to sign on to coach their 10u team, John Clark, "Brownsfan" on here. This will NOT be your typical 10u team.

    John has been a veteran of travel softball for years, his DD, was a HIGH level travel pitcher/ slugger, Tina now is a D1 pitcher at St Francis U. Tina easily could have been a SS/OF player in D1 regularly hitting 12-15 hr's a summer at the most prestigious tournies. One of the best players i ever coached.
    John was one of my coaches for 3 yrs with the 16/18 Outlaws where we played all the highest level tournies in the country, so hes bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the little ones usually reserved for the older elite players. I can easily see this as one of the best coached 10u teams out there.

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    John is a coach who will undoubtedly get the most out of a player as long as they are willing to show dedication to the team, and effort on the field. He has raised two great daughters who are now flourishing in the "adult" arena, and what I do know is that he is really really good with kids. He will not let parents dictate what happens on the field or in practice, but he will manage things in a thoughtful and reasonable manner.
    He also cooks a really good brisket.
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    Gents, thanks for the kind words. As both hitter23 and lewam3 has stated, I will get everything out of your daughter in a positive manner. Most of the young ladies I currently coach or had coached in middle school could not make it on travel teams. Now most are playing in some form of travel.

    I will provide more information later this evening in the tryout section.
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    Thanks Hitter23 for letting the cat out of the bag!!! Yes the Buckeye Heat organization is excited to have John join the organization as a 10U coach!!!
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    All this excitement makes one think about coaching again!
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