10U Winter Pre-Season Coaches Poll 3-4-18 Get Your Votes In!!

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    10U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by Tuesday night 11pm.

    You can PM me or email me at: steiner22ja@aol.com

    Results will be posted Wednesday March 7th .

    All regular Poll rules apply.

    1. Only 1 team representative (Coach) from a team can vote
    2. You must give your name and team that you are representing
    3. Must vote for 10 teams in #1-10 order

    Jeff Steiner
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  2. Finesse 07 - Hoverman had a great time at Spano Dome ENQ this weekend. Hats off to Gary Hool and his MC Madness team. Great competition and well run tourney. We had to work hard for our 3rd place finish. We are looking forward to getting outside soon. There is a ton a parity at the 10U ranks this year with several teams that are all pretty evenly matched.

    Our Fall/Winter record was 18-6-1 with two championships, a runner up, and a 3rd place finish at Spano.

    SGS Smashing Pumpkins USSSA National Qualifier - Champion
    Won 8 - 1 over Downriver Diamonds
    Won 6-0 over Turnin2
    Won 15-4 over SGS Magic
    Won 9-8 over MC Madness - Hool

    Diamond Chix Pumpkin Smash - Runner Up
    Tie 10-10 with Chardon Storm
    Won 7-5 over Steel City Cyclones
    Won 13-1 over Lady Landsharks
    Won 17-1 over Ohio Monsters
    Won 15-0 over Akron Racers 07
    Lost 3-11 to Ohio Ice Black

    Thunder Fall Classic ENQ
    Lost 0-1 to Ohio Stingrays 07
    Won 12-0 over Ohio Thunder 08
    Lost 7-8 to Indy Gators

    Lady Irish Winter Slam - Champion
    Won 6-0 over Lady Irish
    Won 4-0 over Wizards elite 07
    Won 7-3 over Wizards elite 07

    Tiffin Indoor
    Won 1-0 over Wizards elite 07
    Won 16-1 over SGS Magic
    Won 14-0 over Wizards Reign

    Spano Dome ENQ - 3rd place
    Lost 0-3 to Ohio Stingrays 07
    Won 16-0 over Akron Racers 08
    Lost 1-2 to Ohio Wolfpack
    Won 5-1 over MOV Pride 07
    Won 4-1 over Lasers Orange
    Lost 1-5 to Ohio Lightening
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  3. Captain_Thunder

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    Ohio Thunder 007 finished the fall season with a 22-5 record! We had 2 Tournament Championships & 3 Third place finishes...........
    We went 16-1 against Ohio teams & 7-4 against out of state teams.......
    We had WINS over -
    -- Cincy Slammers 07
    -- Cincy Shock 07
    -- Central Ohio Pride 07
    -- Ohio Passion
    -- Buckeye Elite
    -- Lasers Orange
    -- W. Virginia Rockstars
    -- Buckeye Elite
    -- Indy Crush 07
    -- NWI Sox
    -- Indiana Shockwave
    -- Indy Crush 07
    -- Muskie Chix
    -- Central Ohio Pride 08
    -- Lasers Grey 07
    -- MOV Pride 07
    -- Southern Ohio Force 07
    -- 2 Out Storm 07
    -- Central Ohio Ice 08
    -- Valley Storm
    -- NKy Bandits 08
    -- 2 Out Storm

    Losses to -
    -- Louisville Lady Sluggers - Rice
    -- Lasers Grey 07
    -- Indy Gators 07
    -- Indy Dreams 07
    -- Indy Gators 07

    We have added 2 outstanding Pitchers over the winter to an already awesome lineup! We are looking forward to our first tournament of the Spring in just over 6 weeks!
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    Ohio Wolfpack- Wolff is currently 25-2 through fall and winter with 3 championships and a 3rd place finish. Had a lot of fun this weekend at Spano. Very excited to see what the spring and summer brings and watch these kids mature. I feel there is a lot of great teams out there this year and pretty evenly balanced.

    Black Widows Fall Frenzy (Champions) 5-0
    Won 13-1 vs JABC Riot
    Won 17-0 vs Ohio Stampede
    Won 10-1 vs Black Widows 07
    Won 12-0 vs Ohio Stampede
    Won 8-0 vs Black Widows 07

    Monster Bash-North (Champions) 5-0
    Won 4-2 vs Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners
    Won 10-2 vs Buckeye Charge-Wagner
    Won 2-1 vs Valley Extreme-Ray
    Won 12-3 vs L.E. Diamonds
    Won 8-0 vs Ohio Ice Black
    Won 6-0 vs Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners

    Wolfpack Fall Friendly 3-0
    Won 8-5 vs Ohio Stampede
    Won 4-2 vs Ohio Stingrays 07
    Won 4-0 vs Ohio Ice Black

    Spano Holiday Classic (Champions) 5-0
    Won 8-0 vs Lasers Orange
    Won 2-1 vs Ohio Stampede
    Won 10-2 vs JABC Riot
    Won 8-0 vs Ohio Ice Black
    Won 2-0 vs MOV Pride 07

    WWAST G-Plex (3rd place) 3-1
    Won 10-1 vs Twinsburg Tigers
    Won 3-0 vs WWAST-Green
    Won 5-0 vs WWAST-Blue
    Lost 3-0 vs Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners

    Spano USA/ASA ENQ 3-1
    Won 4-0 vs Akron Racers
    Won 9-0 vs Buckeye Charge-Albertson
    Won 2-1 vs Finesse 07
    Lost 3-2 vs Ohio Lightning 07
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    Lasers Orange 08 - We played at Spano this past weekend going 2-3 against some very good competition. For being a true 08 (with two 09’s) we are starting to come together. We had a couple nice wins, one over the runner up. There are some very good 10U teams this year and we can’t wait to get out on the diamond.
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    Spano Dome - (RUNNER UPS)

    Ohio Lightning 07 finished Runner Up at this year's Spano tournament.

    We had a ton of fun in what was basically our first tournament together as a team. We tested some different things out in pool play then went full throttle in bracket play. This is a really good team that hasn't been on the field much. We have great pitching and are well balanced with speed and power. We will only continue to improve once we hit the practice field.

    Pool Play:

    L - 5-1 vs Ohio ICE
    W - 3-1 vs MOV Pride 07
    L - 4-1 vs Lasers Orange

    Bracket Play:

    W - 7-0 vs Scarlet & Gray
    W - 3-2 vs Wolfpack
    W - 5-1 vs Finesse 07



    L - 8-7 vs Madness-Hool

    What a game!! Went into ITB when Madness scored 2 in the bottom of the 7th inning on a fielding error and tied the game 5-5. Game went a total of 10 Innings! Both teams were tired. After starting play at 8:00am, our girls were completely spent by the 5th inning of this one. They dug deep and played their hearts out! A great game against a great group of girls and coaches.
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