12 Under Coaches List (August 2020 thru July 2021)

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  1. Big Bear

    Big Bear New Member

    Team Name: 12u Phantoms
    Coach Name: Steve Berry
    Location: Brimfield/Kent
    Email: steven.mberry@yahoo.com
    Phone Number: 330-696-2556

    Open to scrimmages/friendlies. Have access to indoor and outdoor venues.
  2. Eric Abrams

    Eric Abrams New Member

  3. Amanda LaPoint

    Amanda LaPoint New Member

    Team Name: Finesse Munoz 08
    Coach Name: Jordan Munoz
    Location: Toledo, OH
    Email: lewy324@gmail.com
    Phone Number: 419-574-1540
  4. Lisa Collins

    Lisa Collins New Member

    Team Name: Thunder Elite Marlatt (2009)
    Coach Name: Tami Marlatt
    Location: Trumbull County (Cortland)
    Email: thunderelitesoftball123@gmail.com
    Phone Number: 330.883.3150
  5. Team name; Central Ohio Dynamites 12u
    Coach name; David McNew
    Location: Columbus, Ohio
    Emai; dynamites14u@hotmail.com
    Phone 614-747-9652
    Looking for scrimmages
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  6. Chip Roper

    Chip Roper New Member

    Team Name: Reds RBI 12u
    Coach Name: Chip Roper
    Location: Cincinnati/Southwest Ohio
    Email: buxdoc@yahoo.com
    Phone Number: 513-508-1516

    We are looking for friendlies to play in and can play on Saturdays and Sundays. We have access to fields and are willing to travel.
  7. Grizzly Fastpitch

    Grizzly Fastpitch New Member

    Team Name: Freedom Fastpitch
    Coach Name: Chad Williams
    Location: Wadsworth Ohio
    Email: chad.williams@ea-stonegroup.com
    Phone Number: 740-244-5316

    Any additions - First year team looking for some friendlies to gain experience.
  8. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

  9. Chip Roper

    Chip Roper New Member

    Hi Coach. Would you be interested in scrimmaging our 12U team? We are looking for some early season experience outside of a tournament. We can drive up for a Saturday or Sunday double header in April?
  10. Billy Cooper

    Billy Cooper New Member

    Team Name: Ohio United’09
    Coach Name: Billy Cooper
    Location: Lebanon, OH
    Email: ohiounited09@gmail.com
    Phone Number: 513-600-2038

    Any additions - If we’re available, will definitely scrimmage/ or play in friendlies!
  11. Chip Roper

    Chip Roper New Member

    Hi Billy. Would you be able/interested in playing a double header on the weekend of April 17? Perhaps 2 on Saturday (your place) and 2 on Sunday (our place)? Or Vice versa. We could come to you that week for a single game too.
  12. Chip Roper

    Chip Roper New Member

    Hi Coach. We are looking for some early season (April) doubleheaders so we can get more innings in vs. more tournament play (limited by time). We can come to you on a weekend OR we can host your team at our facility.
  13. Yes that sounds good! Call or text anytime and we can set something up.
  14. Chip Roper

    Chip Roper New Member

    Do you have availability on April 17 or April 24? We are the Reds RBI 12U and we can travel to you.
  15. Chip Roper

    Chip Roper New Member

    The Reds RBI are looking for a single game or Double header on Sunday April 25. Might you be interested? We are willing to travel to your field.

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