12u and 14u Monster Invitational - 4gg - YSU WATTS Center - 3/15/20

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    Seeking the best 12u and 14u teams for a 4gg (3pp + single elim) indoor tournament at YSU WATTS center on March 15, 2020.

    Cost: $550 ... incredibly inexpensive for this facility which charges $200 per hour if you're lucky enough to get a couple of hours.

    Discount: If a 12u team applies and is selected for both the 3/8 and 3/15 event, they will only pay a total of $1000 ($500 for each event). Teams must mail a $1000 check. If a team applies for both and is only accepted for one of the weekends, they will still receive the discount for the event selected. That is, they will get a $500 refund.

    Where: YSU WATTS Center (Facility Link Here)

    We expect to take about 8-10 teams from 12u & 14u divisions.

    Tournament supporting and hosted by YSU Business Students


    Refreshments, candy, and pepperoni rolls will be available in the facility. YSU rules mandate no outside food in this facility because only certain menu/vendors are permitted.


    We are NOT charging for parking but YSU lots might charge for parking. Most Sunday's are FREE because the parking booths are not manned. However, it is more likely that visitors will be charged on Saturday. This is hit and miss and out of our control.

    Tournament/Play Info

    • 12u, & 14u Top teams will be chosen based on application
    • Four (4) GG, weather not an issue. Get quality winter reps. Three (3) PP followed by single elimination.
    • Facility open by 8 am and play will begin no later than 9 am (targeting doors open by 7 and play by 8). If we can get building open earlier, play will begin earlier.
    • Format will be 65 min, drop per ASA rules so we can play as many games as possible and keep the schedule on a 75 minute cycle.
    • Championship games will be as long as possible, up to 7 innings but may have drop dead and a shorter time as needed to maximize facility usage
    • PP can use two EPs and free defensive substitutions
    • PP can end in a tie
    • Team check-in upon arrival
    • All teams must have insurance, ASA number, and concussion
    • Latest ASA rules apply
    • One ump per game

    12u Note:

    Since there are two dates in 2020 and 12u is playing both dates, a 12u team may apply for one or both (two separate tournaments) events and be selected for one or both. There will be the potential to mark date preferences on the 12u application.


    • All teams must EMAIL ME to express interest so I can email you application. Please put 2020 12-14u MONSTER INVITATIONAL APPLICATION in the subject line and include team name, division, and year (05, 06, 07, or 08)
    • Teams must mail check with application.
    • Application deadline: Form and check must be received by January 25, 2020
    • Decision will be announced on February 1, 2020
    • Schedule expected to be released by February 8, 2020
    • Checks will be deposited and unsuccessful teams will be mailed reimbursement after decision date. If check not deposited, torn check image will be sent to manager.

    More Information:

    More information can be seen by visiting the Monster Site Here
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    Applicant List:

    • ROC Elite
    • MOV Pride 07
    • Valley Extreme 07
    • Ohio Ice Black 07
    • PA Stingrays 07
    • ?

    • Wizards Frenzy Elite 06
    • Pitts Lady RoadRunners Blue 06
    • Steel City Heat
    • Explosive Black
    • Steel Valley Storm
    • River City Venom
    • PA Stingrays 06
    • Steel City Select
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    Added ROC Elite 12u. Thanks.
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    Added Wizards to 14u
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    Added Pitts Lady RR Blue 06. Thanks Tim.
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    Added MOV Pride 07 from WV.
  7. xz2sdk

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    Added Valley Extreme to 12u.
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    Added Steel City Heat. Thanks!
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    Added Ohio Ice Black 07 to 12u. Thanks.
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    Added Explosive Black to 14u. Thanks.
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    Added Steel Valley Storm 14u. Thanks.
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    Added River City Venom 14u. Thanks.
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    Added PA Stingrays 06 (formally Steel City Cyclones) to 14u. Thanks!
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    Added PA Stingrays 07 to 12u. Thanks!
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    Added Steel City Select to 14u. Thanks.

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