12U Girls looking for a team

Discussion in 'Player needs team or Sub opportunities' started by jmason, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. jmason

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  2. cobb_of_fury

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    Johnny have you tried Silver Creek -
    They have a second 11u/12U team that is looking for some girls - Contact Doug Dawson doug.dawson25@gmail.com

    or Power Smith - I dont have their contact info - But I know they are looking
  3. Jae13

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    Sent you a pm
  4. jmason

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    Cobb- Thanks I did. I was trying to send them some girls to fill out that team. Something happened with the team so I was trying to a new home for a couple local girls.
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  5. cobb_of_fury

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    Hoped I could help you out...

    Try Power Smith I know he was looking their a little south of Cranberry - you can Ck the website http://www.pittsburghpowersoftball.com/teams I didn't have their contact info.

    I know there are other teams out their looking.

    If i hear of any in that area I'll pm you.

    Best of luck!!

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