12U Summit Diamonds looking for a pitcher and infielder

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    The 12U Summit Diamonds (Hudson, OH) is a mid-level team will be playing in upper tier of Western Reserve League (16 games plus playoff) and in 4 regional tournaments.

    We are a "bridge" team for players making a transition between rec ball and full travel fastpitch.

    We are looking for a pitcher and a fielder with a good skill set that have a good understanding of the game and a desire to learn and improve.

    If you:
    • May want a higher level of competition, but may not feel prepared for full travel level ball.
    • Are unable to maintain a full travel schedule due to time, costs and scheduling conflicts.
    • Have a strong skill set, but may be on the "fence" about giving softball up. (i.e. Softball politics, bad experiences)
    Then we are the team you quite possibly be looking for.

    Coaches utilize a "softball as life" concept to teach an approach that players can apply to all aspects of their lives...... (It ain't all about the softball!)

    There is an expectation to win without the fear of losing.

    What is expected:
    • Team first thinking
    • 100% effort all the time
    • The willingness to learn and grow
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    What is allowed:
    • Mistakes, errors, etc. with the expectation of learning and growing from the them.
    • Self-doubt, with a goal to face it and conquer it.
    If this is what you and your daughter is looking for, we would love for you to come work out with the team. Our practices are on Thursdays from 7:30-9:00. Can schedule other times as well!

    Please contact me by phone/text to set up a workout date.

    Geoff Sadler
    1-845-258-8960 or


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