13u catcher/1B. High character, hard working. Seeking opportunity to sub.

Discussion in 'Retired Tryouts Post' started by UBCuts, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. UBCuts

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    Southwest Ohio. 2 years with former travel ball team. Seeking opportunity for time behind the plate. Good bat, good attitude. Former team was loaded with talent and chose to step away to seek new opportunity for playing time. No bridges burned or hard feelings involved. Great teammate and of high character.
  2. M & R Davis

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    Any team needing a sub I would highly recommend reaching out to this family. She filled in last weekend on short notice due to an illness and injury and did a great job for us. If you want more details PM me and we can talk. Just trying to help her get some reps. If my team wasn't full she would be playing each week for me. Loved her attitude and effort!
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  3. Erie Diamonds 02 are in need of a sub this coming weekend in Lebanon if youre interested please text Tony at 330-241-8481
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  4. dlckrc

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    I have 14u Buckeye Recruit Fest July 6-8 and World Series July 20-22 both in Berliner Columbus OH, and due to one of my players breaking a leg I will need help at the catching position. This would naturally be guesting and helping out. If you are interested you can call/text me 724-422-1370 or email dc@atlanticbb.net.
    Pittsburgh Nitro
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  5. UBCuts

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    She is currently committed on the 28th and 29th of July. Still looking to fill in other weekends.
  6. lang

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    614-314-9711 if you would like to discuss.
  7. bowmer

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    Sent you a message. Please call me . I need a
    Anthony Hotsox 04 augusta

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