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    I would like to do a 14 u coaches poll. I understand there are a lot of people that do not like the coaches polls in general let alone a 14 u poll. But I think or I hope there are enough out there that do like the polls and enjoy them and appreciate them. The polls can be very useful for new parents and coaches, for scheduling and entering tournaments and for looking at potential new teams. But most importantly the polls are fun. So yes they are not 100% accurate, and some people may use them the wrong way, but they give people a good gauge and can be a lot of fun. So coaches if u are interested please send me a DM with your name and team you are representing, top 10 with coaches name and year 03 or 04. I already have had a couple coaches contact me as I posted this earlier under the 14 u rankings thread. I'm going to extend the deadline for getting votes in to April 29th with the preson poll being posted on April 30th.
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    The 12U poll got pretty ridiculous by the end of last year. It bore little or no similarity to what was actually happening on the field. I applaud your enthusiasm to start this but I don't think it will be of much value and I hope my DD's team doesn't participate.
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    I can help you with one age group without even doing a poll... but if you would like to put the time into it, I hope it works out for you

    1st year 14's
    Bandits Woodward, Outlaws Richards, Starz04, Wolfpack04, Hawks Gold04, Doom04, TE04, Lasers04, Valley Extreme Buck04 in no particular order and there are other teams that I haven't seen that are pretty good. Get on any of those or play any of those and then you are playing legit competition for the 1st year 14's. You even may beat one of those from time to time, but try to go through a grinder to play some of those back to back to back, then you can see what your team is really made of. There are other teams right outside the state that are legit also, with Finesse04, Turnin2 2022, Mich Batbusters 04, Outlaws Garroway04, and Outlaws WV04, Indy Magic Gold04 Bay & Indy Magic Gold04 Boteler, and Indy Dreams04. Again, if I didn't list your team, don't get upset because there are other great teams out there.... these are just that came to mind....

    Little Familiar with 2nd Year 14's
    Outlaws Schmeiser
    Lasers Gold & Lasers Black
    Any of Hawks 03 Teams

    Maybe someone else more familiar with that age group can help out with that one....
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