14 Under Coaches List (August 2020 thru July 2021)

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  1. Captain_Thunder

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    14 under Coach List (August 2020 thru July 2021)

    The main purpose of the (14 under Coaches List) is to help connect 14 under Coaches together in the softball community for scrimmages and friendlies and help each other with players shortages during the tournament season.

    I've heard from a few Coaches that manage to save thousand+ in tournaments fee's because they information was listed in the community.

    How it work:

    Reply to this thread, and share as much information about your team as you can.
    It would also help other coaches if you add your location and if your looking to play scrimmages or friendlies.

    Team Name:
    Coach Name:
    Phone Number:

    Any additions -

    This will be much more helpful at connecting the softball Coaching community together on the forum.
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  2. Central Ohio Pride 07
    Head Coach Justin Smith
    Asst Coaches : Jason Effinger, Jared Jones

    always willing to play scrimmages, especially this fall.
  3. Captain_Thunder

    Captain_Thunder Super Moderator Staff Member

  4. Fred Scriven

    Fred Scriven New Member

    Roc Elite - 14u- Scriven
    Fred Scriven
    NW Pa/NE OH

    friendlies and scrimmages
  5. Ohio Red Heat

    Ohio Red Heat New Member

  6. T2plants0332

    T2plants0332 Member

    Lady Rebels '06 Navy
    Tim Plants II
    Gnadenhutten, OH

    We are looking for teams to play against on Saturdays during the fall.
  7. Sonic

    Sonic Member

    Ohio SlamForce 07
    Carrie Grant
    Alliance, OH

    We are looking for teams to play against on Saturday's and Sunday's during the fall.
  8. CMT78

    CMT78 New Member

    Little Miami Lightning 13U
    Chad Thieme
    Maineville, OH

    Would love to play friendlies/scrimmages in SW OH. Have field in Maineville or could play at your field. Willing to play anyone but 07 and/or B/C teams probably the best fit.
  9. vigansky

    vigansky Member

  10. Mustang Pride

    Mustang Pride New Member

    TC ‘Stangs ‘07
    Nick Williams
    Dennison, OH (Tuscarawas County, NE Ohio)
    Fall Friendlies on Saturdays and/or Sunday afternoons.
  11. capcity06

    capcity06 New Member

    Team Name: Cap City Force 06'
    Coach Name: Toby Fischer
    Location: Central Ohio
    Email: Fischert39@gmail.com
    Phone Number: 614.313.8239

    Looking for a few friendlies this fall and winter.
  12. Jayburt

    Jayburt Member

    Ohio Thunder 07
    Jason Burton/Jerry Carter
    Franklin, Ohio
    Email: jayburt78@yahoo.com
    Email: bigcarter62@yahoo.com

    We are interested in Friendlies and or scrimmages.
  13. Erie

    Erie Member

    Erie Frost 07
    Brian Sanders
    Erie, PA
    Always interested in Friendlies. We also have access to an indoor Dome that only charges us $100/hr for winter friendlies, full field.
  14. Chuck Long

    Chuck Long New Member

    Bombers 06'
    Chuck Long
    Stow, Ohio

    Looking for a few friendlies this fall and winter.

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