14 Under Coaches List (August 2020 thru July 2021)

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  1. Phantoms

    Phantoms Member

    Team name: Phantoms
    Coach’s are Tom Dyer & Beth Dyer
    Location: Brimfield Ohio (near Kent)
    Email: tdyer10@icloud.com
    Phone: 330-554-1233

    we have fields and always looking for scrimmages.
  2. Chuck Long

    Chuck Long New Member

    Our 14u team would be interested in a scrimmage. Please let me know when you think we may be able to play once spring hits.

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  3. Mark Smalley

    Mark Smalley New Member

    Team Name: Explosive Select 13U Smalley
    Coach Name: Mark Smalley
    Location: Eastlake
    Email: msmalley15@gmail.com
    Phone Number: 440-220-0513

    Looking to scrimmage 4/25, 5/9, 5/23.

  4. Ralph Casto

    Ralph Casto New Member

  5. Erica Gasser

    Erica Gasser New Member

    Lady Rebels Lime 06
    Erica Gasser & Amber Rehard
    Tusc County

    Looking forward to scrimmages throughout 2021 season

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