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Discussion in 'Coaches Polls' started by TheRinger, Jul 21, 2010.

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    i coach ohio glory 13u this coming year and i assure you that would be very hard to crack top ten with thirteens. that 96 class is one of most talented classes in ohio will be fun to play those teams again well maybe not fun but look forward to the challenge
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    I am sure the '97 teams will do just fine and we will not under estimate any of them. I know we didn't care if we were older or younger and I'm sure they won't either.
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    I have to agree w/ Jason - the 2nd year 14's are incredibly strong & we also look forward to the challenge of playing them because it will only make us better & make the girls work even harder.

    Best of luck to all in 2011.
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    I am sad to say, I am in Southern Ohio and really never realized you won the Eastern Regionals. Great job and a terrific accomplishment.

    Now, the girls have the opportunity to play in the best events.. to be seen by more college coaches and prepare for the fight of their life at the ASA/USA National event in 2011 just like any other team there.

    Sounds like to me.. they are up for that challenge. Any given Sunday.

    Congrats Coach and the Madness girls. You, as well as many hard working teams, are putting Ohio on the map at the National level.
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    Thanks O-....I grew up in Blan and graduated from Wilm. College....glad to see you doing so much for fastpitch in the Clinton Co area...keep it up!
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    I will also agree with Jason and Kavin, the 14u class is going to be tough but I know my 12u and 13u girls are going to be up for the challenge as well. Time will tell but there are also alot of good 13u teams coming in and I would say a few of them will crack the top ten. Goodluck to all the girls and teams. Should be another fun year.
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    Thanks. I tried for Wilmington but they had attitudes when I went to the businesses and solicitated (with the blessings of the Park Director) for dirt money with donations to the park directly. The food business ( The Big "W") and pizza place owner ( same person) complained to the Mayor that NO business should HAVE to donate to the park money for dirt... and with the situation there and DHL... well it could be a nice park to play. But, absolutely NO drainage that works right.

    Funny thing..... EVERY other business around there was glad to buy a load of dirt at $505.)).. Damon's wanted to buy two !!!!! Even asked if they could buy trophies and awards for the 1st Annual Damon's Invitational...LOL

    So many businesses wanted to help and it just takes one to blow it.

    I wanted to do right for "our" home community.. but you can only take so much stupidity from one mayor...LOL Actually got a letter the other week from a board member friend of mine saying if I apologized to the mayor.. he could get me back in...LOL About the third time he wrote me. Told him not to hold his breath.

    LOVE Goshen... and it's going to go somewhere soon...

    I'm coming North more often next year. Maybe we can run into each other.

    Great job with those girls.... they should be proud of their accomplishments and as you well see........... you got a target on your back now by teams wanting to beat.. the 2010 ASA 14u Eastern Regional Champions :yahoo:

    All I could say is....... line up and take your best shot. We love competition. Doesn't everybody?
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    You know... any respectable TD would offer you a "free" entry into their tournament.. to get that draw because of the HUGE target you now got :yahoo:

    I know I would :D

    I mean.. who wouldn't want a shot at the ...

    2010 ASA 14u Eastern Regional Champions - MC Madness from OHIO


    I'll toot your horn..
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    One of the Impact Green coaches told me they are keeping the two girls that had to move up next year and are moving the whole team to 16u. So that should open a spot in the top ten.
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    could you clarify your comments ? 6 or 7 of the top ten 14'u in 2010 were 1995 teams , they are all moving to 16u next year . what team or age group are you talking about ? thanks MD
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    Neo Dynamite will not be having a team in 2011....3 went to Ice/Cole...2 went Madness Red...2 went Tigerlilles...1 went 16u Madness....2-undecided....had a great team of gals with 3-12u girls on last yrs team...it was time for some to move on ..Best of Luck to all.....with the added talent to the already talented teams which the girls moved to look out,should be some great games inn 2011.!!!!!
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    a lot of these teams played at classics last week any updates
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