14U Cap City Force (Ringhiser) Needs additonal Pitcher

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    Currently, we have one solid pitcher, and a good #2, but we will definitely need an additional pitcher for the fall and the 2019 season.

    We are looking for a pitcher that can be another solid #1, to a player that is still developing speed, but does not have major control issues.

    We are currently built around mostly '04 players, and would probably consider other '04 interested pitchers first, but we will definitely speak with any interested '05 pitchers as well.

    We are a highly energetic group that builds our team foundation on encouragement, not just from player to player, but from all that are associated with our team. We believe in constantly working to become the best version of yourself, by continually fostering an environment of good Attitude, Effort, and Focus!

    If this sounds like something you or your pitcher may be interested in, please contact us, and we will set up a private pitching session soon. We can provide a catcher (if you need one), and we have no issue coming to where you are, to make it as comfortable as possible for you.

    To find out more about us;
    Twitter - @City14u

    Rob Ringhiser
    HC Cap City Force

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