14u catcher/utility, pitcher/utility needed

Discussion in 'Ohio' started by Cincy Landsharks 1, Nov 12, 2019.

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    Cincy Landsharks 14u is looking to pick up a skilled catcher and pitcher / utility player to finalize our roster for the 2020 season. Please contact Coach Stephanie at 513-582-9760 for private tryout! Located southwest Ohio. We currently have a great group of parents, players and coaches. The Cincy Landsharks pride ourselves in sportsmanship, determination, perseverance, hard work and growth on and off the field. Both the head and assistant coaches are female previous players with a wealth of knowledge to share with these athletes. We aim to build confidence, skills and push our athletes to be the best individuals and players they can be. The Cincy Landsharks coaching staff has tremendous passion for the game and is looking for 1-2 more atheletic young ladies to share and build that passion with.

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