14U Coach's Poll - Week 5/5/08

Discussion in 'Coaches Polls' started by TheRinger, May 8, 2008.

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    SDS Spring into Fastpitch USSSA Q

    1 OHS Cincy Doom 94 FPGirls14&UA 75
    2 OHS Southern Ohio Cyclones FPGirls14&UB 55
    3 OHS Sudden Death FPGirls14&UB 45
    4 OHS Lady Mustangs FPGirls14&UB 40
    5 OHS Cincy Magic 14U FPGirls14&UB 0
    6 IN Indiana Ice FPGirls14&UB 30
    7 OHS Miamisburg Blast FPGirls14&UB 25
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    Vipers Fall Fest

    1 OHN Buckeye Heat 94 ?FPGirls14&UB 75
    2 OHS OHIO VALLEY STORM 14U ?FPGirls14&UB 55
    3 OHS U14 Miami Valley Vipers ?FPGirls14&UB 45
    4 OHS Ohio Heat Fury ?FPGirls14&UA 0
    5 OHS Phoenix ?FPGirls14&UB 30
    6 OHS Cincy Doom 94s ?FPGirls13UOpen 60
    7 OHS Sudden Death ?FPGirls14&UB 25
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    USSSA Fall State

    1 OHS Miami Valley Xpress FPGirls14&UA 0
    2 OHS Cincydoom 14U FPGirls14&UA 55
    3 KY Kentucky Cobras FPGirls13UOpen 90
    4 OHS Cincydoom 13U FPGirls13UOpen 80
    5 OHS Cincy Storm Black FPGirls14&UA 0
    6 OHN Buckeye Heat 94 FPGirls14&UB 30
    7 OHS Bustos Ultimates Blue FPGirls13UOpen 0
    8 IN Milan Diggers FPGirls14&UB 25
    9 OHS Cincinnati Diamonds FPGirls14&UC 0
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    Ohio Danger Spring 14U tournament

    1. Buckeye Heat 94s and 95s
    2. Ohio Danger

    Coach Paul, help me out here - I am having a senior moment.

    Millersport NSA Qualifier

    Game #1 - Westerville Warcats 11, Lady Liberty 5
    Game #2 - Lady Lady Gold 4, Roadrunners 2
    Game #3 - Lasers 20, Warcats 4
    Game #4 - Roadrunners 12, Lady Liberty 0
    Game #5 - Roadrunners 11, Warcats 1
    Game #6 - Lasers 22, Warcats 1
    Consolation Game - Lady Liberty 14, Warcats 10
    Championship Game - Lasers 10, Roadrunners 5

    ASA Hall of Fame Qualifier

    1. Slammers
    2. Cincy Doom 93? 94?
    3. Laser Red
    14u semi scores cincy doom 4,lady lasers 3.Finals slammers 5,cincy doom 3.

    Valley Extreme Fall Qualifier

    14U Final Standing

    5-1 Pittsburgh Power
    5-1 Valley Sting
    3-2 Valley Extreme-Pierce
    2-4 Tigerlillies Purple
    3-1 Valley Extreme-Kiser
    2-3 Ohio Ice Orange
    2-2 Valley Extreme-Patchin
    2-2 Akron Sapphires
    0-4 Portage Shochwave
    0-4 Tigerlillies Black

    Ohio Classics Fall NSA Qualifier

    14U details

    Semi's Heart of Ohio Force 12-6 over Lasers Red
    Akron Sapphires over MV Express

    Final ends in a 6-6 tie due to darkness. Sapphires and Heart of Ohio Force are 14U tournament Co-Champions.

    Sinclair Winter 3 game round robin records - no championship games

    MV Express 3-0
    Ohio Wave Fletcher 3-0
    Buckeye Heat 93s 2-1
    Buckeye Heat 94s 2-1
    Ohio Wave Rosinski ?1-2
    Ohio Liberty Red 1-1-1
    Valley Storm 1-1-1
    Outcast 0-3

    I think I got it right but not sure.

    All Night Tournament

    Southern Fury beat Mid-Ohio Thunder in the Championship. Going in to the single-elimination bracket play. Ohio Heat Fury was the #1 seed. Cincy Doom was the #2 seed. Ohio Heat Fury went down to Southern Fury and the Suddendeath 14U girls shocked the Cincy Doom. Mid-Ohio Thunder put and end to the SDS 14U girls night.
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    Am I mistaken but didnt the HOO Force already beat the Slammers , Lasers and Ice earlier this year ?
    Can someone help me out on this ?
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    In what tournament? I will try to find the tournament results.
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    I believe the slammers game was at Kent state yes the beat them. The split one and one with the Lasers and Im not sure about the Ohio Ice!
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    DOH... you are right. I have since went back and copied in the correct tournament.
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    I believe that Kent State was a "Team Camp". I don't want to take anything away from any team, but I think your stretching it a bit to consider the results of a "Team Camp" the same as a tournament.
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    OK, I posted just about all I could find from fall, winter and spring to date. Look over the list and compare it to the votes and let's hear your opinions... but keep it nice.
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    johnies thanks for your effort at posting the results. I agree with many of the top votes but I am curious on how a couple received so many votes but do not have any results to show for their placement. It makes you wonder how?

    I guess it doesnt really matter since the season hasnt even started but it does leave me wondering. :-?
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    sb1lover I agree with you that it generally doesn't matter but apparently many are making their picks based on what they know about a particular team instead of just what the results are. Most would agree that Fall tournaments and indoor events, as well as early spring events are not a real measuring stick when it comes to what a team can or will do during the regular season. Many teams do not play these events with their full roster and they are also in the process of working things out so it is not always a clear indication. The big events normally are the most telling and by mid July we shuld have a real good idea about where most of these teams stack up. For the most part these polls are good for banter but that is really about it.
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    Lets bring this post back in Mid-July. Right now it means nothing. imho ::)
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    Choosenone and Valley Storm,

    You are absolutley correct. At this point all polls, though fun, is an exercise in futility.

    The only thing I would like to see is more inter-play among the teams from NE, NW, SW and SE Ohio. I played in the Sunraze tournament several years ago and it was a BLAST to play teams from that area. I would love to see some intra-state matches among the powerhouse from all over the state. The Stingrays tournament is the closest to doing that - but a dream tournament would be the Bragging Rights tournament that would bring the best from all corners and middle of the state together for a double elim. That would be a dream tournament. OK, I pinched myself and I am awake now.
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    Thank you for your "spare time". Posters were asking tournament results and you did the legwork. It is appreciated.
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    Dream tourney.......I like it. I ve always enjoyed playing away from NE ohio
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    Johnnies...thanks for all the hard work!!!

    A "Dream Tourney" would be a great way to see all those great matchups that we don't always see at the younger (12U & 14U) level!!! :) :) :)

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    I have contacted Bear to see if it possible to set up a Tourament Results section. Keep in mind he is very busy at this time and if it is possible - it may be a while if ever.

    If it is set up we will be counting on those in OFCland to post results for every age group. Do we have some volunteers?
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    Got to see the Valley sting play at Tiger town last weekend, team looked very good.
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    A "Dream Tourney" ?? ?:-? ?:-/

    As in the top 10 polled place holders get together for a playoff at the end of the year for the "mythical" state championship, settled on the field, at the "END" of the year? ?:eek:

    That would be both fun and interesting. Just like the "mythical" football national championship, there would certainly be a lot of "jockeying for position" and moaning about who should be where in the polls, just like NCAA football. However, it would be a "fun" way to put together a season ending "invitational". It doesn't mean anything "official" and it wouldn't erase ANYTHING that happened in tournaments during the year ... it would just be another tournament, and a way of getting the teams with the "generally perceived" best (by statewide participating coaches) seasons together at the end of the year for a grinder.

    The arguments would probably be about positions 5-10, most could probably agree about who the top 4-5 teams are by that time of the season, usually. Plus, some of the players may be tied up with fall High School sports by then, and some of the best teams may be overseas by then on their international tour (or at some far away isolation camp) ......

    If handled with a positive attitude, could this be a fun thing, unique for Ohio, and also a good promotion and visibility for "OFC" as the center of the Ohio "softball community"?? - The OFC Ohio Coaches Championships


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