14U Final 2009 Coaches' Poll

Discussion in 'Coaches Polls' started by TheRinger, Jul 22, 2009.

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    Stingrays 14u for 2010 as do all the other age groups looks absolutely awesome.

    Nice job Rudy!
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    The Finesse coach from Perrysburg is a customer of mine. He is every bit as nice and classy as stated and his teams are always extremely competitive. When he comes into town form meetings, we spend a good hour or two chatting softball.
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    Hey Mike,

    Do me a favor - tell that Finesse coach hello for me, I am one of the Sapphires 14u (last year - 15u this year) coaches, and we beat the Finesse in a very tough game in bracket at Stingrays late after they led the whole game. There was also controversy over a player getting thrown out for running into a Finesse player at 1B. I have never seen a man so competitive yet so gracious in defeat, a tough one in which his team deserved to win as much as anyone.

    Being from Perrysburg myself, he completely exemplified the pride and class that the town attempts to teach its children on the playing field, as best I can remember (been a "while" since my good ol' P-burg High days).

    Bottom line, I was very impressed and never felt so bad about "moving on" in a tournament. I learned something "good" from him that day, and believe that his players likely learn something good from him every day. Sorry, if I am going on about this, but I really believe in giving credit to those that do things the right way. Props to the Finesse, a talented well coached team, and their coach(s). A team & staff I would want my dd to be a part of if we were still in the NW Ohio area!

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