14U Grove City Racers Tryouts

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    Tryout Schedule

    Monday August 6th 6:00pm – 8:00pm

    Wednesday August 8th 6:00pm – 8:00pm

    Grove City High School Varsity Field

    4665 Hoover Road, Grove City, OH 43123

    A little about our team;

    Our Racers program is relatively new. We have had a 10U and 12U program now for several years, and this will be the 2nd year for our 14U team. We are a team that focuses on player position development, confidence, and working with players to be become the best version of themselves!

    Our 14U team has a core group that is cohesive and we are looking to add to that core group. We currently have plans to play the 2019 season focusing on league play on weekdays in and around central Ohio , and taking part in about five B-C Tournaments within the greater central Ohio area.

    A few that have reached out have asked some specific questions so I wanted to post some of the information here;

    1. We will play all of our home league games at Grove City high School on the Varsity field in 2019

    2. Our 501c3 is 100% invested into the players and team; we have complete financial transparency and there will be $0.00 let in the account at the end of the season (Coaches are volunteers, but have years of coaching Travel experience)

    3. We are looking for a pitchers! We always prefer a #1 but we honestly are looking for a player that is willing to be developed and can go 3 - 4 innings (or more) at a time. That pitcher will definitely play defense as well

    4. We will only carry 12 players maximum (prefer 11); playing/ pitching time will not be an issue

    5. This team has already developed into a cohesive group; no "daddy" ball, we have great parents and volunteers, and we are incorporated (with a Board that is very supportive)

    Please contact Rob Ringhiser at 614.787.7102 if you would like more information or have any questions.
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    We have a few spots to fill this year, primarily pitchers and catchers, and we are very interested in seeing players at our try-outs that will not be attending Grove City High School in the Fall.

    Feel free to contact me personally (text works best) if you have any questions or would like more information.

    Rob Ringhiser
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    How far do you travel, and what is the average cost?
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    Average cost is $650 - $700. We will base that on the team in the fall and decide how many tournaments and if we play in a weekly league or not. We also play in an indoor league over the winter.

    Our travel is light; we stick to central Ohio for league play and all tournaments are an hour or less drive, except for one. We try to have one overnight trip for the players to get together and have some fun at dinner and at the hotel; team bonding time.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

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    Sounds great, Thank you for the info.
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    Things are moving quickly and changes are coming soon; don't miss out on possibly being a part of a program that places development and "the player experience" above all else!
    • We will have 5 spots to fill this season; still looking for primarily pitchers and catchers, but also solid middle-infielders
    • We met our 2018 goals of building player confidence and working to advance the softball knowledge of our team; we work to make our players successful at the next level!
    • By the end of the 2018 season, our players not only knew how to ENCOURAGE each other, but actively demonstrated that encouragement especially when the game was not going our way
    • We will continue to work for our players so that obstacles are removed from their path to become the best version of themselves. Our coaches adhere to a practice and game philosophy of Attitude, Effort and Focus for the players and for themselves!
    Please contact Rob Ringhiser at 614.787.7102 if you would like more information or have any questions.

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