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Discussion in 'Coaches Polls' started by wilsey73, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. wilsey73

    wilsey73 New Member

    Do you do 14U rankings like 10 & 12?
  2. wow

    wow Member

    Ohhh boy...........
  3. reagansdaddy

    reagansdaddy Member

    Gosh, I hope they don't start one! The 12U one got so ridiculous by the end of the year last season that it was pretty much meaningless.
  4. manitoudan

    manitoudan Member

    back in the day the 14u poll was pretty accurate. Yeah a lot of chest beating ( mainly me) but it was pretty close to reality . LOL
  5. wpaguy

    wpaguy Member

    I asked that same question this time last year . The short answer was no. But when my DD played 12u , I though they were helpful. Part of me would still like to see a 14u list , but I understand why its not done
  6. FastBat

    FastBat Active Member

    That's true!

    But, I'm going to miss it!


    What is so helpful about ranking teams?
  8. wpaguy

    wpaguy Member

    Well going back 2 years ago, DD played on 12u team having never played in Ohio before. It was more of a curiosity thing from this parent to have a understanding of who you were playing in pool play. I will tell you that going back 2 years ago, from my perspective anyone in the top 5 was going to very tough game . Really anyone in the top 10. I will give you a great example: Last year Lasers Red finished in the top 5 of the final 12u rankings. A couple weeks ago my dd team had the opportunity to play them. Going in to pool play , I thought it would the Hardest game and I was right . That was a very sound defensive team. I was really impressed with , 2nd base, short, and catcher and others . But hands down the girl playing 1st base was just awesome with bat , she could hit the ball ...and boy did she that game .
  9. FastBat

    FastBat Active Member

    For me it's just fun to see each week! Something to look forward to!
  10. jd100

    jd100 New Member

    14u coaches would not participate. They have learned how silly the polls were and would rather concentrate on coaching.
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  11. FastBat

    FastBat Active Member


    But, if that's true(/\/\), we should just have a 14u parents ranking poll! OFC + 14u parents ranking poll...what could go wrong?
  12. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Member

    I have been running the Coaches Polls since 2010. I will be doing 10u and 12u again next season. BUT if someone wants to do a 14U poll, have at it.
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  13. Creek01

    Creek01 Member

    I don't mind the 10/12u polls. It lets me see who's competing well at the younger ages. The problem with 14/16/18u polls is teams traveling more out of state to places like Pennsbury, Legacy, Colorado, Midwest Firecracker, Etc

    Just let us argue about the OHSAA coaches poll
  14. Captain_Thunder

    Captain_Thunder Active Member

    Oh, boy........never planned on commenting in this thread until Kyle mentioned the biggest crock of crap polls there are!
    There are idiots who show how clueless they are to following the game or are so egotistical that their votes are so screwy it is sad!
    OHSAA needs to stop patting the same people on the back & come up with a system that awrds what is happening in this decade!
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  15. Run26

    Run26 Member

    Isn't the OHSAA and the 10/12U poll the same thing?
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  16. FastBat

    FastBat Active Member

    Thank you so much for running those 10/12u polls. I've really enjoyed them and benefitted from them the last 4 years!
  17. manitoudan

    manitoudan Member

    The HS poll is one of my biggest gripes , esp in D4 where the number of coaches participating skews the results so badly . Lot of " you vote me I'll vote you" and fairness and accuracy doesnt matter . Same for Individual voting.

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