FASA 16th Annual Cinderella Classic 7/11-7/12/2020

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    2020 CINDERELLA CLASSIC July 11th and 12th, 2020

    Due to the ongoing changes being directed by the State of Ohio, the closing of parks and unpredictability of the health situation, the format of this event is subject to change and it is highly unlikely any addition teams will be taken. TEAMS CURRENT MUST BE PAID BY 06/20/2020 AND COACHES ARE BEING NOTIFIED OF THIS to retain spot and we cannot guarantee this event will be able to proceed and/or some teams or age groups may be limited. LIST OF TEAMS ENTERED IS SHOWN BELOW. Teams withdrawing may be assets a $50 penalty if not replaced after 06/20/20 though .

    $425. per team. Group discounts MAY BE available,

    If possible we will have Sunday Slam Squad T-Shirts and awards for 1st and 2nd place in each age group.

    Games will be at Victory Sports Park, North Ridgeville, OH and nearby fields. SUBJECT TO CHANGE

    FASA Event - You do not pay Sanctioning Fee unless you pay in 3 or more FASA events.

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    UPDATED TEAM LIST 6/11/2020
    TEAMS IN BOLD ARE NOT PAID, all must be paid by 6/20/20

    1. Ohio Emeralds 2k10 s Massillon
    2. Akron Racers 09 Tallmadge
    3. Valley Extreme Georgalas Warren
    4. Silver Creek- Orelli New Castle
    5. Ohio Rebels 10U Aliff Huron
    6. Ohio Outlaws - Frengel

    1. Explosive 11u Williams Rocky River
    2. Diamond Chix 12U Columbia Station
    3. Ohio Blast
    4. Ohio Rebels 12U Myers Huron
    5. Ohio Rebels 12u Hensley Huron
    6. Phantoms 12u Brimfield
    7. Tri County Surge 12u Waterford
    8. Valley Extreme 07 Purnell Youngstown

    1. Explosive 14u Denner Rocky River
    2. Ohio Emeralds 06 Massillon
    3. Youngstown Express Youngstown
    4. 14U Tri County Surge Union City
    5. Black Widows Baker Ashland
    6. Black Widows 06 Ashland
    7. Brecksville Bees 14U Yaussy Brecksville
    8. Buckeye Charge Akron
    9. Buckeye Charge 14U Gordon Akron
    10. Chargers Amherst
    11. Devils Fastpitch 06 Tallmadge
    12. Fire Fastpitch Warren
    13. silver Creek Prospects 06
    14. Ohio Emeralds 05 Massillon
    15. Ohio Ice Green Alliance, OH
    16. Ohio Monsters 14u Lichty LaGrange
    17. Ohio Rebels 14 Collins Huron
    18. Ohio Rebels 14u Hudson Huron
    19. Phantoms 14u Brimfield
    20. Firecrackers 05
    21. Pittsburgh Power 05 Smith Warrendale
    22. ROC 06
    23. Thunder Fastpitch Upper Sandusky
    24. PA Stingrays.

    1. Explosive 16u Hurst Rocky River OH
    2. Grizzly Fastptich Wadsworth OH
    3. Keystone Kryptonite Hillyer Greenville PA
    4. Lake Erie Warhawks Sheffield Village OH
    5. Maddogs Alliance OH
    6. Ohio Energy Mentor OH
    7. Ohio Fever Stow OH
    8. Ohio Madness Brecksville OH
    9. Ohio SlamForce Alliance OH
    10. Ohio Stampede CANTON OH
    11. Racer s 03 Akron OH
    12. Steel Valley Storm Kelly Canfield OH
    13. Tri County Surge 16u Union City PA
    14. Velocity Fastpitch Norman Akron OH
    15. Valley Extreme Buck 04 Warren OH

    1. Diamond Chix Meidna
    2. Lady Stangs Nicula Fowler
    3, Ohio Blast Flowers Unity
    4. Ohio Monsters Black Lorain
    5. Ohio Monsters Tate Olmsted Falls
    6. Racers 02 Akron
    7. SGS Magic Calderon Bowling Green
    8. Tri County Surge Union City
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    Cinderella Classic Pool Assignments
    Pool A
    1. Ohio Rebels - Aliff
    2. Oh. Emeralds 2k10’s
    3. Valley Extreme - Georgalas
    4. Akron Racers 09
    5. Oh. Outlaws Futures
    6. Silver Creek- Orelli
    7. Thunder Elite 09

    POOL B
    1. Ohio Rebels - Myers
    2. Explosive - Williams
    3. Phantoms 12U
    4. Ohio Blast -Dado

    POOL C
    1. Ohio Rebels -Hensley
    2. Diamond Chix - Thomas
    3. Tri County Surge
    4. Valley Extreme

    14U American
    Pool D
    1. Explosive - Denner
    2. Brecksville Bees
    3. Chargers
    4. Firecrackers 05

    Pool E
    1. Tri-County Surge
    2. Ohio Rebels - Collins
    3. Ohio Emeralds 05
    4. Thunder Fastpitch

    Pool H
    1. Black Widows - Baker
    2. Devils Fastpitch 06
    3. Buckeye Charge-Gordon
    4. ROC 06

    14U National
    Pool F
    1. Ohio Monsters -Lichty
    2 Phantoms - Dyer
    3. Silver Creek Prospects
    4. Buckeye Charge – Ryan

    Pool K
    1. PA Stingrays 06
    2. Black Widows 06
    3. Fire Fastpitch
    4. Ohio Emeralds 06

    Pool M
    1. Ohio Rebels - Hudson
    2. Ohio Ice Green
    3. Pittsburgh Power 05
    4. Youngstown Express

    POOL P
    1. Lake Erie Warhawks
    2. Grizzly Fastpitch
    3. Racers 03
    4. Valley Extreme - Buck
    5. Velocity -Norman

    Pool Q
    1. Ohio Fever
    2. Ohio Energy
    3.Ohio Slam Force -Hunter
    4. Keystone Kryptonite
    5. Tri-County Surge 16U

    Pool R
    1. Ohio Madness
    2. Explosive 16U -Hurst
    3. Mad Dogs
    4. Ohio Stampede
    5. Steel Valley Storm

    Pool X
    1. Ohio Monsters - Tate
    2. Racers 02
    3. SGS Magic - Calderon
    4. Lady Stangs - Nicula

    Pool W
    1. Ohio Monsters - Black
    2. Tri-County Surge
    3. Diamond Chix
    4. Ohio Blast - Flowers
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    Cinderella Saturday Schedule
    Cinderella 2020 Schedule 7/7/2020
    10U - 7 Teams Pool A
    12U - 8 Teams Pools B & C
    14U National 12 teams Pools F, K, M
    14U American 12 Teams Pools D, H, E
    16U - 15 Teams Pools P, Q, R,
    18U - 8 Teams Pools W & X

    SAT Games for Pools D, E, H, K, M,W, and X are at Victory Sports Park
    7777 Victory Lane, North Ridgeville, OH 44039
    Victory #1 # 2 #3 #4 #8 #5 #6
    9am D1-D2 D3-D4 H1-H2 H3-H4 M1-M2 X1-X2 X3-X4
    1030am D1-D3 D2-D4 H1-H4 H2-H3 M3-M4 X1-X3 X2-X4
    Noon E1-E2 E3-E4 K1-K2 K3-K4 M1-M3 W1-W3 W2-W4
    130pm D1-D4 D2-D3 H1-H3 H2-H4 M2-M4 X1-X4 X2-X3
    300pm E1-E4 E2-E3 K1-K3 K2-K4 M1-M4 W1-W4 W2-W3
    430pm E1-E3 E2-E4 K1-K4 K2-K3 M2-M3 W3-W4 W1-W2
    Janowicz is located on Witenberg Dr, which is directly across from the Jehovah's Witness Church at 39099 Chestnut
    Ridge Road, Elyria, OH 44035

    Shady Drive Park, often called Shady Lane is located at
    37077 Shady Drive, North Ridgeville, OH 44030
    Janowicz #1 #2 #3 #4 ##5 SHADY Field 6 Field 7 Field 8 Field 9
    9am A1-A2 A3-A4 B1-B2 B3-B4 F1-F4 9am P1-P2 P3-P5 R1-R2 R3-R5
    1030am A1-A7 A5-A6 B1-B3 B2-B4 F2-F3 1030am P2-P3 P4-P5 Q3-Q5 Q1-Q2
    Noon A4-A5 A2-A3 C1-C2 C3-C4 F1-F2 Noon Q1-Q4 P5-Q5 R5- Q3 R2-R4
    130pm A6-A7 A1-A4 B1-B4 B2-B3 F3-F4 130pm P1-P4 R2-R3 R1-R4 Q2-Q4
    300pm A2-A5 A3-A7 C2-C4 C1-C3 F1-F3 300pm P1-P3 P2-P4 Q2-Q3 R1-R3
    430pm A1X-A6 C1-C4 C2-C3 F2-F4 430pm Q4-Q5 Q1-Q3 R4-R5

    A1X - does not count in seeding for A1
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    Final Results
    I just want to thank everyone who participated in this event and after it was over I was struck by the fact that neither the covid issue or rain stopped us from playing. I am pretty sure we set a record for Sunday Slam shirts being given away as well.

    Anyway, it was a great Sunday and we had several ITB games including the finals at 16U

    Brackets played out as follows
    Silver Creek beat Rebels Emeralds beat Racers

    Semi Finals
    Outlaws beat Silver Creek / Thunder Elite beats Racers
    Final Outlaws 12- Thunder Elite 2

    Rebels-Hensley beat Phantoms / Diamond Chix beat Explosive
    Ohio Blast - Dado beat Rebels-Myers
    Semi Finals

    Valley Extreme beat Rebels-Hensley / Ohio Blast-Dado beat Diamond Chix

    Ohio Blast -Dado 6 Valley Extreme 1

    14U American
    Devils beat Thunder FP / Explosive beat Buckeye Charge
    Firecrackers beat Brecksville / ROC 06 beat Emeralds
    Chargers beat Devils / Explosive beat Rebels/
    Firecrackers beat Black Widows
    Semi Finals
    Chargers beat ROC 06 / Firecrackers beat Explosive
    Chargers 6 Firecrackers 2
    14U National

    Keystone Kryptonite beat Maddogs / Slamforce beat Madness
    Ohio Stampede beat Grizzlies / Valley Extreme beat Ohio Fever
    Ohio Energy beat Velocity FP / Racers beat Explosive - Hurst
    Warhawks beat Keystone Kryptonite Slamforce beat Oh. Stampede
    Valley Extreme beat Steel Valley / Ohio Energy beat Racers
    Semi Final
    Warhawks beat Slamforce / Valley Extreme beat Ohio Energy
    War Hawks 6 Valley Extreme 5

    SGS Magic beat Lady stangs / Ohio Racers beat Monsters - Tate
    Semi Finals
    Diamond Chix beat SGS Magic / Monsters Black beat Ohio Racers
    Diamond Chix 7 Monsters Black 1
    Again, my thanks to everyone. The sportsmanship displayed by all was much appreciated by everyone as well.

    Bob Himmelein
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