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    We are looking for one additional pitcher, a catcher, and an outfielder to round out our roster. We have a private try outs scheduled and we can adjust our availability based on any interested player. If interested, we are also able to have potential players join us for a Sunday practice in Grove City, if you would like to meet our group to get a feel for our team.

    We have a great core group that loves the game and a very supportive organization that offers a full off-season schedule at an indoor facility. We are a team first organization that routinely receives compliments from other teams/parents/umpires about how respectful our players are. We emphasize Effort, Attitude and Focus, and work hard on conditioning and hitting skills in the Fall and Winter, game readiness in the Spring, and team building all year!

    Please contact Rob Ringhiser directly at 614-787-7102 or at rob.ringhiser@yahoo.com to schedule time for this private try out.

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    We have received a couple responses; if you are interested, please reach out soon!

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