16u pitcher wanted for the 2015 season

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    We are starting our search early in hopes of replacing one of our very special pitchers that we are losing due to her age.

    Lots of time in the circle.

    We took 2nd three times, and 3rd once in 2014 as a second year team.

    We have 3 coaches and only 1 has a daughter on the team. We plan on being with these girls through 18u.

    Our pitching coach played in college.

    We are from the Dayton area, we have girls from Wilmington, Xenia, Beavercreek, Centerville and Riverside.

    If interested call 937-604-2910 or email me at tturben1@yahoo.com. We will do private tryouts.


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    What organization?
  3. coach t

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    Legends softball

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