FASA 17th Annual Maple Leaf East Tournament 6/1-6/2/2019 NO Gate Fees

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    18th Annual Maple Leaf East June 1st and 2nd 2019

    3 Pool Games to Modified Double Elimination or similar format for 5 game minimum

    10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U

    5 Game Minimum! No Gate or Parking fees *

    $425 Entry Fee for a single team. $25 Discount for multiple teams from same Organization.

    FASA Event - You do not pay Sanction Fees. When you sign-up with FASA, just fill in your information and DISREGARD Payment Notice. Your information will be in the system.

    Contact Tournament Director for Organization Discounts
    * Weather Permitting

    The Maple Leaf East will will take a limit number of teams per age group to allow for teams to, weather permitting, play three pool games on Saturday and a modified double elimination on Sunday. This event has sold out for the past eight years or more.

    Maple Leaf East Games will be played at Streetsboro City Park and Aurora, Ohio.
    All facilities have restrooms and concessions.

    QUESTIONS Please contact the Tournament Director, Bob Himmelein, at bobh1951@gmail.com. Telephone Number is 440-773-9973

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  2. Bob_Himmelein

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    TEAMS IN RED ARE SANCTIONED, please sanction if you you have not. Thanks

    1. LE Warhawks - Aliff _Paid
    2. Willoughby Starzz - Wooke (Paid)
    3. OH. Energy - Swaidner
    4. Diamond Chix (Paid)

    12u Accepting Alternates or possible additional teams in this age group, please contact TD before signing up. Thank you again for your support!
    1. OH Lightning 06 (Bird) OK
    2. Ohio Lightning - Wake (Deposit)
    3. Steel City Heat - Yukevich (Paid)
    4. OH Monsters 06 - Gurich (Paid)

    5. Wizards - Gardner (Paid)
    6. Chargers - Dever (Paid)
    7. OH. Monsters -Steif (Paid)

    8. Mentor Big Red (Paid)
    9. Willoughby Starzz - Kennedy (Paid)
    10. Akron Racers -06 (Akers) Paid)
    11. Will Starzz (11U) -Paluscsak (Paid)
    12. Steel Valley Storm (PA) Millich
    13. Steel Valley Storm - Rivera (paid)
    14. OH. Energy 12U Alderman

    14u NOTE: Also accepting alternates or possible additional teams in this age group, please contact TD before signing up. Thank you again for your support!
    1. NEO Navigators -Schuh (Paid)
    2. OH Monsters -Nader (Paid)
    3. LE Warhawks - Dixon Paid
    4. OH Lightning 05 - Redford (Deposit)
    5. OH. Monsters -Black (Hamman) (Paid)
    6. Chardon Storm 04- Murray (Deposit)
    7. Chardon Storm 05 - Krakora (Deposit)
    8. Steel Valley Storm (Yo) - Lally (Paid)
    9. OH. Slamforce 13U (Hunter) (Paid)
    10. Lady Landsharks - Schneider (Paid)
    11. River City Venom 05 (Paid)
    12.. OH. Energy -Barress
    13. Sandlot Sisters Express - Moran (Paid)
    14. OH. Lightning - Collinsworth.
    15. Chargers - Dever (Paid)

    16u NOTE: Also accepting alternates or possible additional teams in this age group, please contact TD before signing up. Thank you again for your support!

    1. LE Warhawks - Thomascik
    2 OH Stampede - Thomas (Paid)
    3 Hot Sox - Medlen (Paid)
    4 Oh. Blast -Schultz (Paid)
    5 Wizards - Pecic (Deposit)

    6 Chardon Storm-Landies (Deposit)
    7 OH Monsters - Green Tate(Paid)
    8. Slamforce 16U
    9. OH. Lightning 03 (Grissom) (Paid)
    10. Buckeye Charge - Kaisk
    11. OH. Energy - Hinz

    12. Steel Valley Storm (PA) Marinucci (Paid)
    13. OH. Monsters Black (Stewart) Paid
    14. OH. Lightning - Eoff
    15. OH. Madness?

    1. Parma Blue Diamonds - Jackson (Paid)
    2 Will Starzz - Pasqualone (Paid)
    3 Wizards -Kronik

    4. OH. Lightning - Collinsworth (deposit)
    5. Akron Racers 01- Harsbarger (Paid)r
    6. OH Eliminators - Givens
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  3. Rken15

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    Willoughby Starzz - Wooke for 10u as well. Thanks!
  4. Rken15

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    14u Willoughby Starzz - Jeffrey is interested if you expand 14u age group.
  5. Bob_Himmelein

    Bob_Himmelein Moderator

    Tournament is Full. Thanks for all your support, please see the list of other FASA events this summer as we continue to grow.
  6. Coachjoe4GFP

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    Are there any more spots at 16U? Grizzly Fastpitch is looking for play that weekend. You always have done very well as TD, and have had some great ones over the years. Just checking,... late in the process. Hope all is well!

    Coach Joe Rodgers
    Grizzly Fastpitch
  7. Bob_Himmelein

    Bob_Himmelein Moderator

    Joe, thanks for the kind words, at this point we are full, we are working on this one this week and if anything changes, we will contact you. If you free Memorial Day weekend we have opening on that one and all proceeds go to military organizations! You can find information on this page as well.

    Again, my best and look forward to seeing you again!
  8. Justamom

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    Will the schedule be posted soon?
  9. Bob_Himmelein

    Bob_Himmelein Moderator

    Will be sent to coaches for review by Weds. evening and finalized then. Thanks
  10. Bob_Himmelein

    Bob_Himmelein Moderator

    With the loss of games on Sunday, we are reaching out to confirm pool winners and RA to make awards. As soon as all coaches confirm, we will post the results. Thank you.
  11. Bob_Himmelein

    Bob_Himmelein Moderator

    Below are final results. My thanks to all of you!

    Champions: Lake Erie Warhawks at 1-0-1.,
    Finalist OH Energy at 2-1. (War Hawks beat Oh. Energy in head to head).

    Pool B Chargers 3 - 0 RA 9
    Pool C Mentor Big Red 3-0 RA 5
    Pool D Steel Valley Storm 3-0 RA 6
    Steel City Heat 3-0 RA 3 ** Pool Winner

    Champions: Steel City Heat 3-0 Runs Allowed 3
    Finalist: Mentor Big Red. 3-0 RA 5
    3rd Steel Valley Storm 3-0 RA 6
    4th Chargers 3-0 RA 9

    Pool E River City Venom 3-0 RA 2 Runs Allowed per game.6667
    Pool F LE Warhawks 3-0 RA 3 Runs Allowed per game 1.0
    Pool G Ohio Lightening 2-0 RA 1 Runs Allowed per game. .5
    Champions: OH. Lightening 2-0 RA .5 per game
    Finalists: River City Venom. 3-0 RA .6667 per game
    3rd LE Warhawks -Dixon 3-0 RA 1.0 per game

    Finalist Medlen 3-0 RA 6 Runs Allowed per game 2.0
    Finalist Monsters Black 2-0 RA 6 Runs Allowed per game 3.0

    Blue Diamonds 3-0 RA 0 (Very impressive pitching)
    Ohio Lightening 2-0-1 RA 11

    My thanks to all of you and your players! Just looking at the list of above teams, they reflect the commitment and sportsmanship that you all display. It is very disappointing to lose a day to crummy weather. I know most people do not want it, but we need to get back to rain Tues & Thur. and nice on weekends!

    Again my thanks.

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