18u/18+ Teams Needed For Sheer Madness Tourney ASAP

Discussion in 'Softball College Discussions' started by SOFTBALLS14, Jun 6, 2018.


    SOFTBALLS14 Active Member

    Hey All ,
    :) Looking for one more team to fill out the 18+(23u) division of the currently at 3 ....

    Its a one day tourney on Sunday Cost is Only $300... 3GG

    :cool: If you are a 18u team looking to get ready for the next tourney weekend!
    Great opportunity to face some college players and show your players what its like to face college play.
    Plus prep them to get better for the next big tourney....:rolleyes:

    Come out and play with the other players that are playing in college too.... :cool:

    SOFTBALLS14 Active Member

    Sheer madness still looking for one more team 18u....
    Go sign up one day tourney .... Sunday 17th 3gg /$300 ....
    Great chance !

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