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    Twisters Fastpitch 18u is looking for a catcher to complete our team. We have 10 quality girls who go out and compete for every position. We are based out of the Canton/Massillon area.

    We will be attending 5-7 tournaments, with at least 2 showcases. We try to attend local ( within 1 hour or so distance from Canton) tournaments, with 1 tournament a hotel stay. Our intentions are to attend WFC Nationals in Myrtle Beach at the end of the season. Our fee is $600.

    Interested in a tryout contact:

    John Kasper
    330-806-3952 0r buckeyes@sssnet.com

    Mike Reiman
    330-327-5811 0r madmadiz@yahoo.com

    Ken Carrol
    330-447-0324 or pro-door@roadrunner.com

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