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    WE ARE THRILLED to announce our annual 2017 southern Halloween themed tournament since we've been asked to bring our events to new regions.

    North has 64 Teams and is FULL. Now the South is taking off! North wait list invited to head south.

    Dates: October 13-15, 2017 (No Friday Option)

    Cost: ONLY $325... and FREE PARKING.
    (No Friday fee of $10 - Ensure You do not play on Friday - reduces amount of teams substantially)

    Friday games must start at 5:30 pm due to sunset. Opt out if you cannot play then.

    Where: Rotary Park, Beavercreek Ohio. (map link here)

    FREE PARKING / GATE - This FIRST CLASS Facility does NOT Charge for parking

    Exceptional facility with a concession stand, Experienced Tournament/Facility Staff, Ample Warm Up Area, Close Countless Attractions

    Tourney Machine for up-to-date scores and news (text / email alerts). Follow your team, pool, or the entire division. Receive real-time text alerts when scores are posted.

    Tournament Info

    • 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u/18u
    • Single Elimination Bracket Play
    • Four (4) GG, weather permitting
    • Open Roster, bat the lineup
    • Three (3) PP games seeded into single elimination brackets
    • PP and bracket games will have 75 minute / finish the inning, limit
    • Bracket placement based on PP performance
    • Cross-pool seeding so the first round of bracket play will not be against a PP opponent
    • PP games can end in a tie
    • Elimination begins on Sunday but if many teams in one division, it may start Saturday
    • No time limit on championship games (7 innings)
    • Team check-in one hour prior to first scheduled game
    • All teams must have insurance and concussion
    • Manager to have copy of birth certificates in case of challenge
    • Refund Policy. Started games will be considered played. Refunds are per: 0 played=$200, 1 played=$125, 2 played=$50, 3 or more=$0 (based on full fee). No Friday fee is non-refundable.
    • Individual awards for 1st and 2nd place finishers
    • Team awards for 1st and 2nd place finishers

    Halloween Theme With Exciting Community Partnerships (details to follow)

    • EXCLUSIVE partnership with local vendors, including haunted attractions.
    • EXCLUSIVE partnership with Scrappers for next season and teams get half off tickets (details to follow)
    • Based on Demand, we are adding Pumpkin smashing this year with prizes for best pumpkins (All teams must bring a large decorated pumpkin)
    • Many of the teams LOVED the costume contest last year and we had a blast seeing how creative they were so we are continuing that tradition, but making it optional. Participating teams can win special prizes. We gave away about $500 in prizes last year in Northern Ohio. Contest will be held on Saturday.
    • Special surprises and activities for girls at the fields.
    • Special community activities and partnerships will also be announced to registered teams.

    Haunted Houses:

    Other Event-Related Attractions/Partnerships: (emailing registered teams details)

    • Straw Maze ... Corn Maze
    • Pumpkins / Pumpkin Painting
    • Barnyard Animals
    • Campfires
    • Hayrides ... you know the drill
    • Orchard Express ... tractor pulling cars, like a train
    • Duck Races ... just what you think
    • Corn Cannon ... shoot an ear of corn


    • Must email me for registration form. So, Email Me Here to get added to list.

    See Monster Events Website Here

    TD Contact Info:

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    1. Buckeye Elite 07 [paid]
    2. Centerville Spitfires [paid]
    3. Franklin Fury [paid]
    4. Southern Ohio Force 07 [paid]

    1. Valley Extreme - McDonough [paid]
    2. Buckeye Elite 05 [paid]
    3. Buckeye Elite 06 [paid]
    4. Central Ohio Ice 05 [paid]
    5. Valley Storm [paid]
    6. Ohio USSSA Pride Platinum [paid]
    7. Legends
    8. Central Indiana Catz 05 [paid]
    9. Springfield Lady Titans [paid]
    10. Bambinos


    1. Valley Extreme 04 [paid]
    2. Valley Extreme - Angelo [paid]
    3. Outcast 03 [paid]
    4. Franklin Fury [paid]
    5. Crush 04 [paid]
    6. Sting Fastpitch [paid]
    7. HoosierCats [paid]
    8. Valley Storm Kostyal Futures [paid]
    9. Springfield Lady Titans [paid]


    1. Valley Extreme - Angelo [paid]
    2. Outcast - Ridenour [paid]
    3. Miami Valley Xpress 18u [paid]
    4. Ohio Stingerz [paid]
    5. Buckeye Heat 18u [paid]
    6. Outcast 18u Black Wilson [paid]
    7. Roadwarriors 16u [paid]
    8. Cincy Slammers 16u [paid]
    9. Springfield Lady Titans 16u-A [paid]
    10. Springfield Lady Titans 16u-B [paid]
    11. Valley Storm 18u [paid]
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    ANNOUNCEMENT -- Top two finishing Monster Bash 10u, 12u, & 13u (if eligible) automatically win bid to attend YSU WATTS 2-day Monster Invitational (March 17-18, 2018). This promises to be the premier indoor event of next winter at an unparalleled indoor facility. I've only seen one ball hit the ceiling net and there's almost two full outfields.

    SEE OFC Post For More MONSTER INVITATIONAL Information Here
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    Beginning registration. Added Valley Extreme 10u, 12u, & three 14u teams.
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    Added Ohio Classics 12u.
  6. xz2sdk

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    Added Liberty Lunachicks 14u.
  7. xz2sdk

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    Added Springfield Heat 16u. Thanks!
  8. xz2sdk

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    Added Outcast - Ridenour 16u. Thanks Dwayne.
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    We have some special activities for the teams and partnerships with area attractions. We will post details soon.
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    Added Outcast 03. Thanks Mike.
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    Added Focus Fastpitch to 16/18u. Thanks Eric!
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    Added Buckeye Elite 07. Thanks Josh.
  13. Please add Buckeye Elite 05 and Buckeye Elite 06 to the 12U.
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    Added Buckeye Elite 05 and Buckeye Elite 06. Thanks!! Please email me so I can send you the registration form.
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    Added Miami Valley Xpress 18u. Thanks!!
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    Added Bashers 10u. Thanks.
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    Added Thunder 06. Thanks Alicia.
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    Added Franklin teams.
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    Added Norton Elite 14u.

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