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    Very true. It is all about the relationships and the TD's knowing your organization and teams. Jeremy texted me last week asking that due to the number of teams in the showcase they were going to ask 6 teams that had all committed players to go play at Chatt State for the weekend, just those 6, not publish the schedule, and give them full 7in games. There would be little to no coaches there, I told him put our 18u in. The Competition with the Fury, Impact and other travel teams with all D1 commits would be prefect for our team and for the 3 players still needing offers we would send them to play with our 16u team.

    We just returned from Orlando last night, we played a 5pm Sunday game against the Florida Gators Gold. There were only a couple colleges there, but one, App State, came over an watched the game and reached out about 1 of our players they saw. So, you never know.

    We played the Pennsbury Gold on Saturday, won 6-0 - afterwards I went up to their head coach/Penns tourney director to talk - he asked if we were coming back to Pennsbury, I told him last year was our first time there, we had ok college coach attendance, but we had a poor location placement, we got rained out of 2 games (the only complex to rain out) and we were considering not returning. He told me, we know your teams and organization and the colleges you draw, reach out on Monday, I will make sure your teams are well placed this summer.

    Again, if your organization leaders don't foster relationships with the top showcases, that's on them. It is not only who you know, it is also how you perform and the amount of colleges you have following you and your org.
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    Scenic City and all of the tournaments the Hawks go to prepare your Daughter for College. During 2016-2017 My Daughter was lucky enough to play on the 18U Gold team, the competition the team faced was actually amazing. Every pitch, every swing counted the girls could just flat out play. It was satisfying to watch my Daughter grow and to be around girls that are committed to the sport as she is. The Hawks know where to go, just have your Daughter ready, sit back and enjoy! I wish we would have found the Hawks at 12U. Thanks Again Doug! Look forward to Laney's last year of travel with the Hawks this coming summer.
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    Thanks, Laney was a blast!

    It is hard to know what to expect, I remember our phone convo's prior to her joining our team. Then I remember meeting in the hotel parking lot in Scenic City last year after Saturday games, we pulled in the same time, and your family told me how blown away you were by the experience... it is so very rewarding when I hear that from families. Laney was amazing and thrived on the competition - it prepared her well for her freshman fall at Ashland - it was no surprise that in her first fall she took the mound and beat Akron, she was ready!
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    Ah yes, Scenic City in the Fall. Yes, it's probably gotten too big as I can see they are now playing at 4-5 parks versus the 2 (Warner & Summit) originals. I still remember coming down the hill the first time at Summit to enter the park and we all looked at each other like - OMG - this place is awesome. Warner is also very impressive and both are built for bigtime softball.
    Chattanooga was one of our favorite locations to play and we did it numerous times. Those LONG Sunday night drives home were very taxing but worth it. I think between my two girls we probably played at Chattanooga a total of 8 times (SC and Nationals). Before PGF - 14 & 16 Nationals @ The Summit & Warner were absolutely insane with talent. I once saw every SEC head coach watching a game @ Warner when Texas Glory was playing Corona Angels. Crazy!
    Stay & Play is relatively new and I'm sure kickbacks and profits are driving up this choice. It's like anything else in today's world - it's a business. I think our teams would have found a loop hole and booked our own and took our chances.
    Here's a little advice on how to best spend your time in Chatt:
    1. Have your team representative check into renting cabins on the Chattanooga river. Some of them are so massive that you can put your whole team in 1 cabin. check early.
    2. Head up one of the hills at The Summit before the first early game and watch the dew melt off the fields. Take a couple of pictures. It's absolutely beautiful.
    3. Take your team downtown when you have off time. There's a ton to do and it's a clean - safe environment.
    4. Sit back and relax when you're at the fields. Take the time to see other games.
    5. Realize this is a showcase and who wins really isn't that important. You won't be able to tell the players this but you need to know this as a parent. College coaches don't give 2 S's who's winning these games.

    Have fun while you can. You'll be sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch before you know it.
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    Run, they are using 9 parks now. Yes, 9. This is my dd’s 3rd trip down in the fall & we played summer this year. Even though we are not at Warner or Summit our coaching staff as well as Doomleader has been contacted by plenty of coaches planning on watching us.

    Mad Hornet is right. Scenic City doesn’t need any of us. With the new recruiting calendar in the fall you basically have 2 events where D1 coaches can see them in Ohio during the fall. That’s just pure ole supply/demand for events like SC, D9, Veterans Tribute. So I may not like getting the schedule a week out. Someone else may not be happy with their pool or park but most of us that are trying to do what’s best for our players are still going to go back as long as we coach.
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    Almost $1000 for a 5 game RR-NO BRACKET at 1 of 9 parks-unless you are in a Super Pool, might have been a bad investment (in money, time, choice of tourney). I've talked to a few Midwestern D1 coaches who are attending this one though. Guessing they will be at Summit and Warner. It'll will probably be tough to see anyone at the other 7 satellite facilities.
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    Bandits03, Jack Mattox Park was well attended by college coaches last fall but to your overall point that the majority of coaches will be at Summit & Warner I’d agree with. We were at Camp Jordan in the summer as well & we had coaches but not like you see at the main parks. Chattanooga isnt Atlanta or even Columbus as far as size & traffic to navigate. Much easier to get from park to park there. If a coach wants to see a certain player it’s an easy drive from each park.

    I do have a question. Seems like some are upset that there isn’t bracket play. Would you rather have played pool games on Friday knowing no D1 coaches would be there? Summer you had to finish 1st or 2nd in your pool just to qualify for bracket play. Most teams didn’t play Sunday. Pretty sure for fall you always had to win your bracket to play Sunday.
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    Agree, would rather play all weekend as a showcase and rotating players, the bracket play means nothing to the goal. The number of colleges expected at Summit and Warner will be large, they do make it out to the outer locations - but they all hit those 2 main ones.
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    This was always a great fall event. we went down 2011/12/13 and had a ton of coaches from all levels following. We actually got to play some of the BEST teams in the country at this event with the Tampa Mustangs, Southern Force and EC Bullets.Many top Gold ASA top teams and PGF teams. We played a couple games extra in 2012 when teams had injuries or were short players and could not go. Well worth the money.
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    Our 16u Schedule is like that this year - will be as many colleges as players ;)

    16U Super A
    Birmingham Thunderbolts 01 Dorsett
    Ohio Hawks 16u Gold - Lenos
    Tampa Mustangs TJ
    Georgia Impact Newland
    Fury Platinum 19/20/21
    Texas Dirt Divas 02
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    The college recruiting calendar and weather has severely limited game times. Showcases are feeling more and more like revenue streams. The "branding" names are all over these events. The number of booths is crazy. I think I saw one last weekend selling life insurance? Give me a break. This is the new norm for fall events you have to deal with it and adjust your time. If you have late Sunday yea it sucks but there is no Friday so its kinda the same. There will be a ton of colleges and its a event you really don't want to miss.
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    Our 14u Gold team had a pitcher go down with an injury, she will not be back for this weekend - we are looking for a very good 14u Pitcher that can hold their own in a Scenic City Super pool - if interested PM me.
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    Now that's a pool! I assume this is the same TJ that took the Mustangs to a 2x runner-up and 1x ASA National Champs? Fury is always sick along with the Thunderbolts. Impact can be hit or miss but I'm assuming this will be one of their hits. Don't really know much about the Texas team but you have to respect the distance they are coming to play.
    Good Luck, Doug! I hope no one steals your equipment truck :)
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    HA ... great memory there! For those that don't know, we rented a uhaul for ASA Hall of Fame at 12u, it was stolen Thursday night, we played Friday ... Easton, ASA, the Bolts and others all chipped in to get our kids new equipment Friday morning before our 2pm game. Girls (and parents) were a wreck. But, we played ok, had a blast and made a memory.

    The news report is still online

    So far in the fall, all in super pools or equivalent – going 15-4-1, playing in the Bandits Labor Day event ( 4-1 We were rained out at 2-2 against Donny’s Finesse team), Stingrays Fall (4-1), STL Showcase 1 (3-1, rain Sunday), Diamond 9 (4-1-1), and this weekend it only gets harder. Great stuff though, love it.
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    The same TJ that lead his older dd's team to a PGF National Championship.

    TX Dirt Divas won 14u PGF National Championship over the Summer.
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    Great day yesterday. Had at least 20 coaches at every game. Girls played great, Fury got us 3-2, we were up 4 - 1 on the Mustangs after 5, we switched pitchers and they came back to win by 1. In a real Tournament game I would have stayed with our number one but you got to give other players opportunities to showcase, that's why we're here. When I switched my pitcher was nervous as can be and had a rough start, we had probably 40 colleges watching Oregon, Tennessee, Ohio State, UK, amazing.

    The amazing thing is I had a dozen coaches come up with business cards and numbers of players on the back saying get these kids to our camps we love what we saw today. 2 players solidified their offers, 1 committed this weekend.

    And that's why we do this for them.
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    Overall a great weekend of Softball. Schedule was thrown way out of sort on Saturday. We finished our last game on Sat at about 12:15 Sunday morning. Our Doom team went 4-1 winning our pool. Our only loss was in a great pitching duel with Lasers White 2-1. Who ended up 2nd in the pool going 3-1-1.

    If anybody wants to know why we go down there we had a D1 coach stay till the very last out of a 5pm game on Sunday.
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    This was a excellent event. The only problem is the limited amount of fields, short game times, and the tremendous amount of talent wanting to all be in the same place. Everyone wants to be on the main Summit 4 field complex. There were a TON of D1 colleges and the exposure was amazing at the quadplex, not saying we did not see them other places but the PLEX had significantly more.

    These showcases are NOT about wins/losses. Sure everyone wants to WIN and say they went #1 in their pool. But the reality is these are timed games where, unless your hitting 1,2,or 3, you will only likely see one at bat per game. Some teams batted 9 some batted 15. It was all about getting kids seen, or at least itshould have been. Colleges want to see kids in position and out of position at times. Very few, if any teams had aces in places the entire weekend. Sometimes they want kids to bat multiple times back to back. There were no walks, at least the teams we played. Kids batted until they struck out or got put out. For pitchers and hitters showcases are awesome. If your a middle infielder or and outfielder and nothing comes to you what are you showcasing?

    If you played Friday games for reps and seed them with Saturday games for some type of elimination play Sunday, it might make a difference in the intensity. There is something about the individuality of the showcases that is in direct conflict with tournament ball. The sense of urgency in a showcase is not there like elimination Sunday. Yes D1 college coaches watching can be intimidating, but not the way elimination day does.

    And for all the chest pounders out there, now the records matter. In todays showcase environment records are meaningless.
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    Absolutely! It is a different game - moving players every 2 innings, hitting 12 - 13 - you are 100% correct
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