2018 WCWS - Slap vs. Power

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    Especially during the final series between FSU/Washington, slappers seemed very ineffective. Possibly the rule enforcement of out-of-the-box prevented reaching the outside pitch? Warren was such a BEAST at the plate. After a jittery first inning, the FSU confidence machine kicked in at the plate, and the power hitting took over.

    Not to say that Washington's hitting is inferior, but in these two games King was simply dominant in the circle and had total command of her arsenal. Slappers just could not get it going against her. Conversely, Washington's pitching duo lacked the control and finesse required at this level of play.

    Bottom line... Is slapping still an effective tool at this level? Have power hitters finally come into their own to balance out previously dominating pitchers?

    Final note: I thought it very odd that the announcers (and even the game follow up writers) questioned the decision to start King in the circle for FSU. WHAT?? There's NO DOUBT by me that she was the one I would want in the circle in this game!! NEVER, EVER look ahead to the next game BEFORE you have a complete grasp of what's already on your plate! Win each game ONE AT A TIME!

    P.S. Simply awesome to see all the Ohio girls at this level!!
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    This is just my opinion and I am by no means an authority; it seems to me with slapping everything has to be just right and circumstances just right for a slapper to be effective. It also seems like circumstances like who is on what base and how many outs can really make a slapping less effective. It also seems that pitching can really dictate how effective a slapper can be to, especially when to pitch them inside or outside. I am not saying that good slapper can't overcome all these things and be extremely effective, just everything has to go right. I have never coached a good slapper so I could be completely wrong, but gimme a good hitter over a good slapper all day.

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