ASA Tournament 2019 DAYTON METRO USA 'A' NQ - Ages 10u-18u

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  1. DougL

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    2019 USA SOFTBALL OF DAYTON OH Qualifier - Ages 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, 18u

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    USA SOFTBALL OF DAYTON OH will be providing both an USA National Berth and an Eastern Regional berth for the top finishers in each age group.

    There will be 1 USA National Berth AND 1 USA Eastern Regional awarded per age group.
    Pool Play will be 1:20. Bracket will be 1:40 - complete the inning, proceed to ITB. Losers/Winners bracket finals, no time limit
    Straight USA Championship rules for elimination play. Roster bat for pool play. Head coaches must present ACE certification.

    Date: May 31 - June 2nd, 2019
    Sanction: USA SOFTBALL 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, 18u Sanctioned teams.
    Format: 4GG, 2 pp, double elimination.
    Fee: $550 - full payment required at registration to secure spot.
    Gate: NONE.
    Contacts: USA Softball of Dayton, OH - Clyde Brewer

    Kettering Fields - 444 N. Bend Rd., Dayton, OH 45404
    Delco Park - 1700 Delco Park Dr, Kettering, OH 45420

    Rain Out Policy

    If the tournament is rained out, refunds will be based on (Entry Fees minus Non-Recoverable Costs minus Games Played). Please allow two to four weeks for an inclement weather refund. A game started is considered a full game for refund purposes. There is no rain date available.

    In the event that we are not able to complete all Pool Play games on Friday prior to Friday night start of Championship bracket play, we will proceed with a blind draw bracket - drawn by ASA Commissioner Clyde Brewer. Should, due to weather, Championship bracket play not have allowable time for completion we reserve the right to proceed with the elimination of the losers bracket and instating single elimination of the winners bracket until a champion is determined for each age division
  2. DougL

    DougL Active Member

    The City of Dayton has replaced all the infield dirt this fall, the fields are expected to be in great shape.
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  3. Stingrays08

    Stingrays08 Active Member

    Are u having 10u?
  4. DougL

    DougL Active Member

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  5. DougL

    DougL Active Member

    Thanks for the recent signups
  6. Softball_13

    Softball_13 New Member

    Do you have any idea what age groups will be at which fields? Or will it be mixed?

    Asking for hotel purposes.
  7. DougL

    DougL Active Member

    there are only 2 locations, Kettering Fields and Delco Park - both are close - you can stay anywhere in the area and be fine!
  8. Strohbro

    Strohbro Active Member

    ASA/USA Nationals
    10U - Johnson City, TN 7/24-7/28
    12U - Normal, IL 7/22-7/28
    14U - Roseville, CA 7/22-7/27
    16U - Salem, VA 7/22-7/28
    18U - Montgomery, AL 7/22-7/28

    Eastern Regional
    10U - ?
    12U - Fairfield, OH 7/16-7/21
    14U - Sterling, VA 7/24-7/28
    16U - Richmond, VA 7/24-7/28
    18U - Berlin, MD 7/24-7/27
  9. Strohbro

    Strohbro Active Member

    If you plan on playing in the Dayton Metro, please get your payment in. Soon it will be time to put the schedule together. Don't get left out.
  10. DougL

    DougL Active Member

    We will play at Kettering Fields, 12u 'may' play at Delco on Saturday. I will have the schedule PP - out this week. All Sunday games will be at Kettering.
  11. Bretapps

    Bretapps Member

    Do you know if the schedules are out yet?
  12. DougL

    DougL Active Member

    I had 1 team drop, 2 jump in, re-doing PP schedule this weekend. With HS ball being settled it creates a situation where we have a couple teams drop out late every year, I try to wait until the results from this weekend are in before publishing. All 14-18u teams will play their 2 PP games on Friday starting at 9am, Bracket begins Saturday morning.
  13. DougL

    DougL Active Member

  14. denise_anngolf

    denise_anngolf New Member

    Does bracket play start on Saturday or Sunday for 12u?
  15. DougL

    DougL Active Member

    12u Bracket begins a 2pm Sat
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  16. First2Third

    First2Third Active Member


    Further bracket clarification requested. The website says the following:

    "Again, at Noon on Saturday - we will draw the brackets for 14u,16u and 18u. All teams in the hat, first team drawn goes in slot #1, second #2 and so on."

    But the brackets just posted show 16u bracket games beginning Friday at 6pm. Need to know ASAP if Friday bracket games are possible for camp purposes. Thanks!
  17. DougL

    DougL Active Member

    Typo - Draw is FRIDAY at NOON. Typo was fixed.
  18. First2Third

    First2Third Active Member

    OK. What about 16u bracket play? Will it really start on Friday? I see the site is showing some BRACKET (not pool) games at 8am on Friday now. You said this above on May 11:

    "All 14-18u teams will play their 2 PP games on Friday starting at 9am, Bracket begins Saturday morning."

    Bottom line, when is the first possible 16u bracket game?

    Also confused that the first post in this thread says blind draw only in the event of rain, but it sounds like it will be blind draw no matter what. But really just need to know which statement/schedule is true about possible bracket times for 16U?

  19. DougL

    DougL Active Member

    Because we had so many players still in school and teams were having issues w/ players not being avail until the afternoon on Friday, we turned it into a draw for bracket play at noon Friday. We are doing 1 round of Bracket play for the older ages at 6pm on Friday - this will allow players time to get to the field for their bracket game if scheduled / drawn. The first bracket games for any age are at 6pm. Refresh your web browser, there were two games that had 8am by mistake, those are fixed. I emailed and texted every coach early last week asking if any have a problem with drawing to seed bracket, none got back to me with exception, many emailed to tell me they might have to pull if not. As it is 2 still pulled and 1 had to FF their first pool game.
  20. First2Third

    First2Third Active Member

    You better check game 18 in the 16u bracket. It says Saturday at 8am, but one of the participants of that game is the winner of a Saturday 8am game. And it's not just as easy as changing the game time to 10am, as you have K20 used at 10am Sat for game 27.

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