2019 PCBA ASA/USA ENQ Tournament June 7th - 9th

Discussion in 'ASA Tournaments' started by pcbatourneydirector, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. Added Warriors to 14u division. Thanks Kim..
  2. Added and received registration/payment from Ohio Energy in 14u division. Thanks Chris..

    Also received registration and payment from following:

    Steel Valley Storm 14u (Kelly), 12u (Millich) and 12u (Rivera). Thanks Mike, John and Ralph..
    Poland Pride 12u (Grope) and 10u (O'Hara). Thanks Mike and Scott..
    Silver Creek 10u (Magno). Thanks Frank..
    Keystone Kryptonite 11u (Schultz). Thanks Jen..
  3. Received registration and payment from Valley Rage and Steel City Heat in 12u division. Thanks Keith and Jeff..
  4. Added Canfield Crush to 10u division. Thanks Dante.. Also received registration and payment from Ohio Warriors 10u. Thanks Curtis..
  5. Added Ohio Valley Hurricanes to 12u Division. Thanks Coach Bendel..

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