Non-Sanctioned Tourney 2019 T-Town Show Down

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    May 29th- June 2nd, 2019
    T-Town Show-down
    8u - $250
    10u/12u - $400
    And 13u - $400

    4 Game Guarantee (weather permitting)
    Non-Sanctioned Event

    Awards will be given to
    1st and 2nd place teams.

    Tournament format will be a FOUR-game guarantee (pool play into single elimination bracket)

    ASA rules apply unless stated otherwise
    (4 game guarantee weather permitting)
    * No Time Limit on Semi-Final or Championship Games
    * Teams must provide proof of insurance
    * Copies of birth certificates with manager in case of challenge

    Tournament is scheduled to start Wednesday May 29th (13u) & Friday evening May 31st all other divisions
    When signing up, please advise tournament director if your team

    • Registration NOT complete until check received.​
    • Without payment, spot NOT guaranteed. Mailing/online payment instructions instructions will be sent to registrants.​
    • $50 to hold your spot - Must be paid in Full 14 days before the Tournament​
    Visit our Facebook page - Search "Tallmadge Softball T-Town Show Down"​
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    Team List

    8u- Division
    1. Tallmadge Force Gray
    2. Tallmadge Lady Devils 8u
    3. Buckeye Charge 8u
    4. Black Widows 8u
    5. 8u Coventry Pride

    10u - Division
    1. Ohio Wolfpack '09
    2. Phantoms 10u
    3. Ohio Wolfpack (Stitzlein)
    4. 10-U Medina Heat
    5. 10u Black Widows
    6. Ohio Ice Purple '09
    7. Chardon Storm 10u
    8. Racers Youth Fastpitch '09
    9. Racers Youth Fastpitch '08
    10. Cobras - 10u (Granchi)
    11. Cobras - 10u (Dugach)
    12. North Royalton Lady Bears 10u
    13. Tallmadge Force Gray 10u
    14. Buckeye Charge (Martin)
    15. Silver Creek Frengel 9u
    16. 10U Ohio Wolfpack (Wolff)
    17. Lady Landsharks
    18. Buckeye Charge (Albertson)
    19. Velocity Fastpitch '09
    20. Ohio Outlaws 10u

    12u Division
    1. Devils Fastpitch '06
    2. Tallmadge Force
    3. Phantoms 12u
    4. Little Monsters 12u
    5. Lady Rebels '06
    6. Buckeye Charge '07
    7. Valley Extreme 07
    8. Ohio Emeralds '06
    9. Twinsburg White 12u
    10. Steel Valley Storm 12u (Millich)
    11. Cobras - 12u (Corlette)
    12. Lady Landsharks Silver
    13. Devils Fastpitch (Shephard)
    14. Silver Creek Anderson 12U
    15. North Royalton Lady Bears 12u (Franko)
    16. Team 922 12u
    17. Buckeye Charge (Norman)
    18.Ohio Lightning 12U (Stoicoiu)
    19. Keystone Kryptonite 11u
    20. Valley Rage 12u - (Sirko)

    13u '05*- Division
    1. Tallmadge Force '05
    2. Ohio Stampede '05
    3. Ohio Lightning '05
    4. Wizards Knockouts Gold '05
    5. Buckeye Charge '05
    6. Explosive Fastpitch Pink 13u
    7. Ohio Platinum '05
    8. Mentor Big Red 13u
    9. Rally Cats '05
    10. Brunswick Elite 13U
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    Please add Lady Rebels 06 to 12U.
  4. jdqtall

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    Lady Rebels 06 added
    Thank You
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  5. T2plants0332

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    Thank you! I’ll mail out the check tomorrow.
  6. jdqtall

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    Looking for 8u teams for our Coach Pitch division.
    Price Just $250 for 4GG.
    Sign up now
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    We would like to thank everyone for participating in this years tournament.
    We understand the frustration and the disappointment of not being able to get as many games in as we could for all of the teams. Having to eliminate games and teams due to weather is never an easy decision and we made what we believed was the proper way to move forward on Sunday once we determined the amount of time and safety of each field.
    With that being said - and with the understanding that more frustration and comments will be expressed - we will do our best to explain to each team individually if they so choose.

    Congratulation to our Tournament Winners and Runner-ups



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    Our Lady Rebels 06 team had a good experience! We had the opportunity to play against some good competition and all the fields were ready to go both days we played on them. It stinks that not every team got to play all of their games, but you definitely can’t control mother nature.
  10. Farmdad

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    What I found extremely disappointing was forcing softball teams to play on baseball fields. And we are talking baseball fields with a mound and a rubber still in place a few feet behind the circle! Well I guess it was a circle, they couldn't be bothered to chalk one in...we just told the girls to guess that the front boundary was where the slant of the mound stopped. I've also never seen last place teams just left out of bracket play due to weather delays. You could have easily shortened the first round games. Our organization will definitely not be returning. This was a poorly run tournament.
  11. Phantoms

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    I second Farmdad, Same with Phantoms.

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