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    New date: Aug 7-9

    The 2020 Metro will be an open tournament designed to play 5+ full games in 3 days. Present your teams proof of insurance and a tournament roster for the weekend and go play.

    We will use ASA/USA Softball for field insurance. You will not need to present a USA SB Roster as it will not be a qualifier.

    We are changing the format to allow five full 7 inning games, plus a Sunday single elim bracket. At a minimum, teams will get in (5) full 7 inning games with 2 hour time slots to allow for time to recover between games. We will play 4 pool play games, plus the single elimination bracket.

    All Games played with 1:45 hour time limit, or 7 innings. Open Roster. There will be no berths awarded. Pool play will be free substitution and roster batting at the coaches discretion. Single elimination bracket will be stricter rosters, 9 players, DP/Flex and an EP to allow for 10 hitters.

    We will hold a blind draw on Saturday at 9am to seed a single elimination bracket for each age group.

    Location: Kettering Fields, Dayton Ohio
    Dates: August 7-9
    Format: 5 GG, 4 7-inning PP games, followed by a blind draw single elimination bracket.
    Cost: $650.00

    We will limit teams to (8) 18+, (16) 18u, 24 (16u), 24 (14u), 12 (12u)

    After registering we will send you a confirmation email with a payment link and instructions.

    Click here to register your team 2020 Dayton Metro Registration
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    Teams Registered to Participate

    12u Teams
    Ohio Hawks 12u 07-Burton
    Buckeye Elite 08
    Central Ohio Pride 07 - Smith
    Ohio Hawks 12u-Emswiler
    Central Ohio Ice 07
    Ohio Hawks 12u - Fyffe

    Buckeye Elite 07 - Drake
    Ohio Outlaws - Shaulis

    14u Teams
    Ohio Hawks 06 Gardner
    Ohio Hawks 05 - Lenos
    Ohio Hawks Gold ‘06 - Estep
    Ohio Storm 05 - Farrington
    Ohio Hawks 05 - Ankrom
    OFC Heat 05 - Conley
    Ohio Thunder 05 - Bronner
    Cincy Doom - Prince
    Ohio Lasers Blue 05 - Buxsel
    OFC Heat 06 - Noble
    West Liberty Force 06 Vigansky
    Ohio Lasers Teal - Pyles
    Ohio Hawks 14u - Galownia
    Firestorm 05 - Barrett
    Ohio USSSA Pride Platinum - Duwe
    Firestorm 06 - Lamb
    Ohio Thunder 06 Black - Smith
    Cincy Doom 06-McPeck
    Cannons - Hoying
    Ohio Thunder 06 Green - Heitker
    Ohio Outlaws Acord

    16u Teams
    Central Ohio Pride 03-Gold
    Ohio Hawks 04 - Lenos
    Ohio Hawks 04 - Hutchinson
    Crush 03
    Cincy Doom Gold Libecap
    Diamond Chix - Phillips
    Buckeye Heat 04 Villies
    Team Ohio Red
    Cincy Doom - Gregory
    04 Thunder FastPitch

    OFC Heat - Black
    Ohio MOJO - White
    Ohio Hawks - Langmeyer
    Ohio Power - Mack
    Revolution Elite 16u - Hatfield

    SW Outlaws 04 - Goins
    Outcast 04 - Leach

    Team Ohio Red 04 - Bray
    Firecrackers OH '04 - Campbell
    Ohio Classic ‘04 - Rette

    Cincy Doom Gold - Gregory
    Ohio Knockouts 16u Gwyer
    Ohio Hawks 16u - Hutchinson
    Cincy Shock - Zill
    Ohio Hawks 16u - Irwin
    Buckeye Heat 04 Sheets
    Springfield Heat 16u - Schnitzler
    Lancaster Prid 03 - Ogg

    18u+ Teams
    Ohio Hawks Gold 18U - Joseforsky
    OFC Heat 02 Conley

    West Liberty Force 23u -
    Cincy Doom Elite 18U - Santos
    Ohio Bandits - Zifer
    Ohio Thunder - Hamrick
    Strike Zone Fillies - Beers
    MOV Pride 18u - Roberts
    Ohio Hawks 18u - Adams
    Ohio USSSA Pride Blue - Mason

    Ohio Hawks 18u - Hutchinson
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    Can you please remove JABC Riot 07
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    Payment sent express mail yesterday!
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    Has final decision been made?
  6. DougL

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    Yes, we have decided to move it to August 7-9th. All teams registered for the original date that want to play are automatically entered.
    Teams seeking a refund will get all their entry back.

    New teams wishing to play please go here and register

    Thanks all. We looked at all the outcomes, and if we played it was too likely to have issues with social distancing, all the safety procedures, etc. We thought being one of the first means extra attention, maybe even news crews, and after watching the national news today call out all the areas where they are opening and not everyone is following all the guidelines we felt that is a risk not worth taking. I hope everyone understands.
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