FASA (2020) FASA State Championship - Maple Leaf West

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    OPEN TO 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U 5gm minimum*

    No Sanction fee unless you played in 3 FASA Events
    Sunday Slam Shirts for Home Runs on Sunday
    Champions and Finalist Awards
    Awards for 2nd place
    Separate play-offs in 1ou, 11U, 12U, 2 Divisions of 14 and 16U and 18U
    Restrooms and full concessions all facilities

    *weather permitting

    Games will be played at Victory Sports Park, Shady Lane Park and Vic Janowicz Fields which are nearby. Schedule is posted at www.ohiofastpitchtournaments.com
    As are field directions, brackets will be posted Thursday by evening of 06/04/2020.

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  2. Bob_Himmelein

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    List updated 5/20/2020

    1. Aftershock Fastpitch Andover OH 10U
    2. Cobras 09 Concord OH 10U Pd
    3. Explosive Select Middleburg Heights OH 10U PD
    4. Spikes 09 Canton OH 10U PD?
    5. Lady Irish 09 Elmore OH 10U PD
    6. Ohio Energy - Barress Mentor OH 10U PD
    7. Ohio Monsters Lorain OH 10U
    8. Ohio SlamForce Alliance OH 10U PD

    1. Chardon Storm Chardon OH 11U PD
    2. Cobras 08 Concord OH 11U PD
    3. Explosive 11u Williams Rocky River OH 11U

    4. Ohio Energy Percassi Mentor OH 11U PD
    5. Ohio Warriors 08 Youngstown OH 11U PD
    6. Spikes Softball Canton OH 11U

    1. Diamond Chix 12U Columbia Station OH 12U
    2. Valley Extreme 07 Purnell Youngstown OH 12U
    3. Explosive 12u Morrison Rocky River OH 12U
    4. Explosive Elite Rocky River OH 12U
    5. Hit Run Heat Cuyahoga Falls OH 12U
    6. Lady Irish 07 Toledo OH 12U
    7. Lake Erie Rage 12U Pd
    8. Ohio Scarlet Gray Fredericktown OH 12U PD

    1. Explosive Fastpitch Becker Strongs 13U
    2 Ohio Emeralds 06 Massillon 13U
    3. Mentor Big Red - Janovic (Chardon Storm 14)

    4. CAPS Bandits Valley View 14U
    5. Diamond Chix Pink Brunswick 14U
    6. Explosive 14u Elite Rocky River 14U
    8. Fire Fastpitch Warren 14U

    9. Youngstown Express Yo.
    10. Ohio Eliminators Akron 14U
    11. Ohio Energy Stash Mentor 14U
    12. Ohio Lightning Pulley Green 14U
    13. Ohio Monsters 06 Lagrange OH
    14. Ohio Monsters 14u Lichty LaGrange 14U
    15. Ohio Platinum 05 Hudson 14U
    16. Pittsburgh Spirit 14U GOLD Westwood PA

    17. Tsunami 14U Vermilion 14U
    18. Valley Extreme Warren 14U
    19. Wizards Fastpitch Eastlake 14U
    20. Wizards Knockouts GOLD 05 Toledo 14U
    Two others added

    1. Ohio Lightning 03 - Grissom
    2. HOTSOX Medlen Perry 15U
    3. Explosive 04 Lagrange
    4. Explosive 16u Hurst Rocky River
    5. FP Select Youngstown 16U
    6. Grizzly Fastpitch Wadsworth 16U
    7. Hit and run Cuyahoga falls 16U
    8. Valley Extreme Angelo Warren

    9. Lake Erie Warhawks Oberlin
    10. Ohio Lightning 04 Clinton
    11. Ohio Madness Brecksville
    12. Ohio Monsters 16 Black N. Rid.
    13. Ohio Stampede Canton
    14. Ohio Energy - Hinz
    15. Racer s 03 Akron
    16. Lady Landsharks Schneider 16U

    1. Wizards Fastpitch- Pecic Willowick
    2. B A T Cage Boltz Brunswick
    3. Hit and Run Heat 18u Cuyahoga Falls
    4. Lady Irish 18U Gold Elmore
    5. Ohio Monsters Black Lorain
    6. Ohio Monsters Tate Olmsted Falls
    7. Parma Blue Diamonds Fastpitch, Parma
    8. Valley Extreme Warren OH
    9. Valley Extreme -Fife
    10. Mavericks FP

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  3. Christine Phillips

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    Why would it be 6 meaningless scrimmage games? It's pool play + brackets.
  4. Christine Phillips

    Christine Phillips New Member

    He never said there wasn’t bracket play. There is still bracket play.
  5. Bob_Himmelein

    Bob_Himmelein Moderator

    I really do not have time to play your silly little games. When we changed the format, it was because of the rules as they existed and no baseball or softball tournaments had been played and rules were changing constantly. Also teams just wanted to play and ALL coaches expressed no issues. It was a possible way to get players playing. As for your money comment, do the math. In a six game set you have $120. in Umpires alone per team, field rental etc. Add in another $20 per team for balls per team we will not get back. This does not include the hours of paperwork, meetings to get approvals etc, that is not normal. It is sad to thing and adult that things getting the chance to play five or six games at a time this year is meaningless. Softball teaches many things and if winning and losing is all you care about that is a poor example for your player. You say your coach told you, The coaches know the schedule on Saturday and bracket play is coming out today. One last point tournaments are closing all over and people are scrambling to play and anyone still trying to run anything is getting bombarded by calls, e-mails and texts. We could have taken at least 70 additional teams, not that we would and every tournament director will tell you the same. Anyway, talking more to Letemplayball is an absolute waste of time.

    Here is what the coaches KNOW, we reviewed everything that has occurred since the initial switch and have gone back to five game format, with more team award than ever, 10U, 11U, 12U, 2 Divisions of 14u, 2 Divisions of 16U and 18U . YOUR COACHES KNOW THIS, ask them! Please feel free NOT to come, you will just be the kind of person who makes others unhappy. I normally do not respond to comments like you posted, but for the past two weeks, myself and others at the facilities have been working almost full-time at this.
    It is early in the morning and have had less than 5 hours sleep for the past week, so if I come across a bit harsh, I apologize to others that may read this. But Letthemplayball, please do not bother to respond, I will no longer read anything you post and anyone that does is wasting their breath. Lastly, stop hiding behind a false Id, have the courage to sign your name, I do.
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  6. Bob_Himmelein

    Bob_Himmelein Moderator

    Christine: Schedule is posted on www.ohiofastpitchtournaments.com
    Some brackets are, will finish tonight. I'm not that good with computer and I can never cut and paste into the Forum! Thanks
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  7. Christine Phillips

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    Bob THANK YOU for the time and effort you put in to ensuring the girls can play! Most everyone definitely appreciates it. Can’t imagine how difficult and tedious planning must be.
  8. Bob_Himmelein

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    Thank Christine and to all who have participated in these events the past. (well let's just say, a lot) of years. That and that is why we do it. We are proud to have our part to bring affordable events to players and teams. The relationships we have built are very special to all of us. I know, personally, that I am getting old when I see coaches that cycled through 18U and starting over at 10U! Have a great weekend.

    The Game Schedule and Bracket Schedules are posted at www.ohiofastpitchtournaments.com
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  10. Bob_Himmelein

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    Great weekend, weather was cooperative and overall went very well. One note, the one issue that was brought up was girls too close in dugouts, the Health Department "recommended" umpires stop games until they get back to five or less, we reminded all coaches on Saturday night and teams and coaches were much more observant of rule on Sunday.

    Anyway, thanks to everyone and a couple of notes. We gave away quite a few "Sunday Slam" shirts and these seemed to be very popular.
    As always, one bracket gets behind and we moved the 10U final to Victory Sports Park so they got to finish under the lights, which was pretty cool and it was good to see them have fun!

    10U Brackets
    Slam Force over Explosive Select
    Oh. Energy-Baress over Lady Irish
    Cobras over Spikes 09
    Monsters Black over Slam Force
    Cobras over Oh. Energy-Baress
    Champions: Monsters Black

    Cobras 08 over Chardon Storm
    Ohio Enery- Percassi over Explosive Williams
    Cobras 08 over Diamond Chix
    Oh. Warriors over Ohio Energy-Percassi
    CHAMPIONS: Cobras 08

    12U Brackets
    Explosive Morrison lost to Hit & Run
    Explosive Elite lost to Scarlet & Gray
    Lake Erie Rage lost to Lady Irish
    Semi - Finals
    Valley Extreme over Hit & Run
    Scarlet & Gray over Lady Irish
    Championship: Valley Extreme beat Scarlet & Gray

    14U National
    Valley Extreme over Oh. Monsters-Lichty
    Fire Fastpitch over Caps Bandits
    Mentor Big Red over Explosive Becker
    Ohio Energy-Stash over Monsters 06
    Explosive Elite over Valley Extreme
    Explosive Select over Fire FP
    OH lightning - Pulley over Mentor Big Red
    Emeralds over Ohio Energy Stash
    Explosive Elite over Explosive Select
    Oh. Lightning Pulley over Ohio Emeralds
    Champions: Ohio Lightning Pulley

    14U American
    Tsunami over Youngstown Express
    Oh. Eliminat0rs over Wizards FP
    Wizards Gold over Ohio Platinum
    Pittsburgh Spirit over Hit & Run Rathbun
    Diamond Chix over OH. Eliminators
    Pittsburgh Spirit beat Chardon Storm
    16U American
    Hots Sox over Hit & Run
    Lady Landsharks over Monsters
    Ohio Racer's over Oh. Lightning
    Explosive over Grizzly's FP
    Hot Sox over Lady Landsharks
    OH. Racer's over Explosive
    Champions: Hot Sox

    16U National
    Ohio Stampede beat Lightning 04
    Valley Extreme-Angelo beat Warhawks
    Ohio Energy beat OH. Madness
    FP Select over Explosive Hurst
    Semi- Finals
    Valley Extreme-Angelo over Stampede
    Fast Pitch Select over Ohio Energy
    Champions: Fast Pitch Select in ITB

    BAT Cage over Wizards - Pecic
    Valley Extreme over Hit & Run
    Mavericks over Oh. Monsters Tate
    Parma Blue Diamonds over Lady Irish
    Buckeye Charge over BAT Cage
    Valley Extreme over Monsters Black
    Semi- Finals
    Buckeye Charge over Mavericks
    Valley Extreme over Parma Blue Diamonds
    Champions: Valley Extreme
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