FASA (2020) FASA State Championship - Maple Leaf West

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    OPEN TO 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U 5gm minimum*
    Individual and team contests.
    No Sanction fee unless you played in 3 FASA Events
    Sunday Slam Shirts for Home Runs on Sunday
    Champions Shirts for 1st Place
    Awards for 2nd place
    IF we have a minimum of four "odd year teams" in 9U, 11U, 13U and 15U that want to have separate play-off will separate for play-off purposes!

    Restrooms and full concessions at both facilities
    ENTRY FEE PAID FOR 1st Place to FASA National
    OHIO FASA can pay entry fees as well based on criteria developed.

    *weather permitting

    Games will be played at Victory Sports Park and Vic Janowicz Fields which are nearby.

    TO REGISTER GO TO www.playfasa.com and follow the instructions as shown in this link. You do not have to put in rosters, do additional background checks or buy any particular insurance.

    Sanctioning fee is not required until you play in a 3rd FASA Tournament in 2020 or you accept a bid to the FASA Nationals.

    Why play FASA!!!!
    Any insurance is accept

    Cost: $425.00 (Organization discounts available.)
    Tournaments and rules are designed to allow maximum play
    Standardized rules at all Ohio Tournaments and Umpires
    No additional background checks or fees built into registration.


    Directions on Sanctioning are shown at in this Section of the Forum under SANCTIONING AND BENEFITS.



    If you have questions, contact Bob Himmelein at bobh1951@gmail.com

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    Bob please add Valley Extreme 07 to the 12u age group
  3. Bob_Himmelein

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    Below is the list of teams entered as of 1/15/2020.

    10U One for sure opening and one that is pending.
    1. Cobras 09 Concord OH 10U
    2. Explosive Select Middleburg Heights OH 10U
    3. Grizzly Fastpitch Wadsworth OH 10U
    4. Ohio Energy (Barress) Mentor OH 10U
    5. Ohio Monsters Lorain OH 10U
    6. Valley Extreme Georgalas Warren OH 10U
    7. Spikes Fast Pitch, Canton
    8. Aftershock
    9. Ohio Slam Force (Koons)
    10. ____________________________

    11U FULL (Between 11U and 12U we have 12 teams entered - Finals will be separate, pool games mixed.)
    1. Chardon Storm Chardon OH 11U
    2. Cobras 08 Concord OH 11U
    3. Explosive 11u Williams Rocky River OH 11U
    4. Ohio Energy Percassi Mentor OH 11U
    5. Ohio Warriors 08 Youngstown OH
    6. Diamond Chix 12U Columbia Station OH 12U
    7. Explosive 12u Franko Rocky River OH 12U
    8. Lake Erie Rage Lagrange OH 12U
    9. NWO Heat 07 Oak Harbor OH 12U
    10. Ohio Monsters Black LaGrange OH 12U
    11. Ohio Scarlet Gray Fredericktown OH 12U
    12. Valley Extreme 12U - Purnell

    Waiting List Lady Landsharks -Smalley (12U)
    Spikes Softball, Canton (Welch) (11U)

    14U FULL
    1. Explosive Fastpitch Becker Strongsville, OH 13U
    2. Ohio Emeralds 06 Massillon OH 13U
    3. Pittsburgh Power 06 Warrendale PA 13U
    4. OH. Platinum 05 - Porter
    5. Explosive 14u Elite Rocky River OH 14U
    7. NEO Navigators 14u Black Olmsted Falls OH 14U
    8. Ohio Eliminators Akron OH 14U
    9. Ohio Energy Stash Mentor OH 14U
    10. Ohio Lightning Pulley Green OH 14U
    11. Ohio Monsters 06 Lagrange OH 14U
    12. Ohio Monsters 14u Lichty LaGrange OH 14U
    13. Ohio Monsters Nader North Olmsted OH 14U
    14. Pittsburgh Spirit 14U GOLD Westwood Pittsburgh PA 14U
    15. Tsunami 14U Vermilion OH 14U
    16. Valley Extreme Warren OH 14U
    17. Wizards Fastpitch Eastlake OH 14U
    18. Wizards Knockouts GOLD 05 Toledo OH 14U
    19. Diamond Chix - Pink (Cancilla)
    20. Ohio Fire Butler, PA

    15U /16 U 1 Slot
    1. Ohio Energy Kadas Mentor OH 15U
    2. HOTSOX - Medlen Perry OH 15U
    3. FP Select Youngstown OH 16U
    4. Grizzly Fastpitch Wadsworth OH 16U
    5. Lady Landsharks Eastlake OH 16U
    6. Ohio Energy Mentor OH 16U
    7. Ohio Lightning 04 Clinton OH 15U
    8. Ohio Madness Brecksville OH 16U
    9. Ohio Monsters 16 Black N. Ridgeville OH 16U
    10. Racer s 03 Akron OH 16U
    11. Valley Extreme Angelo Warren OH 16U
    12. Ohio Navigators 16U
    13. Velocity Fastpitch Norman Akron OH 16U
    14. NEO Navigators 16U
    15. Ohio Slamforce - Thomas

    18U (4 entered can take 2)
    1. B A T Cage Boltz Brunswick OH 18U
    2. Diamond Chix Medina OH 18U
    3. Ohio Monsters Tate Olmsted Falls OH 18U
    4. Valley Extreme Warren OH 18U
    5. Wizards Fastpitch - Peccic
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    List is updated as of 01/08/2020 7:30am
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    Bob, can you put Fire Fastpitch 14u down for last 14u spot. I sent you an email as well. Thanks
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  7. Bob_Himmelein

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    The list above is complete as of 1/15/2020. We have one pending at 10U so we would have one additional at that level.

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