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    USA/ASA Eastern National Qualifier - Now a 4 state event (OH, PA, WV, IN)!!!

    Tournament Dates: June 19th thru June 21st, 2020
    Age Divisions: 8U – 10U – 12U – 14U – 16U – 18U
    Early Bird Entry Fee: $425 USD (before March 31st, 2020)
    8U -$275.00

    ($125 non-refundable registration fee included)
    Location: Springfield Township Baseball Association Complex
    11335 Youngstown – Pittsburgh Rd.
    New Middletown, OH 44442

    4 game minimum (weather permitting). Pool play games will be played on Friday, June 19th and Saturday, June 20th. Single-elimination “Championship Round” will begin on Sunday, June 21st.

    Register online via Tourney Machine at:


    Register online via Tournament USA Softball!/tournaments/tournamentDetails.php?TID=37563

    Team List (Officially Registered)
    If you don't see your team listed, it will be listed after registration!
    Pittsburgh Power 8U
    Ohio Blast 8U
    West Hills 8U
    Lady Lookouts 8U

    Ohio Blast 10U
    Silver Creek Propects 09
    AfterShock 10U
    JABC Riot 09
    ROC Elite 10U
    Lightning 10U
    Canfield Crush 10U
    Lady Lookouts 10U
    Ohio StingRays 10U
    Phantoms 10U

    Ohio Blast 12U
    Ohio Blast 11U
    Ohio Warriors 12U-Haggerty
    Thunder Elite 07
    ROC Elite 12U
    Aftershock 12U
    Lightning 12U
    Thunder Elite 08
    Devils Dogs 12U
    Ohio Warriors 12U-Miller

    West Hills 14U
    Silver Creek 14U
    Mentor Big Red 06
    Pittsburgh Power 05
    Silver Creek Prospects 06
    Steel Valley Storm 14U-Dravecky
    Lightning 14U
    Steel Valley Storm 14U-Saluga
    Devil Dogs 14U
    Pittsburgh Passion 14U
    Diamond Dynamics White Elite 14U (Indiana)

    Ohio Blast 16U
    Steel Valley Storm 16U
    West Hills Premier 16U
    Pittsburgh Power 04
    ROC Elite 04
    Passion Softball-North 16U
    Pittsburgh Spirit 16U Premier
    Pittsburgh Riot 03

    Ohio Blast 18U-Buxton
    Ohio Blast 18U-Flowers
    Lightning 18U
    Lady Stangs 18U
    Pitssburgh Power 18U
    ROC Elite 18U-Orange

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    Slots filling up fast!!
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    We hope to be securing a second location soon! We have almost 35 teams committed already and 30 registered, which puts us almost 4 months ahead of schedule from last year's tournament. We truly expect our biggest rush of registrations and commitments to start after the new year yet! We still have a great 50-50 mix of OH and PA teams registered with a couple from WV as well. Oddly, about 23 teams committed/registered thus far, are new to the tournament this year. Most teams from last year have already reached out and said they were going register sometime after the new year. However, they are not counted in our commitment numbers yet either. So please, get your team registered as soon as possible, as we may have to create a waiting list until we secure a second location that meets both our proximity and condition requirements.
    Thanks again, to everyone!
  4. Mike Pauline

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    Time is running out to get registered! Hurry to secure your spot as we may have to move to a waiting list soon!
    52 teams committed already and 46 registered. Currently, our mix of teams is about 50% PA, 42% OH, and 8% WV. About 60% of the teams are new to the tournament this year as well. We would hate for any returning teams from last year to miss out on playing this year! We hope to hear from you soon. Happy New Year!
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    Welcome ROC Elite 18U Orange!
    Welcome Devil Dogs 12U and 14U!
    Welcome Pittsburgh Passion 14U!
    Welcome Lady Lookouts 10U and 8U!
    Welcome Ohio StingRays 10U!
  6. Mike Pauline

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    Welcome Phantoms 10U!
  7. Mike Pauline

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    Welcome Diamond Dynamics White Elite 14U out of Indiana!
  8. Mike Pauline

    Mike Pauline New Member

    Welcome Ohio Warriors 12U-Miller!

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