ASA Tournament 2020 PCBA ASA/USA Tournament June 5th-7th

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  1. 2020 PCBA ASA/USA ENQ Tournament June 5th-7th

    The Important Stuff first

    14U -- 12U -- 10U

    June 5th, 6th, & 7th, 2020

    Poland, Ohio

    Entrance Fee $400.00 (Before Jan. 31th 2020)
    Late Fee $425.00

    3 or more teams from same organization $375.00 per team

    4 Game Guarantee

    Friday night games are for local teams.

    [Out of town teams - save some money and come in Saturday morning.

    Contact Paul Villani at for signup sheet.
    Or go to signup form 2020 rev.pdf for it as well.

    Bring the whole family

    we don't charge them to watch any game.

    Free Parking & No Gate Fee

    Rain Policy
    0 games played $200 returned
    1 game played $125 returned
    2 or more games played $0
    A game constitutes a full 2 innings played

    6 fields available - 2 with lights. All fields are fully fenced

    All fields have enclosed dugouts with roofs

    Plenty of lodging within 2 miles of fields

    Full concessions available, but feel free to bring

    outside food
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    1. Steel Valley Storm (Rivera) (PAID)
    2. Valley Rage (Flinchum) (PAID)
    3. Steel Valley Storm (Dravecky) PAID)
    4. Steel Valley Storm (Saluga) PAID)
    5. Thunder Elite 05 (Campbell) (PAID)
    6. Valley Rage (Polojac) (PAID)
    7. Pittsburgh Power 05 (Smith) (PAID)
    8. Ohio Warriors (Hepler)
    9. River City Venom (Troutman) (PAID)
    10. Passion 13u

    1. Poland Pride
    2. Blackouts
    3. Ohio Blast (Dado) (PAID)
    4. Silver Creek (Magno) PAID)
    5. Spikes Softball (PAID)
    6. Lady Landsharks (PAID)
    7. ROC Elite (Schneider) (PAID)
    8. Steel Valley Storm (Trell) (Paid)
    9. Ohio Warriors (Miller) (PAID)
    10.Ohio Warriors (Thorpe) (PAID)

    1. Poland Pride
    2. Ohio Warriors 10 (PAID)
    3. ROC Elite (PAID)
    4. Ohio Blast (Strock) (PAID)
    5. Steel Valley Storm (Watts) (PAID)
    6. Pittsburgh Riot (Henry) (PAID)
    7. Ohio Ice Gray (Griffith)
    8. River City Venom (Bischoff) (PAID)
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  3. Added Ohio Warriors 10 to 10u group. Thanks Ashley..
  4. Received Registration and Payment from Ohio Warriors 10. Thanks Ashley..
  5. Added link in above post to access signup sheet.
  6. Added Blackouts to 12 division. Thanks Rachel..
  7. Received registration and payment from ROC Elite in 10u division. Thanks Adam..
  8. Added Ohio Blast to both 12u and 10u Division. Thanks Mike..
  9. Received payment from Ohio Blast for 10u and 12u. Thanks Mike..
  10. Received registration and payment from Steel Valley Storm in 10u and 14u division. Thanks Ralph and Luke..
  11. Added Silver Creek 2008 to 12u division. Thanks Frank..
  12. Added Spikes Softball (Canton) to 12u division. Thanks Ted..
  13. Added Lady Landsharks to 12u division. Thanks Mark..
  14. Received Registration and Payment from following:
    Spikes Softball in 12u division. Thanks Ted..
    Valley Rage in 14u division. Thanks Keith..
    Steel Valley Storm in 14u division. Thanks George..
    Silver Creek in 12u division. Thanks Frank..
    Steel Valley Storm in 14u division as well. Thanks Brian..
    Pittsburgh Riot in 10u division. Thanks David..
  15. Added ROC Elite to 12u division. Thanks Stephanie..
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    Please add Valley Rage Polojac to 14-U
  17. Received Payment and Registration from Thunder Elite 05 in 14u division. Thanks Matt..
    Added Valley Rage Polojac to 14u division. Thanks..
  18. Received registration and Payment from Pittsburgh Power 05 in 14u division. Thanks Todd..
    Also received registration and payment from ROC Elite in 12u division. Thanks Stephanie..
  19. Received Registration and Payment from Lady Landsharks in 12u division. Thanks Mark..
  20. Added Ohio Ice Gray to 10u division. Thanks Brett..

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