2021 Louisville LXT Broken?

Discussion in 'New & Used Softball Bats' started by finfan365, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. finfan365

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    I just wanted to get others input, and hopefully mine is an isolated case. My daughter's 3 month old LXT looks to be broken already. I first thought it may just be a crack in paint, but it feels pretty deep.

    Thankfully, at least, this was a warranty replacement bat LS sent for a 2019, that was about 2 weeks outside of the 1 year warranty, so I'm not complaining should I need to buy a new one. I'm just more concerned about durability. One of the reasons I've steered clear of the Ghost.

    Has anyone else seen similar issues with this new model? Louisville promotes a redesigned LXT this year, and I can say I've noticed considerably more pop from the new one vs her 2019. I just hope it's not act the expense of durability.

  2. yocoach

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    Any time you have a sharks tooth pattern that is deep, the bat is toast...and yes, the the new walls are thinner giving it more pop but less durability.
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