2022 Dayton Metro Jun 10-12

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    Location: Kettering Fields, Dayton Ohio
    Dates: June 10-12th
    Format: 5 GG, 4 7-inning PP games, followed by a blind draw single elimination bracket.
    Cost: $650.00

    No STAY TO PLAY - Fair Refunds due to weather/covid (100% last time)

    The 2022 Metro will be an open tournament designed to play 5+ full games in 3 days. Present your insurance and tournament roster for the weekend and go play.

    We are changing to allow for full 7 inning games, plus a Sunday single elim bracket. At a minimum, teams will get in (5) full 7 inning games with 2 hour time slots to allow for time to recover between games. We will play 4 pool play games, plus the single elimination bracket.

    All Games played with 2 hour time limit, or 7 innings. Open Roster. There will be no berths awarded. Pool play will be free substitution and roster batting at the coaches discretion. Single elimination bracket will be stricter rosters, 9 players, DP/Flex and an EP to allow for 10 hitters.

    We will hold a blind draw on Saturday at 9am to seed a single elimination bracket for each age group.

    Register here: https://forms.gle/fx4CSkhQQxn2uHUK8
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    10u will be played at Rowe Sports in Middletown.. they have all new turf fields!
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    We have had 18 teams signup in 24 hours.. thank you!

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