2022's what are you gonna do????

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    ok - lets offer solutions for the 2022's!!

    I HOPE the tourneys you are playing in have live video streams so college coaches can watch your games.

    1) you need to be very detailed when letting the college know your schedule. If there is a live stream make sure you are specific as to what time you play, field number, team name in full including head coaches name and dont forget your jersey # and positions you will be playing
    2) IF there is no live video - get a Go pro -- video your own games. cut up the video clips of yourself to make a short video that you can directly send to all colleges you have on your radar.
    3) if no go pro - use you Iphone - make a highlight video of yourself in live games
    4) if no phone no go pro - your outta luck!
    5) start signing up and looking for camps to the schools you want to go to school at. school 1st - softball is a bonus. dont waste time doing camps that you have zero interest in that school.
    6) get your travelball head coach to help you build a professional looking profile sheet to email with your short high light vids. ask them to also contact coaches on your behalf.
    7) email , email, email, -----
    8) bug the heck out of the college coach until you get replies and then email again!!
    9) if you have an off weekend see if there is a team needing a sub that is playing in a tourney that is live streaming games. make sure you instruct colleges all those details listed in #1 above.

    add anything else to this list coaches -- GOOD LUCK ALL
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    Dan I have a team of 2022s and 1- 2021. I have my 2021 taken care of. Multiple offers and she got the offer from her #1 school. WINNING!!

    As for the 2022s we have been teaching them the correct way to write emails. First KNOW the Recruiting rules Ladies! STOP asking a coach to come watch you if they are DI or DII. They can’t. Offer them the live link. We have been having our 2022s find a way to create a conversation with these coaches to get a reply. It has worked. Simple questions on advice or motivation. Whatever it takes.

    I agree with the camps 100%. Few and far between right now but ONLY go if you are interested in their program.

    Myself and our Recruiting coordinator do follow up emails and phone calls. It’s our duty to help get these girls into a school. Academics first then Softball. IMO.

    After talking with coaches about 2022s I think you are going to see more DIII NAIA and JUCO schools able to find a fit for some of these kids which is going to hurt the bubble kid. Maybe Big maybe... Once they are in then it’s simple as the portal and transfer somewhere else After a season if they choose to. I think your D1 and DII schools will still get the top players just not room for as many as before.

    just remember to know the rules and sound somewhat intelligent in ur email about the rules. Coaches hate to see the same emails every email from you. Get creative. Show them your personality. They want to know you.

    Good Luck 2022s!
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