Central/East OH USSSA 3rd Annual Celine Wyatt Memorial Tournament. May 13-15th, Zanesville, OH

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  1. Thanks again Vipers and Glory! And here's to a much more weather friendly summer all season! (cheers) :)
  2. jelli9764

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    Add ohio stingrays 04. Thanks. Mike.
  3. Got ya, Thank you!
  4. Adding Ohio Stingrays '05 to 10U
  5. Chiege

    Chiege New Member

    Please add High Voltage 03 to the 12u division. Thank you!
  6. Got ya, thanks!
  7. Arizona55

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    Please add Valley Extreme 04 to 12u, Thanks
  8. Thanks, Welcome!
  9. Welcome back OHIO Storm '02!
  10. pphilly10

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    Please add SGS Magic 12U Blue.
  11. Welcome back SGS Magic blue!
  12. Teams will be verbally entered once they have registered USSSA with an online roster. The USSSA system will only let you register sanctioned teams. Once we have received the minimum deposit and entry form you will be officially entered. Teams not sanctioned or without a deposit are subject to being bumped at the deadline. Unfortunately we had to do this last year and we don't like to, so please get that sanctioning and deposit taken care of as soon as possible. Also please note if you are claiming to be an "odd year" team (9U, 11U, 13U AKA '06, '04, '02) your online roster must be 100% those berth years or younger. Otherwise you will be a 10U, 12U, or 14U and placed in pool play accordingly.
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  13. Adding Ohio Outlaws '04. Welcome!
  14. Zoldan9

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    Please add Ohio Blast - Szolek to 12u. We cannot play Friday night. If this is a problem, let me know. Thanks.
  15. Re-added Ohio Knockouts '03, Ohio Roadrunners- Bendle, Ohio Stampede '03-Price, and Muskie Chix 03 after the down time
  16. littledevilscoach

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    Please re-add Little Devils to 10u.
  17. Re-added Little Devils. Thank you
  18. Zoldan9

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    Can someone please tell me how to register with USSSA. Thanks.
  19. Go to www.usssa.com and click on the sport your team or member plays to enter the site. Click on Create User ID. This is located across the top of the page in red. You will be required to fill in each box. After filling out all required information, click on submit. Your log in id will be displayed. (Be sure to write down your log in id and password and keep it in a safe place, or simply print the page.) You will then be given the option to log in for the first time. Click on Create A Team or Member to register your team or member. Once you have filled out all required information, click submit. A big yellow box will display asking you to register the team on line. Click on the button inside the box to go to the payment page. Fill in all required fields on this page and click on Submit Payment. After your credit card has been approved, you will receive a confirmation page. It's also a good idea to print this page. Click on Return to USSSA to go back to your team/member page. You will then be given the option to purchase team insurance on line. You will find your registration number to the right of your team class. - See more at: http://www.usssa.com/fastpitch/TeamWebHelp/#/collapseOne
  20. Adding Ohio Starz 01 to 14U. Welcome back!

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