Central/East OH USSSA 3rd Annual Celine Wyatt Memorial Tournament. May 13-15th, Zanesville, OH

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  1. Adding Pittsburgh Passion- Burns to the 12U division.

  2. Adding Ohio Ice Blue- Bristow to 10U. Welcome!!
  3. Adding Valley Force 02 to 14U. Welcome back!
  4. Added Lady Bullets and Ohio Starz '03 to the 12U division. Thank You!!

    Only 1 spot remaining in each age group.
  5. Adding Ohio Starz '04 to 12U. Welcome back!

    The 12 and under division is now full pending entry and deposits.
  6. Deposits are due and teams must register with USSSA to secure your spot
  7. Looking to fill 2 spots at 10U and 1 at 14U
  8. Adding Team Pennsylvania- Whittig to the 14U division
  9. Adding Dirt Dawgs '05
  10. 27_

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    Seems this tournament is scheduled the same week as a Regatta and the hotels are booked. Where are the other teams staying? It appears the closest you can get is Cambridge and there aren't many options.
  11. Yes, we are well aware of the regatta. Cambridge is not far. I have a brand new hotel calling me back this afternoon with all details but we will use them as the primary hotel and it is located in New Concord just 10 minutes from the park. Just opened in January. Also, keep in mind that only local teams will be scheduled on Friday, so if you travel over 80 minutes you won't be scheduled until Saturday.
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  12. .. The coaches will receive an email this afternoon. BTW this is not stay to play, you are free to stay wherever however we are assisting due to the difficulty on this weekend. Thank you!
  13. smitty88

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    Same issue here.
  14. Same response as well. Your coach will have an email this evening
  15. Adding Ohio Glory '02
  16. Adding Strasburg Tigers 12U
  17. Adding Mid OH Lady Bullets '05
  18. Adding Strasburg Tigers 10U
  19. Softball05dad

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    Can you add Valley Force 05 to 10u, thank you
  20. Adding Valley Force '05 to 10U.

    We are currently not accepting additional teams pending forms and payments. Thank you!

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