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Discussion in 'Tournament archives' started by bbelsole, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. jg1235

    jg1235 Member

    When do you believe the schedule will be posted?
  2. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Friday evening they will be sent out
  3. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Schedules are done!! And we just had 1 12U team drop out... Ugggghhh.
    If anyone wants to take the spot I will offer a great discount!! Contact me asap
  4. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    It has been filled. Thx
  5. Tornado35

    Tornado35 Member

    So when will schedules be emailed out?
  6. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Schedules were just emailed out for the first weekend!!
  7. justin78

    justin78 New Member

    Hate bringing up the word " Rain " but I see where they are calling for rain next weekend already. Does those fields hold water good?
  8. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Updated schedules were just sent out...

    Please don't bring up that "r__n word!!!!
  9. marang

    marang Member

    Will schedule be posted for those who want to come watch a certain team?
  10. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Yes, please email me and I will email you a schedule: bbelsole@zoominternet.net
  11. Justamom

    Justamom Member

    Do you have the second weekend done yet?
  12. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    The second weekend will be sent Friday Morning
  13. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Had a 14U "A" team pull out of the tournament for the 2nd weekend...
    Have 1 spot open for a discounted price if anyone wants it!!! need to know by Wednesday night!!!
  14. Dougk30

    Dougk30 Member

    Do you have results posted anywhere?
  15. Jayd

    Jayd Member

    I believe it came down to stingrays and roadrunners in 10u. Not sure about 12u, and Fury Fastpitch won 14u.
  16. wolfpack Roby

    wolfpack Roby New Member

    Wizzards Elite beat Wolfpack Roby for the 12u championship.
  17. jmason

    jmason New Member

    Would love to see a picture of the 12u bracket
  18. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    10U Bracket.JPG
    10U Bracket

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