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Discussion in 'Tournament archives' started by bbelsole, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    12U Bracket.jpg
    12U Bracket
  2. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    14U B  Bracket.JPG
    14u B Bracket
  3. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    This weekends tournament was a lot of fun!!
    Some very good games were played with some great teams winning the tournament!!
    The pumpkins this year were the Best I've Ever Seen!!

    You can see pictures of all the pumpkins on Victory Sports Parks Facebook page.

    Thanks everyone for coming out this year!!!
  4. Great tournament. Great weather. Great competition. On behalf of Thunder Elite 04 players, coaches and parents...thanks Brent!

    Nate Schick
    Thunder Elite 04
  5. theparrothead75

    theparrothead75 New Member

    Great tournament with a lot of great talent.
    Valley Force 04
  6. Softball05dad

    Softball05dad Member

    What a awesome tourney!!! Absolutely attending every year.. Valley Force 05
  7. Fastball19

    Fastball19 New Member

    Here is the 14u championship game from 10/11/2015

  8. homerin

    homerin Member

    Wizards elite 03 would like to thank the Diamond Chix for another great Pumpkin Smash. As others have mentioned, well run tournament with great competition. Well worth getting back to Toledo after midnight on Monday morning.

    We played very well this weekend, fighting through injuries and three late nights. We witnessed great sportsmanship and a lot of fun throughout the weekend. Our bats finally came to life as we enjoyed an 82-13 run differential.

    Pool Play:
    Won 19-0 over NEO Freeze
    Tied 1-1 with Pittsburgh Passion
    Won 10-3 over Sluggers 03

    Bracket Play:

    Won 9-0 over Ohio Energy
    Won 13-0 over Ohio Platinum
    Won 8-1 over Stingrays 04 (that team is going to give people fits this Summer)
    Won 9-6 over SunDogs (Williams)
    Won 13-2 over Wolfpack (Roby)
  9. dirwin13

    dirwin13 Member

    Great tournament, our girls had a blast and gained much needed experience! We will definitely be coming again next fall! Go Stampede
  10. Stingrays 04 would like to thank the Diamond Chix organization for a great tournament! This was our first experience at the Pumpkin Smash and we will definitely be back. We finished with a 5-1 record and lost to the tournament champions, Wizards Elite 03. Hats off to them, a great team and very well coached!
  11. Caines03

    Caines03 New Member

    Just a great run and fun tournament! Third year in a row and has gotten better and better each year!
  12. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

  13. jmason

    jmason New Member

    The 12u are not posted on the spreadsheet you just put up
  14. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Well the weather was horrible this weekend for softball!! Very very cold!! But all the teams battled through it!

    14U A
    1st. Explosive FASTPITCH
    2nd. Ohio Energy

    1st. Diamond Chix Gold
    2nd. Sun dogs Gray

    1st. Ohio Ice Silver
    2nd. Diamond Chix

    Thanks everyone for coming!!
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  15. coachjwb

    coachjwb Well-Known Member

    Yikes ... I got a "malicious attack warning" when I clicked on the link above .... if anyone else has had the same issue, please take down the link.
  16. monstersfp

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    Ohio Monsters had a great time at the 2015 Diamond Chix Pumpkin Smash. Everything was great except for the weather (on the 2nd weekend). It was the 1st tournament for 4 of the 5 Monsters Teams, and we look forward to seeing many of you in upcoming tournaments!
  17. Lsmit9417

    Lsmit9417 New Member

    Any word on the young lady sliding into 3rd from Sundogs Gray? She hurt her ankle during the game against the Sapphires. Hope she is ok.
  18. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    It's a sprained ankle
  19. snoman76

    snoman76 Member

    Why was there only one umpire on Saturday?
    Was that a VSP thing because they lost money on gate due to weather?
  20. nester1234

    nester1234 New Member

    I asked the umpires and they said the Tournament Director wanted to save money. One umpire instead of two umpires saves the Diamond Chix about $45 per game. I think all teams should get a partial refund because there was some bad calls made due to only one umpire and it is a lot of pressure on that lone umpire when tensions get strained. TBH I think it was pretty cheap for them to do that during the pool games.

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