Charity Tourney 6th Annual Celine Wyatt Memorial Scholarship Fund

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    6th annual Celine Wyatt Memorial Scholarship Fund

    July 19-21st 2019
    Hilliard, Ohio

    1st and 2nd place of each age group, along with normal awards, will receive cash awards to help offset cost of Nationals (or can opt for free entrance into next years event)

    Must Register on Tourney Machine:


    For those that do not know the Celine Wyatt Scholarship Fund was created after a tragic accident took Celine's life on September 16, 2013. Celine was born on June 23, 2002.

    The Fund was created to offer scholarships to athletes thruout the tristate area that portray Celine's love of life and sport, to date the fund has provided almost 10,000 dollars towards higher education scholarships.

    Most tournaments we play in we play for the win, this tournament we actually get to make a difference for the future of softball in honor of Celine!

    Tournament details:

    Cost: 525.00
    Location: Hilliard Municipal Park - 8 fields to accomadate all age groups in one location
    Format: 4 game guarantee - 3 pool play seeded into single elimination
    Umpires: 2 per game
    Date: July 19-22nd (elimination may begin July 21st evening)
    Entry Fee : 5.00 per person per day. Or 10.00 for weekend (all proceeds go to scholarship fund)
    Pre-order T-shirts - (all proceeds go to scholarship fund)
    Misc vendors - (all proceeds go to scholarship fund)

    Limit 40 teams, want to ensure a quality well run, high exposure event!

    Will have 10u, 12u, 14u, 16/18u

    TD - Marc Fiorilli - 614-778-3386 - Feel free to call or email with any questions


    1) Stingrays 08
    2) Ohio Bulldawgs Elite 10u
    3) Wolfpack 10u - Wolfe
    4) Ice Blue 10u - Bowles
    5) Ohio Storm 09
    6) Buckeye elite 08
    7) Lady Bullets 10u


    1) Ohio Storm 06
    2) Ohio Bulldawgs Elite 12u Grey
    3) Ohio Bulldawgs Elite 12u Black
    4) Hawks 07 - Emswiller
    5) Ohio Stingrays 06
    6) Central Ohio Vipor
    7) Muskie Chix - young
    8) Muckiest Chix - Brown


    1) Ohio Storm 02
    2) Ohio Bulldawgs Elite 16u Top Dawgs
    3) central Ohio Ice - Gonzalez
    4) Fury 18u
    5) Bo Jackson Blast - Tucker
    6) Ohio Ice Red
    7) Legacy 02
    8) USSSA Pride White 03
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    Great tournament and great cause!
  3. Please Add the following Ohio Bulldawgs Elite teams to the event:
    10U, 12U Green, 12U Black, 14U Grey, 14U Purple, and 16U.

    Thanks Marc!
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    Added Storm 06 and Stingrays 08
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  6. Ttt
    Please correct Ohio Bulldawgs Elite 14U from Green to Grey
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    Ohio Bulldawgs Elite 14U Grey registered
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    Tourney machine registration link is added
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    8u division added
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    Added 8 u division
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    Blast and Buckeye Elite added
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    Get registered today
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    Will be a great event yet again
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    Get signed up today
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    updated team list
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    Still have spots. Get registered today
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    Still spots open for 10-12 and 16u

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